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Upcoming Comic Book Issue #54

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    Did anyone read this? It looks and sounds really dumb. I collect the comics and I'm skipping this one. I'll look through it when it comes out. If it's good, I'll get it, if it's bad, I'll skip it. I hope these android capture all of them. Not just one of them. This sounds like a plot from a Mario cartoon.

    Well, it's not very often that there's bad comic book stories and episodes, anyway. It's not very often that Leela is the victim. Even good cartoons have their bad episodes and storylines. Just don't know why Leela seems to be the target of ridicule lately. Why not Zoidberg get kidnapped by these androids, instead? Why Leela lately? Are they trying to turn her into a Meg Griffin or a Princess Toadstool type to make Fry look more heroic?

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