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Season 2 Episode 5

I Second That Emotion

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 1999 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

After flushing Nibbler down the toilet, Bender gets an empathy chip installed in his head by the professor to make him feel what Leela is feeling after losing her beloved pet.

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  • Bender has Leela's emotions.

    When Bender is tired of Nibbler getting all the attention, he flushes Nibbler down the toilet. Leela is crying, but bender has no emotion at all. She wishes Bender could have emotions, so Professor Farnsworth has emotions installed in Bender, so he feels whatever Leela feels.

    Fry, Leela, and Bender go into the sewer to rescue Nibbler, but they find out a bunch of mutants live down there. They soon rescue Nibbler.

    This was a pretty good episode. Bender feeling Leela's emotions was really, really funny to me for some reason. I also loved the mutants and all the sub things.

    Overall Grade: 95%/A+moreless
  • bender has feelings!... installed

    bender is jealous of nibbler, and due to this, flushes nibbler down the toilet, to the sewer, where the mutants are. farnsworth invents something that gives bender feelings, whatever leela is feeling ,to show him how mad/hurt she is. now fry bender and leela must go to the sewer and rescue nibbler from the mutants. in the end all is saved and bender becomes a little more attached to nibbler.

    decent episode, but not a favorite, more like a little above average or so, for me at least. my overall grade for this episode is a B or so, still goodmoreless
  • Poor Nibbler...

    This episode is excellent! After nibbler gets a flush down the toiler, Bender is now set to the empathy chip, and after a few tinkers he's set to go- but he feels emotions anywhere as long as he has the chip installed. Bender flushes himself down the toilet due to Leela's emotions for Nibbler, in search for him. Fry and Leela go down the sewer in search of Bender and Nibbler, and find Bender, and find mutants living down there with Nibbler. Leela overcomes her shy and appreaciative emotions, and starts thinking about herself, which leads Bender to save Nibbler... and Bender's microchip gets removed! "So long!'moreless
  • Happy birthday, Nibbler!

    A very funny and heartwarming (touching, sweet, nice) episode. It involves Bender being in synch with Leela's emotions thanks to one of Professor Farnsworth's newest inventions, which causes some trouble in the very end of the episode. It also involves the celebration of Nibbler's (Leela's pet's) fifth birthday.

    Bender hates Nibbler, and when Nibbler's fang is chipped, Leela takes him to the vet. The vet counts the rings on Nibbler's teeth, feeling interested, and it is discovered that the little creature is five years old. So, the Planet Express crew celebrates his birthday. Bender bakes a cake, and Nibbler eats it. Bender, in a fury, flushes Nibbler down the toilet. Leela is sad, and is upset that Bender feels no remorse, and Professor Farnsworth allows (or forces) Bender to feel Leela's emotions, which causes him to flush himself down the toilet, piece by piece. Fry and Leela go down into the sewers to get Nibbler as well, and Fry, Bender, and Leela meet mutants, who almost give them to a horrid beast that lives in the sewers.moreless
  • I feel like Bender!

    This episode is my favorite on "Futurama". Lela's pet, Nibbler is loved by everyone...except for Bender. On Nibbler's Birthday, Bender makes a cake and before the rest of the guys could eat it...Nibbler eats the whole cake. So Bender flushes Nibbler down the toilet and when the rest of them found out, Bender had to find Nibbler. Nibbler is found in the sewer (Or Old New York). Bender does miss him, and the funniest moment was when Bender tries to flush himself down the toilet. But all in all, I like this episode. I would watch it again if I had the chance.moreless
David Herman

David Herman

Announcer / Vet Jeffrey Grant / Dwayne

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Turanga Leela

Billy West

Billy West

Philip J. Fry / Professor Hubert Farnsworth / Dr. Zoidberg

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Amy Wong

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Linda / Vyolet

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Nibbler / Jaguar / El Chupanibre

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • In the beginning when Nibbler came running into the kitchen for his breakfast, his yellow shoes were missing.

    • When the mutant with two noses plays the guitar and sings about El Chupanebrae, what he's playing sounds like the fifth movement (Asturias) of the Suite Española, Op. 47 by Isaac Albéniz.

    • When Fry tries to save Bender, he is pulled up by the trap above a pretty wide wooden walkway. When the mutants cut him down, he drops straight and we hear him fall into water, where he should have dropped on wood.

    • Items in the fridge include: 'Warriors Grade Bird Eggs', 'Calculon's own BBQ Grease' and Orange Juice.

    • A sign at the vet's reads: "Virtual Pets Debugged."

    • The following opening commercial is featured at the beginning of the episode.

      Futurama is brought to you by Glagnar's human rinds It's a bunch a munch a crunch a humans

    • Opening theme promotion: MADE FROM MEAT BY-PRODUCTS

    • Nibbler bites Bender's "shiny metal ass".

    • When the mutant with two noses plays the guitar and talks about El Chupanebrae, the camera switches to a wide shot, which shows Leela's parents in the background. When the mutants are advancing on Fry, Leela and Bender, her parents are gone.

    • Almost every building in the mutants' village is a dry-cleaner's.

    • El Chupinibre is right behind Nibler, so why wasn't the little guy running for his life when he came out of the pipe?

      Response: It wasn't right behind him. If Bender couldn't see it when he was looking into the pipe, it must have run up and appeared, or come out of a converging pipe. Nibbler wouldn't have known it was there.

    • Leela's tanktop is no longer torn after El Chupanebrae is flushed and she is untied from the pole.

    • It's hard to believe that, on his birthday, Nibbler actually managed to avoid attention long enough to wander into the kitchen alone.

    • For some odd reason, Bender didn't seem to be affected by the magnet in the can opener.

    • When the mutants are giving Fry, Leela and Bender the tour, they pass three Dry Cleaners right next to each other. However, on the third one when the angle changes to Fry, the female mutant and Bender, the sign only says "Cleaners."

  • QUOTES (46)

    • (As Nibbler is being flushed down the toilet.)
      Leela: Nooooooo!!
      Bender: Can't you see I'm using the toilet?

    • Bender: They want a cake? I'll give them a cake (grabs a package of arsenic) mwahaha! (pours arsenic right next to a mouse hole) There, that oughta keep the rats away. Now, to bake a cake so delicious, they'll have to notice me!

    • Leela: You know, Bender may not have learned anything from me, but I think I actually learned something from him. So long, jerkwads!
      Farnsworth: So long!

    • Farnsworth: Bender, you won't believe this, but the empathy chip burned out. The emotion you felt for Nibbler was actually your own.
      Fry: Looks like Bender learned an important lesson about respecting other people's feelings after all.
      Farnsworth: No, I'm wrong. The empathy chip was running at triple capacity.
      Bender: And I still barely felt anything. Good night, losers!

    • Farnsworth: That was a disgusting story.
      Leela: And it's all thanks to Bender. I love you, Bender.
      Bender: I love you too. Get that stupid chip out of me before I kill myself!

    • Bender: Listen to me, Leela: I'm an expert at not caring. The secret is to stop giving a rat's ass about anyone else and start thinking of the things that you want, that you deserve, that the world owes you.
      Leela: Well, I could use a new tank top.
      Bender: Bigger! Bigger!
      Leela: A fashionable tank top. And designer boots ... encrusted with jewels.
      Bender: Don't stop now, you'll need some pants to go with that outfit.
      Leela: Yeah. And I could afford it all if I didn't have to feed that stupid Nibbler.
      Bender: Bender is back. I'll save you, Nibbler.
      Fry: Bender's gonna be killed!
      Leela: You know what else I could use? A weekend at one of those fancy spas. And a Toblerone.

    • Leela: I love every living creature.
      Fry: Even me?
      Leela: As a friend.
      Fry: Damn.

    • Leela: Bender, do something.
      Bender: I'm too scared.
      Fry: Leela, your scaredness is being transmitted straight to Bender. If you care about Nibbler, stop caring about him!

    • Dwayne: Gather round, children, for the legend of El Chupanibre.
      He creeps and crawls in the midnight hush,
      Silent as a low-flow toilet flush,
      Watch your step,
      'Cause sooner or later,
      He'll eat you whole,
      And half your alligator.
      Vyolet: Crocodile.
      Dwayne: Whatever.

    • Raoul: We keep them as pets. Then, when they grow too large, we flush them down into the sub-sewer.
      Dwayne: Some say there's a freakish race of sub-mutants down there.
      Vyolet: Please, that's just a sub-urban legend.

    • Fry: So, is it true that alligators flushed down the toilet survive down here?
      Vyolet: No. That's just an urban legend.
      Bender: Then what are those?
      Vyolet: Crocodiles.

    • Fry: Wow. You guys worship an unexploded nuclear bomb?
      Vyolet: Yeah, but nobody's that observant. It's mainly a Christmas and Easter thing.

    • Raoul: All that is ours was once flushed down your toilets. Over there is our aquarium. This is our library.
      Bender: Nothing but crumpled porno and Ayn Rand.

    • Raoul: Welcome to our village. It may not be Paris but it has a certain quaint charm that I, for one, wouldn't trade for the world.
      Bender: You guys realise you live in a sewer, right?
      Dwayne: Perhaps. But perhaps your civilisation is merely the sewer of an even greater society above you.
      Leela: No, we're on the top.
      Fry: Daylight and everything.
      Vyolet: It must be wonderful.
      Bender: Eh.

    • Fry: Hey, aren't you supposed to be eating our brains? You're mutants.
      Dwayne: Mutants? Perhaps it is you who are the mutants.
      Vyolet: Please, Dwayne, have you looked in a mirror lately?

    • Dwayne: Please, do not be frightened, we're harmless.
      Raoul: I have three arms.
      Dwayne: I said "harmless" not "armless".
      Vyolet: Lay off him. You know he's only got one ear.

    • Leela: There's no such thing as mutants. That's a ridiculous urban myth.
      Farnsworth: Oh, don't be so sure. Many scientists believe humans really could mutate down there. Uh, due to exposure to toxic waste and radioactive run-off and good old American faeces!
      Fry: God bless America.

    • Leela: Now he's flushed himself down the toilet? Who's he gonna flush next?
      Fry: Hey, it's your fault. He only flushed himself because your emotions made him feel bad.
      Leela: You're right. I feel terrible.
      Fry: Oh, great, now you're making him feel worse!

    • Bender: Hang on, Nibbler. Uncle Bender's coming to save you. [He flushes the toilet but doesn't go anywhere.] Damn, it's too small. What did those humans design this for anyway?

    • Bender: I'm at the end of my rope. I can't live another minute without poor, sweet Nibbler.
      Fry: Too bad he wasn't an alligator. Y'know, when you flush those things, they stay alive in the sewers.
      Bender: Really?
      Fry: Yep. My friend's cousin's caseworker saw one once. It's a widely-believed fact.

    • Bender: Uh-oh, jealousy. You think you're so hot!
      Fry: What?
      Bender: The only reason you get all the guys is because you dress like a tramp!
      Fry: They're just responding to my personality.

    • Bender: I'm so lonely. I'm gonna go eat a bucket of ice cream. A bucket of-
      Fry: The spoon's in the foot powder.

    • Fry: What's your problem?
      Bender: I miss Nibbler.
      Fry: You do?
      Bender: Hell, no! It's Leela's stupid feelings. Why can't she just drink herself happy like a normal person?

    • Leela: Thank you, Professor. I'm happy that Bender can finally feel my pain.
      Bender: Happy. I like this feeling. Just don't revert to your usual mopey self.
      Leela: I'm not mopey. You shut up!
      Bender: Anger, huh? How dare you make me feel anger, you one-eyed jerk with a dead pet!

    • Farnsworth: Now I'll simply tune it to Leela's emotional frequency.
      Bender: My God! I'm overcome with... feelings. I'm experiencing a powerful yearning to... to cram my gullet full of mackerel heads.
      Zoidberg: That's me, baby!
      Farnsworth: Hmm.
      Bender: Now I'm worried that I'm not as smart as Leela, but at the same time I feel relieved that I'm cuter than her.
      Amy: Uh... that's me.
      Fry: Thanks for covering.
      Bender: This time I miss Nibbler and I'm feeling nosy and opinionated.
      Amy: Bingo!
      Hermes: That's Leela!

    • Farnsworth: Quiet, you. I'm installing an empathy chip.
      Fry: And that'll allow Bender to feel other people's emotions?
      Farnsworth: Yes. If by "allow" you mean "force".

    • Bender: Hey, what the hell are you doing with my head?
      Farnsworth: I need to tinker in it.
      Bender: Why don't you just use a potted plant like Fry?

    • Leela: I wish just once Bender could feel exactly what I feel.
      Farnsworth: Actually, through the miracle of science, that can be arranged.
      Fry: Uh-oh. Is this gonna be another crazy experiment that crosses a line Man was not meant to cross?

    • Calculon: Give it to me straight, doctor, don't sugar-coat it.
      Doctorbot: Very well. Your entire family died when a plane piloted by your fiancée crashed into your uninsured home. And you have inoperable cancer.
      Bender: Bet you weren't expecting that one, Calculon!

    • Farnsworth: And so we say goodbye to our beloved pet, Nibbler, who's gone to a place where I too hope one day to go: The toilet.

    • Leela: You have no sympathy for anyone else's feelings.
      Bender: Of course I do. Right now I feel sorry for you.
      Leela: You do?
      Bender: Yeah. I mean, one cantaloupe-sized bloodshot eye? You ain't winning no beauty pageants, lady.

    • Leela: Aren't you upset at all? How would you feel if I flushed Fry down the toilet?
      Bender: Only one way to find out.

    • Amy: Bender! How could you flush Nibbler down the toilet?
      Bender: Well, step one, I had to lift the seat. That was the first little annoyance. Am I right, men?

    • Leela: Bender, I thought you were supposed to be cooking for this party.
      Bender: Fine, we'll have rack of Nibbler.
      Leela: Just make a simple cake. And this time, if someone's going to jump out of it, make sure you put them in after you cook it.

    • Leela: Come on, let's all sing Happy Birthday!
      All: What day is today?
      It's Nibbler's birthday,
      What a day for a birthday,
      Let's all have some cake.
      Fry: And you smell like one too!

    • Amy: Hey, look at Nibbler!
      Hermes: Aww, he's holding a spoon.
      Zoidberg: He's so talented!

    • Leela: Aww, look how cuddly he looks in his new cape!
      Bender: I'd be cuddly too if someone gave me a new cape.

    • Fry: Hey, what are these rings in Nibbler's fang?
      Jeffery: Um, I'm still a little woozy from a gazelle kick this morning but if he's anything like the common tree, the rings might indicate his age.
      Fry: Yeah, well, good luck. It'd take some kind of genius to count all those rings.
      Jeffery: He's five.

    • Jeffery: It's just a simple broken fang, nothing serious.
      Bender: What's that you say there, doctor? You're gonna have to put him down?
      Jeffery: No- What? Huh?
      Bender: Terrible shame that. Shall I do the honours?

    • Leela: Are you alright?
      Bender: Ah, it's nothing a lawsuit won't cure.

    • Bender: Stupid can opener. You killed my father and now you've come back for me!

    • Leela: Aww! Somebody likes snouts.
      Fry: Is it me?

    • Announcer: Futurama is brought to you by... Glagnar's Human Rinds. It's a buncha muncha cruncha human!

    • Amy: Don't worry Leela, we'll get you a new pet...like a puppy.
      Leela: A puppy? Nibbler used to love to eat puppies!

    • Bender: Hey! I got a busted ass here, I don't see anyone kissing it.
      Zoidberg: Alright, I'm coming.

    • Dwayne: If the legend is true, our only hope is to offer him a snackrifice.
      3-armed Mutant: Yes. An unspoiled virgin.
      Leela: I volunteer!
      Female Mutant: Nice try, Leela. But we've all seen Zapp Brannigan's webpage.
      Bender: Ahahaha, hahaha!

  • NOTES (4)

    • This marks the first time Bender whistles the Globetrotters theme.

    • This is the first episode of Production Season 2

    • First appearance of Morris and Munda (Leela's parents), Jeffery Grant (the vet), Dwayne, Vyolet (mutant woman), Raoul (3-armed mutant) and El Chupinibre.

    • From this episode on, Tress MacNeille becomes a "regular" and is no longer a guest star. Maurice LaMarche is promoted to "Also Starring", but Lauren Tom, Phil LaMarr and Dave Herman remain "Guest starring" throughout the series, even though at least one of them has appeared in every episode.

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Star Trek: The Next Generation

      In Star Trek: The Next Generation and the subsequent movies, the android Lieutenant Commander Data has an emotion chip which allows him to feel emotion in much the same way Bender does in this episode.

    • Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

      The title of this episode is a referrence to the Smokey Robinson & The Miracles song "I Second That Emotion" from 1967.

    • Kibbles 'n' Bits

      The "Kibbles 'n' Snouts" can at the start of the episode is a parody of "Kibbles 'n Bits", a brand of dog food.

    • Harlem Globetrotters:
      The routine Bender does with his head (and later the eggs while whistling the Globetrotter tune) is very similar to the antics of the Harlem Globetrotters.

    • Leela: Just make a simple cake. And this time, if someone's going to jump out of it, make sure you put them in after you cook it.

      The same thing happens in the 1993 movie Addams Family Value. A dancer is supposed to jump out of a cake, but she doesn't. Gomez looks into the cake and says, "Oh that poor girl. Lurch, was she in there before you baked?"

    • Dungeons & Dragons

      Near the beginning of the episode, in the vet's office, the robot's pet is a rust monster from dungeons and dragons.

    • Fry: Who's playing pin the tail on the moon maggot?

      This is obviously the future version of the popular party game "Pin the tail on the donkey"

    • Leela: El chupanebrae, what's that?
      The Chupacabra is reptile-like creature from Puerto Rico. It is similar to the myth of Bigfoot, and the abominable snowman. It supposedly drinks the blood of farm animals.

    • The PJ's
      In the series "The PJs", the opening credits start out showing a manhole that looks just like the one in this episode: It has the title of the series, along with Thurgood Stubbs' head. (Thurgood Stubbs is a character on "The PJs".) In this show you can see a manhole cover with the same logo.

    • Fry: Your people worship the atomic bomb?
      In the movie Beneath the Planet of the Apes, the humans/mutants (who live underneath the surface in the old ruins of former New York City) have found an atomic bomb and worship it to one day rid the Earth of the violent apes which inhabit the surface of the planet