Season 4 Episode 9

Future Stock

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2002 on Comedy Central



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    • Stock Market
      Watching the tickers in the Intergalactic Stock Market you can find some obvious references in Stock symbols, such as: FOX (network of Futurama and Simpsons, etc.) RUN followed by DMC (as in the rap group Run DMC)
      BYOB ("Be Your Own Boss" or "Bring Your Own Beer")
      SLRM (ticker for the soda brand Slurm in the series)
      KIRK (Star Trek Captain James Tiberius Kirk played by William Shatner)
      Q (being who pesters Picard and crew in Star Trek: The Next Generation)
      OSX (Apple's newest operating system?)
      WIN (Microsoft Windows?)
      MG (Probably for Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons and Futurama)
      exi (? - this symbol looks mathematical, maybe e for exponential, x for undefined variable and i for the imaginary number: the square root of -1)
      GORN (a race on the Star Trek series)

      It is also interesting to note which stocks are up and down and how much. True to form FOX is down 61 points. Might this be a jab at FOX for their practices of pre-empting Futurama with carried over Football. Fox's stock was also down in a Simpsons episode.

      Also the buy/sell transactions of Soilent Beans (Soy Beans), Corn Bellies (Pork Bellies) etc. make reference to those usual buys with a few jokes (Cans of Whoop Ass, Trash Bags)

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