Season 2 Episode 14

How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • This one is centered around Hermes.

    Hermes gets all his paperwork and his office straight for the bureaucrat inspector who is coming the next day. Fry and Leela ask Hermes to stay for the card game, but he want to go home early to be ready for the next day. Leela's old co-workers come over and they start the card game with Leela, Fry and Bender. Bender is using some x-ray glasses so he can see everybody's cards. He slips up and lets on that that's what they are and Leela's old co-workers chase Bender into Hermes' office and beat him up and wreck the place. The next morning....