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Why did some hate the new seasons?

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    [1]May 5, 2014
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    This has always puzzled me. Since Futurama came back in 2010, it seemed like once Rebirth debuted, everyone just bashed the new episodes ever since. In season 6A, nobody seemed to like the different character pairings like Bender and Hermes, or Zoidberg and Cubert. In 2011, nobody seemed to like the way Leela acted. In 2012, the same and in 2013, pretty much the same.

    Futurama has been at it's very best since the show came back. It's like some people on these boards and maybe even on Facebook and Twitter, all they did was hate on the new episodes, and anaylze what they thought was wrong with them. That could be why it got cancelled in the first place. The only episodes that got postive reviews by some fans were the Fry/Leela ones.

    Why couldn't some just sit back and see just how super awesome the new episodes really were? If you're a fan of a show, you're supposed to like it, not hate on the episodes. Why even watch it if some are going to hate the episodes? I only thought a few episodes were bad. But it seems like the majority thought every episode aside from the Fry/Leela ones were bad.

    Kind of makes you wonder about things.....

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    I think if the fans don't like the writing or direction of where the show is headed, people get vocal about it. If enough fans get sick of the stupid plots or bad writing no one is going to watch anymore. Also, if the network and producers of the show don't care either, doesn't make it any better.
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