Season 1 Episode 3

I, Roommate

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 1999 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

It has been one month since Fry arrived in the future, and he is still living at Planet Express, sleeping on the table. When the company realizes that he has caused the water bill, electricity bills, etc., to rise, Fry is evicted from the office. Bender offers to let Fry be his room-mate in his apartment, and Fry accepts.
However, a robot apartment is only 3 cubic meters and Fry is very squashed - plus it has no bathroom. Fry and Bender decide to find a new apartment with lots of space for both of them, and after a few days they finally find one.
The two friends invite the other members of Planet Express over for a housewarming party and to watch "All My Circuits", the most popular robot soap opera of the 31st century. In tonight's episode, Calculon (the star) is to reveal a big secret, but the TV goes out just before he says what it is. Bender is annoyed and goes to get the super, and as he leaves the TV returns to normal. Bender comes back in, and the TV goes out again.
It turns out Bender's antenna is disrupting the signal, and the other residents of the building demand he leave. He chops off his antenna instead but doesn't feel right without it, so he decides to leave. Fry doesn't really want to leave, so Bender goes back to his old apartment where he feels lonely. He doesn't drink any alcohol, so his power goes down and when he is sober, he acts like a drunk human.
Leela says Fry should be ashamed of himself for abandoning Bender, and they find Bender. They reattach his antenna and Fry and Bender move back to Bender's old apartment, where Fry discovers that the "closet" is actually the of a normal apartment. Fry decides to live in the "closet" of Bender's apartment and for the first time in 1000 years, he finally feels at home.
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