Season 1 Episode 3

I, Roommate

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 1999 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • When Fry goes into the chemical shower early in the episode, the lights are in order with green on top and red on bottom; but when Bender comes back to Planet Express later in the episode, the positions have changed.

    • Deleted Scene: When Fry was taking a shower in the Chemical Burn Shower Amy comes up with what appears to be burns over her clothes and her arms. She then says hurry up and Fry walks out (with a towel on of course).

    • Opening theme promotion: AS SEEN ON TV.
      Opening theme cartoon: Baby Bottleneck (1946) (Warner Bros.)

    • In Bender's closet, there is a half-open door noticeable on the right wall. It seems to be a sliding door, possibly an automatic one, that looks like the entrance to a small closet. Why is there a closet in the closet? There's no real reason for this if the room is intended to be a closet.

    • Fry mentions that Bender had carpeting installed, yet there is none seen within the closet at the end of the episode.

    • The table that Fry slept on changes shape and size during the meeting, and it even sprouts that "technology-thingy" in the middle.

    • The 'jerk' sitting behind Bender at the Food-O-Mat did not show up until Bender's jerk speech.

    • The emergency shut down button only appears when Leela pushes it.

    • The curtain that hangs over the wall TV in the new apartment vanishes during the home warming party.

    • The Planet Express ship changes directions during the morning meeting.

    • Bender's cigar doesn't appear in the wide interior shot of the Food-O-Mat.

    • A vacant armchair just suddenly materialises next to Professor Farnsworth.

    • If Bender's antenna can retract why couldn't he simply retract it whilst in the apartment? Maybe that still wouldn't have worked.

    • The neon signs Bender passes whilst on a sober binge are 'No Liquor Licence,' 'Public Library,' 'Bible Study 2Nite,' 'Water Fountain' and 'Boring Geology Lecture.'

    • The advertisements seen within the newspaper include 'Underwater Living at its Finest,' 'Unique Architecture. Must See to Believe' and 'Suspiciously Fantastic Apartment.'

    • A sign seen within the new apartment reads;

      10 HOME
      20 SWEET
      30 GO TO 10

    • When everbody claps, Dr. Zoidberg claps by snapping his claws open and closed.

    • Hermes says water consumption has tripled, but the chart shows it has only doubled.

    • Bender's apartment number is "00100100" which is in binary code for 36. 36 represents "$" in ASCII code, which is a computer code format.

    • Bender's shadow shouldn't be projected on the inner wall of his apartment if he's standing on the other side of the lightbulb.

    • In the other rooms on Fry's floor, the TV's go out while Bender is on that floor, but in Fry's room, the TV only goes out when Bender enters the room.

    • When the couch is removed from the Planet Express building with Bender and Fry on it, Hermes says "We'll bill you for the couch," but his lips don't move. This was done through ADR (Additional Dialogue Record), because it was felt that someone should say something, but they didn't have any more money in the budget to have the scene reanimated.

  • Quotes

    • Fry: What up?

    • Voiceover: All My Circuits is brought to you by Robo Fresh. Designed by a robot for a robot.

    • (upon viewing the M.C. Escher apartment)
      Fry: I don't know, I don't want to pay for an extra dimension we're not going to use.

    • Voiceover: Bachelor Chow, now with flavor!

    • Bender: Nothing. I guess I'm just going to have to get used to being half a robot.
      Fry: Aw, this isn't right. Listen, Bender, if we found your antenna could they still reattach it?
      Bender: Maybe. If we get it on ice right away.

    • Human Friend: You're my best friend. I'm sorry I treated you so badly.
      Calculon: Apology accepted. After all, you're only human.
      Leela: You guys could learn a lesson from those two.
      Fry: She's right.
      Bender: You're my best friend, Fry, I'm sorry I treated you so badly.
      Fry: Apology accepted. After all, you're only human.

    • Fry: Bender! You're blind-stinking sober!
      Bender: That's right! I'm sober and crazy and I don't know what I might do!
      Fry: Don't do it!
      Bender: I don't know what it is yet.

    • Leela: Your best friend is out there somewhere destroying himself.
      Fry: Really? I didn't think he'd miss this apartment that much.

    • Leela: I can't just stand by and be silent about Bender anymore.
      Fry: Silent? You've been meddling for two solid weeks.

    • Leela: Look at that five o'clock rust. You've been up all night not drinking, haven't you?
      Bender: Hey. What I don't do is none of your business.
      Leela: Please, Bender. Have some malt liquor. If not for yourself then for the people who love you.
      Bender: I hate the people who love me and they hate me.

    • Fry: Don't girl me with that girl stuff. Bender and me are guys. Guys don't have feelings.
      Leela: Bender's not a guy, he's a robot.
      Fry: Same thing.

    • Leela: Fry, you're Bender's best friend. How could you let that mob kick him out?
      Fry: Ah, come on. Bender loves mobs.
      Leela: Only when he's in them and you know it.

    • Amy: Do you think Calculon's evil twin will ever walk again?
      Hermes: I don't know, Amy. I just don't know.

    • Priestbot: We are gathered here to mourn the death of Calculon; industrialist, private eye, friend.
      Calculon: Mind if I give the eulogy?
      Monique: Calculon! You're alive!
      Randy: Calculon's back!

    • Bender: But, then we wouldn't be roommates.
      Fry: I'll come visit sometime. And you can visit me here.
      Hattie: No he can't.

    • Bender: Fine! Come on, Fry, let's move to that apartment that smelled like a sewer. You liked that one, right?
      Fry: It's tempting, but, well, I am already kinda settled in here.
      Bender: Or we could live underground with the mutants. A little fire'll show 'em who's boss!

    • Bender: You people are nuts. My antennae never interfered with my old TV.
      Leela: You had cable. This is satellite.
      Farnsworth: Obviously your thoughts are being transmitted on the same frequency.
      Tenant #2: They're on my cell phone too.
      Bender: Madam, I believe you're mistaken.
      Bender: (thinking; on phone) Wow, that lady's got a huge ass.
      Bender: Those could be anyone's thoughts, fat ass!

    • Fry: Hey, hang on, All My Circuits is about to start!
      Bender: I know, but I need alcohol to power up my batteries. If Calculon's wedding doesn't go just right I'll be emotionally and electrically drained.

    • Fry: Man, it's a total sty! For the first time in a thousand years, I feel like I'm home.

    • Leela: Wow. This is beautiful.
      Bender: What's with all the crap?
      Leela: It's not crap.
      Hattie: Dr. Mobutu collected this crap while he was exploring the watcha-call-it... universe!
      Fry: Well, this place has everything except the only thing I care about; a TV.
      Hattie: It's got a TV, you young watcha-call-it... idiot!

    • Farnsworth: (on the phone) Oh, how awful. Did he at least die painlessly? To shreds, you say. Well, how is his wife holding up? To shreds, you say. Very well then. (hangs up) Sad, sad, terrible, gruesome news about my colleague, Dr. Mobutu.
      Leela: Was his apartment rent-controlled?

    • Bender: Yeah, this past week with Fry's been a blast! Y'know, beneath this warm, sunny exterior beats the cold, mechanical heart of a robot.

    • Bender:(talking in his sleep) Hey, sexy mama, wanna kill all humans?

    • Fry: Wait, Bender. Bender?
      Bender: (sleep-talking) Kill all humans... kill all humans... must kill all the humans.
      Fry: Bender, wake up!
      Bender: I was having the most wonderful dream. I think you were in it.

    • Fry: It's kinda cramped in here. I don't even have room to hang my clothes.
      Bender: Look, pal, you've only got one set of clothes and you're not taking them off while I'm here.

    • Fry: I can't believe they threw me out like that. I must have been really acting like a jerk.
      Bender: Yeah, but everybody's a jerk. You, me, this jerk. (points to stranger)

    • Bender: Cheer up, meatbag. You've barely touched your amoeba.
      Fry: It looked good but I just don't feel like eating. You want it?
      Bender: Nah, I'm trying to watch my input. I need plenty of wholesome, nutritious alcohol. The chemical energy keeps my fuel cells charged.
      Fry: What are the cigars for?
      Bender: They make me look cool.

    • (Fry and Bender are watching All my Circuits)
      Fry: So, who's that weird-looking guy?
      Bender: That's a human.
      Fry: What's he do?
      Bender: Eh, the usual human stuff. He laughs, he learns, he loves.
      Fry: Boring.

    • Leela: Fry, sometimes in close quarters, people do inconsiderate things without realising it.
      Fry: I know but I forgive you.
      Leela: No, Fry, by "close quarters" I mean this office-
      Fry: Uh-huh.
      Leela: And by "people" I mean you!
      Fry: Right.
      Leela: And by "inconsiderate" I mean-
      Fry: Leela! We're trying to watch TV.
      Bender: Yeah. Would you kindly shut your noise hole?

    • Calculon: I've been processing this for some time, Monique, and, well, will you marry me?
      Monique: Oh, Calculon! It fits! Then you must know that I'm-
      Calculon: Metric? I've always known. But for you, my darling, I'm willing to convert.

    • Fry: Sheesh! 40,000 channels and only 150 have anything good on.

    • Farnsworth: Oh, fuff! He's not causing any trouble. Now, if you don't mind, I'm rather busy. I seem to have mislaid my alien mummy. This sarcophagus should contain the remains of Emperor Nimballa, who ruled Zubin 5 over 29 million years ago.
      Fry: Hey, Professor, great jerky!
      Farnsworth: My God, this is an outrage! I was going to eat that mummy!

    • Leela: Do you know how long it's going to take me to recalibrate these engines?
      Fry: Hey! When you look this good, you don't have to know anything.

    • Hermes: As this shocking graph indicates, our water consumption has tripled in the last month. I notice Fry has been here for a month, so I'm appointing him head of a committee to find who's responsible.

    • Hermes: Fry, mon, if you're going to be living in the office you could at least be on time for work.
      Fry: I'm sorry. I was up really late poking through people's desks.

    • Fry: I give up, what's the catch?
      Real Estate Agent: Oh, I assure you, there is no catch. Although we are technically in New Jersey.
      (suddenly back at the Planet Express building)
      Fry: Man, not even one place remotely liveable.

    • Fry: Hey listen Bender. Where's your bathroom?
      Bender: Bath what?
      Fry: Bathroom!
      Bender: What room?
      Fry: Bathroom!
      Bender: What what?
      Fry: Oh! Nevermind.

    • Bender: So... where are you gonna stay?
      Fry: I dunno... do refrigerators still come in boxes?
      Bender: Yeah, but the rents are outrageous. Why don't you just come move in with me?
      Fry: Really? That would be great... you're sure I won't be imposing?
      Bender: Nah, I've always wanted a pet.

    • Leela: (to the Professor) We need to talk to you about Fry.
      Bender: Yeah, we want some money! Wait, what's this about Fry?

    • Bender: Not enough room? My place is two cubic meters, and we only take up 1.5 cubic meters. We've got room for a whole another two thirds of a person!

    • Fry: No, Bender! Cutting Leela's head won't solve anything!

    • Fry: You think this fruit tree's gonna get enough light?
      Bender: There's a window in the closet.
      Fry: This is huge! Bender, why don't I just live in here?
      Bender: In a closet? (sigh) Humans...

    • Leela: Wait. I want you to look me in the eye and promise you won't get behind the wheel without some kind of alcoholic beverage in your hand.
      Bender: I promise nothing.

    • Bender: Yeah! It's gonna be fun on the bun! Y'know Fry, of all the friends I've had, you're the first!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • WWE
      Monstertruck wrestling announcer sounded suspiciously like Vince McMahon from the World Wrestling Federation WWE.

    • Red Dwarf
      In the UK Sci-Fi television series Red Dwarf, the episode 'Kryten,' is about the robot Kryten, a sanitation droid who only finds happiness in cleaning dishes and washing clothes, except his secret passion is watching the robot soap opera 'Androids.' It is a lot like 'All My Circuits' in the way that it is a parody of a real, 20th century soap opera ('Androids' being a parody of Australian soap 'Neighbours') and the way that all the plots are similar to 20th century soap operas except they are given a robot twist.

    • Flight of the Phoenix
      Hermes: As this shocking graph indicates, our water consumption has tripled in the last month.
      This quote is a direct reference to the original film Flight of the Phoenix.

    • Bruce Springsteen
      Fry says "40,000 channels and only 150 of them have anything good on." This is a reference to the Bruce Springsteen song 57 Channels (and Nothin' On).

    • The Lost Weekend
      The scene of Bender wandering the town in a 'sober' state and passing all the neon signs is a parody of a similar scene from the Billy Wilder film The Lost Weekend.

    • Andy Warhol
      A Slurm painting in Fry and Bender's new apartment is a reference to Andy Warhol's famous Marilyn Monroe pop-art silkscreens.

    • All My Children
      The title of the robot soap opera All My Circuits is a play on the popular 1970's American television soap opera All My Children, produced by ABC.

    • Star Trek
      When the crowd of people from Fry and Bender's apartment are complaining about their TV reception, one lady pulls out a cell phone and says Bender's thoughts are being transmitted to it. When she closes the phone, it makes a little beeping noise like the communicator from Star Trek.

    • Happy Days
      The TV doesn't work and Fry knocks it with his elbow and it starts working just like Fonzie used to do with the jukebox on Happy Days. Fonzie also said "Ayyyy" and put his thumbs up, which Fry also imitates.

    • The Odd Couple
      When Fry and Bender move into their new apartment, Bender throws a cigar on the ground and Fry picks it by stabbing it with the tip of an umbrella. This a reference to the TV show The Odd Couple, and The Odd Couple music is also playing in the background.

    • I, Robot
      The title of this episode, 'I, Roommate,' is a homage to Isaac Asimov's famous story I, Robot. It is also the title of a famous Outer Limits episode and a Will Smith movie, which came out after this episode was first aired, both called I, Robot.

    • M.C. Escher
      While Fry and Bender are apartment hunting, they visit one which is a direct parody of M. C. Escher's 'Relativity' lithograph, which is a physics-defying room full of staircases, that has floors, walls and ceilings in every direction.

    • Salvador Dali
      At the start of the episode, Bender bends Fry's alarm clock over the edge of the table, replicating part of 'The Persistence of Memory,' a Salvador Dali painting.

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