Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 2010 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Sometime in the 31st century, a death sphere (a parody of the Death Star) appears, destroying planets in its path. Professor Farnsworth soon discovers that the death sphere is headed for Earth. After running several simulations, he realizes that the death sphere is the result of a collision between the two previously mentioned satellites, effectively creating the death sphere. The collision also gave the death sphere the name "V-GINY," (parody of V'Ger from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, as well as an obvious play on the word "vagina") a portmanteau of the two former satellites. The death sphere's purpose is later revealed as censoring indecent planets, thereby destroying them.

Zapp Brannigan and Turanga Leela are sent to destroy the death sphere in an undetectable one-manned ship built by Farnsworth. Upon confronting the sphere's control center, Leela utters "holy cr-", triggering the censor, which sends a black, crude oil-like substances towards them. Their counterattack weaponry proves to be defenseless against the mysterious substance, forcing the duo to retreat. They end up stranded on a Garden of Eden-like planet where Zapp tries to woo Leela through deceit and purposely leaving her trapped and mentally addled. However, Brannigan ultimately scams Leela, the two having really landing on Earth. In the meantime, the Planet Express crew travels to Lo'ihi Island in Hawaii, the one spot where humanity has not made its "mark." There, they attempt to desperately convince the death sphere that there is still some decency on Earth by performing a purity chant. However, Bender can not keep to himself and begins fornicating with the satellite encoder. Following the incident, Fry wanders the island in search of a good spot to "take a dump". As he wanders, he finds the "stranded" Leela, to which the death sphere appears on Earth, and in a bargain made between it and the Planet Express crew, the death sphere agrees to spare the planet if "Adam" (Brannigan) and "Eve" (Leela) "consummate" their relationship. Zapp tries to bargain his way out due to the uncomfortable setting but Leela forces him into it, which causes Fry a great deal of grief (he begs the V-GINY to censor the act but it, ironically, replies that it is acceptable for all audiences and leaves Earth).