Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 17, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • Another great episode from this great seaosn!

    During a noisy space pirate attack, Bender-trying to find some peace and quiet in the torpedo tube-is launched into interstellar space beyond the reach of Fry and Leela (As they were going top speed when they fired Bender, Bender was therefore going faster than the ship's top speed). After an asteroid crashes into him, a civilization of tiny humanoids ("Shrimpkins") grows on Bender and they begin worshipping him as a god. At first, Bender enjoys his new-found status, and has his followers brew what for them are vast quantities of "Lordweiser" beer (Bender needs alcohol to fuel his power cells). The tiny denizens living on him begin praying for rain, sun, and wealth, and Bender attempts to heed their prayers -- failing comically and harming the Shrimpkins in the process. Eventually, the Shrimpkins who migrated to his backside feel their prayers are unheeded and become atheists. The atheists on Bender's backside threaten war with Bender's loyal worshipers on his chest. However, Bender is horrified at how his earlier attempts to help the Shrimpkins only harmed them, and he refuses to intervene again. The micro-civilization is ultimately destroyed when the front-side and back-side factions launch atomic weapons out of Bender's nuclear pile.

    Bender soon meets a cosmic entity who may be the real God. When Bender mentions his experiences with the Shrimpkins, God responds, "I saw... you were doing well until everyone died." He notes that the best way to deal with worshipers is to use a light touch so they will neither lose hope nor become dependent on supernatural intervention.

    During this time, Fry and Leela search for a way to contact Bender, which leads them to a sect of secretive monks who use a giant radio telescope to search for God in space. Leela overpowers the monks, and Fry spends the next three days searching for Bender, while the imprisoned monks eat their own shoes for sustinence. Fry finds God by accident, and God flings Bender back to Earth, just as Fry and Leela are leaving the monastery. Bender quickly recounts his tale (simply saying, "first I was God, then I met God") and Fry boasts they "climbed up a mountain and locked up some monks", which reminds Leela that they never let them out. Fry is reluctant to return to the monastary and claims that as monks, God will surely help them (or at least provide them with more shoes to eat.) Bender however, tells them that God cannot be counted on for anything, and demands they rescue the monks themselves. The show cuts back to God, who then chuckles and repeats the advice he gave to Bender: "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."