Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 17, 2002 on Comedy Central

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    Oh my, my, my... GOD!!! This is an epiphany.
    This only shows how massively underrated FUTURAMA is.
    The messages of this episode are pretty much Everywhere, it just gives me creeps how deep it was.
    This episode is WOW! People in this site obviously didn't get it at ALL. What do I care about the rating, for this episode it should be disabled and keep it at a 10.00 forever.
    I'm going to omit many funny stuff, because there was a lot more going on.
    This episode got me hooked the whole time, because at the beginning it was completely to laugh out loud, Bender put himself two ears and then covered them to sleep, HAHA. Then he takes out a torpedo out of its storing, and Leela launches it, shooting Bender and destroying the Spaceship pirate. Leela tells Fry that Bender is doomed to drift through space for the eternity. Then, Bender takes out a little piano out of his chest, since there it was full of subtle and direct references to God. While Bender gets into asteroids, there was one where shrimpkins lived, one of them Malachi was the devoted one who gave the one commandment to the people "God needs booze". Bender became the Metal Lord, everyone prayed at him. Bender starts doing miracles, but not all of them were so accurated. Then, Malachi tells Bender, people in his ass is going to start a war. Everyone died. Next, Bender encounters with God, having a small talk. He was cloudy and coloured and spoke binary. God looked uninterested. Bender doesn't know where Earth is.
    Meanwhile, Fry misses Bender a lot, he goes to "first amalgamated church", the priest says he should pray, Fry replies: -"Is there anything useful I can do?" Priest: -"No."
    Then the oracle machine, tells him there is a sect at the top of the Himalaya in search of God with a telescope to look through space. Both Leela and Fry go there meeting the monks, Fry insists to use the telescope saying they have the whole time to find God, while he just needs one life to find Bender. There was lot of funny stuff until this point, specially with the monks.

    The last scene made this episode, is so creepy!: After some time, Fry gives up looking for Bneder. God reaches the message from Fry after the machine "luckily" reaches him. God sends Bender back to Earth, he lands with a parachute, Fry hugs him while Bender was in flames. Fry says the monks are locked up but their God was going to save them. Then Bender replies: "Fat chance! You can't count in God for jack! He pretty much told me so himself. If we don't save those monks, nobody will." The camera flies through space, until it gets to the cloudy God. God: -"Hahahaha, Sometimes when you do the right things, people won't be sure you've done anything at all." Ends with a sound that it just gives you goosebumps.
    I was perplexed, I was like "Daaaaaaaamn!". Pay attention to every quote, pretty much if you are christian, this episode gets you deeply.
    My brother was watching it with me, he just said: "That was powerful." I said "yeah..."
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