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Planet Express Delivery: The Official Thread for Futurama Favourites!

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    Fav. Characters: Bender, Zoidberg, Destructinator and Robot Santa

    Fav. Episodes: Hell is Other Robots (S1; HiOR is a classic), When Aliens Attack (S2; I think this ep is overlooked), Fry & The Slurm Factory (S2; a really good spoof of Willy Wonka), Xmas Story (S2; introduces one of my fav. characters), Raging Bender (S2; just like XS, it introduces one of my fav. characters), Bendfellas (S2; Bender's "royal" voice was hilarous!), War is the H-Word (S3; a really good ep), Parasites Lost (S3; Fry becomes a mini-Superman!), The Day the Earth Stood Stupid (S3; like WAA, I think this ep is overlooked), Time Keeps on Slippin' (S3; I felt really sorry for Fry - oh, and Bender), Roswell That Ends Well (S4; excellent writing, and some moments of comedy brilliance), Godfellas (S4; the immortal line does it all), The 30% Iron Chef (S4; I like it how Bender tries to beat his hero with horrible looking, good tasting food), Where No Fan Has Gone Before (S4; this ep was really good because of how it started in the middle, rather than the beginning), Crimes of the Hot (S5; again, an overlooked classic), Less Than Hero (S5; I really like superheroes and stuff, so this ep was a joy to watch for me), The Why of Fry (S5; tying up loose ends of the first bit of Space Boy 3000), Farnsworth Parabox (S5; I really liked the different universes, like the hippy and the bobble heads universes), 300 Big Boys (S5; I think this is were Futurama became a bit more confident in story-telling in a good way), Bend Her (S5; the wedding scene was hilarous "I'm a doctor, she's dead"), The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings (S5; come on, the last ep of Futurama before it got cancelled was amazing, especially how the story and the opera came together).

    Fav. Quote: Don't know if this counts (since it came for The Beast With a Billion Backs), but I find it hilarous anyway.

    LEELA: Bender, we need somewhere to hide.

    BENDER: Ok, in here!

    Bender opens a door and lets Amy, Zapp and Leela in. Bender shuts the door. The camera zooms out and it turns out the door is actually a part of Destructinator's leg.


    Oh, and here's another from TBWaBB:

    Zapp, Leela and Amy are still hiding in Destructinator's leg, and Destructinator is at the meeting of the League of Robots.


    Inside the leg, the three are cramped between the various parts of the leg.

    AMY: Leela! Your rock hard butt is crushing my head!

    LEELA: Sorry!

    ZAPP: I wonder what rock-hard part of Leela is crushing me.

    A piece of the leg is smacking against Zapp's head as the captain fantasises.

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    Top 5 fav characters
    1 Dr Ziodberg
    2 bender
    3 Fry
    4 Dr Farnsworth
    5 Hermes

    Fav episodes in no order
    the Anthology of Intrests
    How Heremes Requisitioned his groove back
    Teenage mutnant leela hurdles

    Fav Quote
    Anthology of intrest 2
    Farnsworth as the wizard: (to Dr. zoidberg) Why need courage when you have a gun?
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    [63]Jul 15, 2010
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    Fav. Characters: Bender, Fry, Zoidberg, and Professor Farnsworth

    Fav. Episodes: Anthology of Interest 1, Attack of the Killer App, That Big Piece of Garbage, Roswell That Ends Well, and Mars University

    Fav. Quotes: "Bite my shiny metal ass!"

    Leelawalks up to Fry who is sitting on a curb)Fry, I came to talk to you.

    Fry: No, I came to talk you.

    Leela: It looked like you were just sitting down but whatever.

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    Favourite Characters: Zoidburg

    Favourite Episodes: S1: A Fishful Of Dollars
    S2: Xmas Story or War is the H-Word or The Deep South
    S3: Roswell That Ends well or Parasites Lost
    S4: Jurassic Bark or The Why Of Fry
    S5: Benders Big Score
    S6: Lethal Inspection (Have a feeling it's going to be tonight's ep)

    Favourite Planets

    DOOP maybe

    Favourite Aliens


    Favourite Quotes

    Farnsworth: Who are those horrible orange creatures over there?
    Glermo: Why those are the Grunka-lunkas; they work here in the Slurm factory.
    Farnsworth: Tell them I hate them. Favourite Seasons


    Favourite Inventions

    Suicide Booth

    Favourite Emotional/Dramatic Episodes Jurassic Bark
    Lethal Inspection Least Favourite Characters


    Least Favourite Episodes

    Proposition Infinity
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    Damn...never really thought about favorites with this show. It's a rare show in that I find it good enough to the point where I appreciate damn near all aspects to consistent degrees. Offhand, I'd at least be able to choose a favorite character in Zapp Brannigan
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