Season 2 Episode 14

How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Boring.

    This was a pretty boring episode of Futurama. I did not like the plot, neither of the plots, in fact. I hated the Hermes plot, and I really also hated the plot about Fry and Morgan Proctor having an affair. It was stupid, and it did not make much sense. This episode was not that good, but it was most definitely not the worst episode of the show . . . it was DEFINITELY not the worst episode of the show. Seriously, Futurama has actually had worse episodes than How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back. But, allow me to tell you, there is no episode of Futurama that is not worth watching.
  • great episode starring hermes

    This was one of the best episodes in season 2 in my opinion.
    The best part was problably the song. I mean you gotta admit it was pretty cacthy. I also loved how they finally made a excellent episode based on Hermes only. Also you gotta love that camp. 'I don't miss twice campers'. LMAO. It was an excellent episode overall and I learned a couple things. Robots get lonley, beurocrats aren't just snobs, and Hermes sings pretty good. This was a grreat epsiode finally starring hermes. the humor about work was hillarious ( about the numbers, and files) I give it a 9.8 overall
  • This one is centered around Hermes.

    Hermes gets all his paperwork and his office straight for the bureaucrat inspector who is coming the next day. Fry and Leela ask Hermes to stay for the card game, but he want to go home early to be ready for the next day. Leela's old co-workers come over and they start the card game with Leela, Fry and Bender. Bender is using some x-ray glasses so he can see everybody's cards. He slips up and lets on that that's what they are and Leela's old co-workers chase Bender into Hermes' office and beat him up and wreck the place. The next morning....
  • Another great political episode added to the Futurama series.

    Hermes Conrad is excited because the Central Bureaucracy is conducting an inspection the next day, and he expects to be promoted to a Grade 35 bureaucrat. Leela hosts a poker game with her former co-workers from the cryogenics lab at the office that night, and Bender cheats via the use of X-ray glasses. On the run from the other players, he takes refuge in Hermes' office, but the other players find him, and the savage beating he receives trashes the office.

    The mess in his office loses Hermes his promotion, and the inspector, Morgan Proctor (voiced by Nora Dunn), places a suicidal Hermes on paid vacation ("the ultimate penalty") and appoints herself acting Planet Express bureaucrat. Doctor Zoidberg suggests Hermes and his wife LaBarbara take a trip to Spa 5, the sauna planet which gives him a bucket of krill for every patient he sends there. Fry gains a new title: Executive Delivery Boy.

    Morgan Proctor, who has a fetish for slovenly men (in her words, she is "surrounded by neat freaks all the time"), begins a secret affair with Fry (a "dirty, dirty boy!"), while Hermes and his wife discover that Spa 5 is actually a forced labor camp. After Bender discovers the illicit affair, Morgan downloads his personality and intelligence to a disk, turning him into a mindless drone, who can only say "I am Bender, please insert girder". She also sends the disk off to the Central Bureaucracy for filing.

    Hermes begins to use his natural managerial skills to reorganize the labor camp for efficiency, oblivious to the torment of his fellow workers. The rest of the Planet Express staff infiltrate the Central Bureaucracy in order to recover Bender's mind. One of the many employees they encounter is a Beholder, a Dungeon and Dragons monster, who simply hopes not to be exposed for sleeping on the job. They discover the master in-pile, an enormous pile of pneumatic tube capsules, only one of which contains Bender's brain.

    The Planet Express staff is daunted by the giant pile, but Hermes has returned from Spa 5. He had made the labor camp so efficient that they only needed one Australian man to perform the labor. In a musical number, Hermes sorts the master in-pile, recovering the disk with Bender's personality. He is restored to his original rank (a Grade 36 bureaucrat) by the head of the Central Bureaucracy for sorting the master in-pile, but immediately demoted to Grade 38 for finishing two seconds early (something bureaucrats should never do). Since Morgan was still in charge of Planet Express, she fires Fry for exposing her affair. However, Hermes exposes a mistake Morgan made on her high school prom date papers, having stamped it only four times instead of the standard five. Number 1.0 promotes him to grade 37 for this, and in turn, orders his assistants to get the papers needed to have Morgan taken away. The Professor re-hires Hermes, at severely reduced pay, and Fry asks if he can come back at a severely reduced pay as well. Hermes lets him and then gives severely reduced pay for everyone. Zoidberg begins his own musical number but the show immediately ends.
  • much better than I expected

    most episodes about supporting charcters a bland and tasteless but this was a turn for the better

    the episode starts off with heres getting ready for a office inspection and leela is getting ready for a poker game with the guys from her old job at the cryogenics lab but hermes plan to get promoted went wrong when Bender is caught cheating in the poker game and the guys attack him in hermes office witch devesttes him and when the inaspection is over he is suspended with pay ( the worst punishment ever) while another beurocrat takes hermes place she has an affair with giving him special treatment and when bender finds out his emotion chip is taken out and fry has to get it back.
  • Hermes: His Episode Is Grand.

    This was a really great episode, the whole thing with Fry getting it on and having an affair with his new boss Morgan was great and the song was just so catchy, it was great!

    I love how Hermes finnally got a episode and I think there should be more on him, take this one for example-great! I also like the thing with Bender and the X-ray glasses to help him win the poker game with Leela and her old co-workers from the cryogenic center.

    This is deffinately one of the best in season two and is in my top fifteen .
  • Everyone sing Jamaca!

    This was one of the best episodes in season 2 in my opinion.
    The best part was problably the song. I mean you gotta admit it was pretty cacthy. I also loved how they finally made a excellent episode based on Hermes only. Also you gotta love that camp. 'I don't miss twice campers'. LMAO. It was an excellent episode overall and I learned a couple things. Robots get lonley, beurocrats aren't just snobs, and Hermes sings pretty good.
  • Hermes questions his choice of becoming a bureaucrat.

    Hermes arrives at work happily expectant of receiving a promotion only to find his office has been trashed by Bender the night before. Having missed an opportunity of promotion Hermes threatens to commit suicide, he is talked down and is sent on a paid vacation to a health spa recommended by Dr Zoidberg.

    Hermes replacement Morgan is turned on by slopiness and she and Fry have a secret romance.

    The health spa turns out to be a forced labour camp where Hermes rediscovers his love of bureaucracy. Hermes raises the effeciency of the camp so all the work can be done by a single man.

    Hermes returns to Planet Express ousts his replacement and saves the day.
  • Its one of the best episodes that futurama has,has lots of funny lines from zoidberg,hermes and a real funny 1 liner by amy

    Just before an inspection by Morgan Proctor from the Central Bureaucracy, Hermes' office is trashed and, fearing he will be demoted, he threatens to commit suicide. When he is talked out of it, he is sent on paid vacation, to what he believes is a health spar but what turns out to be a forced labor camp. Meanwhile, Morgan Proctor stands in for Hermes as the Planet Express bureaucrat, and when she finds out that Fry is a slob becomes madly attracted to him. They try to keep their relationship secret, but when Bender catches them together he threatens to tell the others, and so Morgan downloads his 'brain' onto a disk and sends it for filing to the Central Bureaucracy. Fry, Leela, Amy and the Professor head down there to get it back, but are unable to find it and are confronted by Morgan. Just then, Hermes and his wife turn up, having improved the efficiency of the forced labor camp so their work is no longer needed there. Hermes locates Bender's disk and exposes Morgan as an inefficient bureaucrat. Impressed, the Professor rehires him.
  • One of my favorites so far.

    This has got to be one of the funniest Futuramas I've ever seen. Hermes is an underdeveloped character most of the time, and when you let him shine he is hilarious! How can you not love an over-organized anal-retentive Jamaican limbo champ? This episode also features just the right amount of Zoidburg. Not too much as to overdose on his pitiful brand of humor, but just enough to satisfy me. Isn't it just like him to recommend a labor camp as a spa retreat? He's just in it for the krill.

    The best part of this episode is unquestionably the song at the end. It hides a message that might actually relate to real life, and has a groovy beat!
  • The episodes with the songs in are normally the best, ie 'The Devils hands are idle playthings' and 'Hell is other Robots'

    This episode is in the entire Futurama ensamble, with Hermes (my favourite character) having a real input to the show, instead of just being a random in the office with some funny moments. This is a kickstart for two things. 1. The australian man who has become a running joke, and 2. It is the first episode starring a lesser character, a pilot for Amy in 'Where the Buggalo Roam' Dr. Zoidberg in 'Thats Lobstertainment' and Nibbler in 'The Day The Earth stood Stupid' and'The Why of Fry'. Also, we discover that Hermes is Jamacian, because we always thought that he was (Apart from Fry, who thought he 'was some sort of outer space potatoe man) we were never told that he was Jamacian, until this episode. This episode also sees the return of Terry ("Welcome, to the wooooooorld of tooooooomorooooooowww!)and also the return of Leelas other ex-co-workers.
  • Hermes bureaucrat world.

    This is the first episode where Hermes has a strong involvement in. He is not the strongest character in the show and hes no where near as funny as Fry and Bender are, but hes still an important character.

    Hes very well organised and many of the gags in this episode focus around his and the other bureaucrats organisation skills.

    By the end of the episode I got a bit sick of those jokes, but most of the episode was good. That is because of Bender's line "I am Bender, please insert girder" and Dr Zoidberg chiming in with great one liners at the appropriate times.
  • Introduction of Australian Guy

    This episode was hilarious from Bender cheating to Zoidberg sending Hermes to a slave labour camp to "I am Bender, please insert girder".
    This episode was enjoyable from start to finish, with the hilarious song being my favourite part of the episode along with Bender being stuck in a loop and Morgan going from strict and uptight to sexy and seductive in a matter of seconds. I love Fry's quote about the yoghurt in his cap "Well, it used to be milk and time makes fools of us all..."
    This episode is very entertaining from Hermes' attempted suicide to the revelation that Morgan only stamped a date form 4 times!
  • I ended up taking my own advise from last nights Futurama episode review. I sat down to watch this episode with my daughters Elmo doll. As it turns out we never cracked a smile, had a laugh nor did we understand what was going on ?

    Watching Futurama: How Hermes Requistioned His Groove back was much like watching a snowglobe that kids have as toys. You shake it up, sit it down and watch the snow fall down over whatever little scene is inside. Its not really entertaining, ya know, its just something you are looking at.

    A tv show should be much more than something you are looking at, but more like something you are watching and enjoying. This episode was simply void of any entertainment, and would be suited for stuffed animals to view the show.

  • A new bureaucrat is temporarily assigned to Planet Express to replace Hermes. She has an affair with Fry, steals Bender's brain, and drives everyone crazy with her strict regulations.

    Jokes about bureaucracy can be very funny, look at the Dilbert comic strip. There are many well-done jokes in this episode about how bureaucracy is meant to improve efficiency but it actually does the opposite. The Central Bureaucracy sends Hermes a letter to tell him that he's about to receive a letter from the Central Bureaucracy. Leela gets yelled at for not having her jacket in alphabetical order. And apparently the ship is not supposed to leave port without a full complement of olives. The calypso song Hermes sings about bureaucracy is catchy. Futurama is known for its humorous musical numbers. I also loved the classic lines from Bender near the end. Without the disk containing his brain, all he says is, "I am Bender, please insert girder." When the disk is put back into his head, he says, "I am Bender baby, PLEASE insert liquor!" This is one of my favourite episodes of Futurama. I've seen it several times but it still makes me laugh.
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