Season 2 Episode 14

How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Leela is inviting her old colleagues from her old job at the cryogenics lab over to play poker; Fry, Bender and Dr Zoidberg join in. Bender keeps winning all the time and the others start getting suspicious. They soon discover that Bender has been using his X-ray vision to see what everyone else's cards are. Bender makes a run for it and hides in Hermes' office, where the others find him and beat him up, trashing the office.
Hermes is horrified, since he has a big inspection in 5 minutes. The inspector, Morgan Proctor, arrives and Hermes decides to end his life after she sees his office. LaBarbara arrives and persuades him not to do this, and the crew recommends Hermes take a vacation. Zoidberg recommends a health spa he knows off, so Hermes and LaBarbara head off. Morgan appoints herself Planet Express Bureaucrat in his place whilst he is away.
Morgan does a locker check and finds that Fry's locker is a complete mess. She sends the others away and kisses Fry - she finds sloppiness a real turn-on. Morgan and Fry begin an affair that leads to Fry's promotion - until Bender discovers everything. To stop Bender from blabbing, Morgan takes out his memory disc and sends it to the Central Bureaucracy.
Meanwhile the Conrads find out that their "spa" is really a hard labor camp, but Hermes reorganizes everything to be more efficient and his confidence as a bureaucrat returns.
Fry tells the others about the affair and they go to rescue Bender's memory. There are millions of discs around and they don't know which one is Bender's. Hermes and LaBarbara return at that moment, full of confidence and offer to help find the disc. Bureaucrat 1.0 (the big boss!) says Hermes will be demoted unless he can find it by 1 p.m. It is 12:56 pm!
With a help of a song, Hermes finds the disc just in time and Bender is back to normal. But he gets demoted because he finished 1 second early! But Hermes has some information on Morgan that also gets her demoted, and he returns as Planet Express Bureaucrat.