Season 7 Episode 23

Game of Tones

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 14, 2013 on Comedy Central

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  • I'm not crying I just have something in my eye...

    This episode started out like any other, with it's ha-ha moments and it's hilarious moments. It built up this family connection emotional construct and then just ignited the whole thing in the last scene. I almost never cry, but I couldn't hold my tears back for this. Just thinking about it again today and I miss my mom so much. I'm going to see her...

    TV is rarely this powerful anymore. Props Matt Groening and team.
  • Damn that was emotional

    Futurama with these type of episodes gets me every time good episode but nothing too brilliant and then the ending comes along and sucker punches you and before you know it a tears running down your face :D
  • Succeeds despite Mcfarlane's poisons presence.

    Wow.. only the 2nd episode this season worthy of the Futurama name... Science, gags, emotion, story, this one had it all... and while the ending could have been a 'Pixar shortcut' for an emotional connection it is instead fully earned. A superb piece of television.
  • I Cried

    For almost the entire time I thought it was a good episode, but average (compared to all other Futurama episodes). But then when I got to the end I cried. I actually cried. Episodes like Jurassic Bark and Leela's Homeworld and The Luck of the Fryish and Lethal Inspection have all made me tear up at the end, but this one actually had a few tears stream down my face.
  • One of the Greatest

    WOW Sooooo Refreshing to see such a great episode! very similar to Jurassic Bark... which is one of my favourite episodes! the ending made me tear up!
  • Wow what an ending!

    What an ending. I'm so glad I kept up with this show.