Season 6 Episode 22

Fry am the Egg Man

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 11, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • Fry takes care of an alien egg which hatches into a horrific monster


    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Futurama". The plot was freaky yet well developed. The characters were all hilarious in this episode and everything in this episode was just all-around terrific and genius. Fry takes care of an alien egg which hatches into a horrific monster. I thought it was very funny when Leela wanted to buy healthy organic food in the beginning of the episode Bender telling Leela "Ah mom, do we have to?". Fry's line "Leggo My Eggo Crabo" and then slaps Zoidberg was absolutely hilarious. That's going to be one of the funniest and memorable lines in this show now. Fry acting like a chicken and scaring off Bender also made me laugh pretty hard. Mr. Peppy the horrific monster that Fry had to release into the wild and be free after it was getting too big and destroying the house was very good. Bender detecting alcohol after Fry released Mr. Peppy into the wild was funny. Mr. Peepy happened to be a creature called "The Bone Vampire" who eats bones. Everyone wakes up and they see that all of the sheeps died and they're suspecting it's Mr. Peppy that ate the bones so that dude wanted to kill Mr. Peppy. It turned out that dude was Mr. Peppy. I'm sorry I couldn't describe "that dude". Remember, I'm not the best explainer and I'm sorry for that. Amy's line "We've been Scooby-Dooed (or something close to that) was good to laugh at as well. Mr. Peppy turned out to be a good "Bone Vampire" creature. Overall, an excellent episode of "Futurama". 10/10