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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • Not the same Futurama I remember

    Now before I write this critical review of a Futurama episode, I would like to state that I've been a fan of this show for as long as I can remember, and while I realize that some shows can go downhill after a revival (family guy, I'm looking at you) I had confidence that Futurama could make it. While Rebirth was a great way of bring all the characters back, this one was bad. First of all, I like both Zapp and Leela, but Leela has stated numerous times that she doesn't like Zapp, yet she has sex with him once he makes her believe that they're stuck on a deserted planet with no way of getting back to Earth? Come on guys, she's way smarter than that. Also, the plot with V-giny was stupid and was unfunny except for the part with Fransworth's "Wardrobe Malfunction" which was arguably the funniest moment in the whole episode. Overall, although this episode did stink, I still have hope for Futurama. 5/10 F
  • Please Improve

    Hmm okay first of all let me say, I understand how hard it must be to pick up a series after 7 years, but this isnt Futurama. The story had a little bit of potential but Futurama can do a lot better. Lets discuss positives first. Okay some jokes worked and the story was original and interesting for the most part. Unfortunately the story was not supported by the huge amount of sexual references that were given to us. I enjoy a few, its why I love Futurama. But don't go that step further. Be subtle with your dirty jokes. My biggest concern is that our beloved crew were out of character, some more than others. The timing of Fry was off at times and I hate to be critical of Billy West because he is a genius and his performance of zap, zoidberg and the professor are all fine. Leela and Amy upset me the most though. Amy would not subject herself to an orgy and Leela would not have sex with Zap so easily. Please stay faithful to these characters. There is a deep and meaningful aspect to this show and you cant view it when you give your characters such humiliating lines. My last concern is of the drawing of the garden which looked too basic for Futurama. Other than that I respect that they are trying and I am hopeful that they will improve. For 7 years I have waited for this moment and perhaps my hopes are too high, but I refuse to believe this is the end. It was not pathetic, but it needs to be better.
  • We were all hoping for a sufficient revitalization of Futurama...but were we really EXPECTING anything better?

    For what it's worth, Futurama was, way back before it was cancelled, one of the most imaginative and fresh adult-oriented cartoons on television.
    Jokes about the degeneracy of the 20th century, hilarious black humor, general (and effective) avoidance of dominating sex quips. However, this revivification is basically the antithesis of the original; the asinine sex jokes, uninventive and hackneyed 'black' humor, general avoidance of intelligent jokes about the degeneracy of the 20th century...it's all here.

    Who's the target audience, here? 12-year-olds who only laugh at recurrent pop culture jokes? Adults who get diversion out of laughing at stereotype reinforcement? Family Guy fanboys?

    The only thing about this episode I particularly liked (or found even remotely clever) was the title; it's a parody of "In-a-Gadda-da-Vida" by Iron Butterfly.

    Heheheh, get it? Because it was supposed to be "In the Garden of Eden" originally, and Zapp and Leela are in a Garden of Eden-type place and Leela's name sounds like "Vida"...heheh. Heheheh.
  • Leela and Zap Brannigan try to save the Earth from a vessel determined to destroy it, but end up crashlanding on a planet together. Thinking they're the only humans left. Adam and Eve style.

    I Don't understand the negative reviews of this second new "Futurama" episode I really don't. I thought it was great.

    Its a total Zap Brannigan episode. Maybe people want more of the other characters returning sooner, but to me, Zap is hilarious here, and the whole episode is more about the jokes than anything else, which is what I want from this show!

    OK so there is alot of sex jokes in this which people don't seem to like, but Zap Brannigan has always been a sleaze so what else is new? The ship being named "Vaginny" is maybe a bit much as is Amys suggesting an orgy because the world seems doomed, but personally I think the show has done far worse sleazy gags in the past and got away with it.
  • Eh, it had a fair amount of funny moments but there were a few things I didn't like.

    Billy West, what a brilliant, exceptional voiceactor. Zapp Brannigan steals the show here and is every bit as funny as I remember him, much thanks to the aforementioned Mr. West. If there ever was a character that would benefit from this change to Comedy Central, it's Zapp whose demeanor and comments get to be even raunchier. But raunchier is not necessarily funnier, so I'm glad there's still enough laughs not centered around the human anatomy. Zapp's reluctant noise that he made when he had to confess all the things that he did, was funny, and you see it's not funny on the paper, it's just minor stuff and details that talented actors are able to turn into something funny.

    Amy and Leela are whores, or sluts in this, with proposed orgies and undressing just like that and having sex with others just like that, you know, it's kind of sad that the only two regular female characters on the show are like this, but then again, I guess I shouldn't take it so seriously. I'm not offended or anything, but...yeah, I don't remember these two characters being so frivilous in the FOX seasons, but hey, new network with less restrictions on content, I get it.

    While there certainly are laughs to be found, I must say I didn't laugh as much or as hard as I did with the season premiere episode, and it's decent and everything, but I don't see much point in revisiting this one anytime soon.
  • way too many sex jokes and spoilers ahead

    is that all they can come up with? clearly the writers never saw the old futurama because everybody is way out of character. and amy proposing an orgy? did she forget she was married to kif... kif where the heck is kif, not one mention of him in the first episode or this one. i guess amy forgot she was married...i guess. and yet still kif is not here, did the writers axe kif? and somehow a death sphere that destroys planets for having sex...demands that it will destroy earth unless leela and zap have sex. what? no really what did i just say? makes no sense what so ever. seriously if they continue like this its gonna be cancelled again.
  • Uh oh, this isn't the Futurama I remember?

    Rebirth was a great episode, and it gave me great satisfaction knowing that this is what Futurama is like, the same as it always was. In-a-Gadda-Da-Leela is an...interesting episode, to say the least. The story and plot was good, it was great to see Zap and Leela's chemistry again. The side story with the rest of the Planet express crew was funny as well. The only thing that seemed a bit weird and un-like Futurama for me was the ending. (SPOILERS) but the fact that she had sex with Zap without any hesitation seemed very un-like Leela. And her chemistry between her and Fry is now uncertain for me, the joke after pretty much saved it though. Amy proposing an orgy was way out of character, the fact that she's married to Kif is one thing, he was completely forgotten in this episode. (Im afraid that I'll just be repeating some other people's opinion this time). The fact that the V-Giny probe was destroying planets for being rude and uncensored, and then demanding Leela and Zap to have sex was complete bull! It doesn't make sense! Hopefully the next episode will be funnier and more entertaining to watch. Still, every TV show has the occasional episode which is isn't perfect. So this episode hasn't given me false hope, can't wait for the next episode!
  • It wass ok, but was it Futurama?

    I'll just echo other comments made in the two other reviews. This was good and bad. Good to see Futurama back but bad to see the way parts of it changed. Don't get me wrong, 90% of this was the 'good old' Futurama we know and love, but every so often there would be a bit that would just make you furrow your brow and go "eh?".

    True, there are a few smutty comments, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was a distinct, though not universal, drop in the level of comedic intelligence. That Amy proposed an orgy wasn't the problem, that she did it in a stereotypical american comedy way is. As if the idea that Amy dressed as a dominatrix was enough. I just thought "Eh? Is that all you got?".

    And this wasn't the only time I thought such things. The whole Adam and Eve thing just seemed plain dumb. Leela and Zapp crash land on a planet and 5 minutes later they seem to have discounted any possibility of rescue...ever!???!? What?

    Bender 'makes out' with a radar dish, you see him plugging and unplugging himself via a cable but then there's a close up of the socket so the end of the cable looks like a man's wa wa going in to a lady's ve jay jay. WTF!?!?!?!

    The sex is not the problem, I think the decision they made, to make it more 'accessible', is.

    It was all so badly done (in parts) that it made me wonder whether they'll start introducing canned laughter by the middle of the series... so they can give us queues as to when a joke was/is cracked, without actually putting any effort in to being funny.

    Oh yeah V-GINY ...weak.

    PS I could make similar comments about Ep1 but this was the slightly weaker episode and the second, so meh.
  • Daring, saucy, ingenious, with a slight "in-your-face" controversy, but in essence it's still Futurama - IMHO at its best!

    Just to answer those who concern themselves with the question "Is it still Futurama if it has a slightly more adult tone" - please be a bit open-minded. A new channel, a new decade, maybe superficially new themes even - but in the first two episodes of season 6 I personally saw the same old brilliance: the fine wit, light and crisp; emotionally captivating stories; character-based developments and non-sequitur explosions of events coexist in a sometimes delightfully illogical harmony. And it still makes absolutely perfect sence - thanks to it being psychologically honest, brilliantly written and drawn as a masterpiece should be. As for the voice cast... well, to say they are the best (together with the old Simpsons crew) is not to say much, really!

  • *** Spoiler-free *** Unoriginal and not so funny story, irresistible Brannigan, questionable 2D visuals, annoying subliminal ad, unexploited Leela & Fry blossoming love story and episodic format of the lazy pink bird

    As expected this second installment was a standalone episode. Its story wasn't original, an uninspired Star Wars spin-off, and only the last few minutes were hilarious. I just couldn't resist Brannigan and his black and white fantasies ! As for the jokes most of them were about sexuality and I didn't find them very funny. So don't expect the writers to pull an American Pie. An other disappointing element was the visuals because I think the mix between 2D and 3D is not well balanced. Some of the quick and dirty backgrounds just jar with the awesome cel-shading and glowing visual effects. However they're far from disastrous. I would also like to warn our younger viewers of the annoying iPod subliminal advertisement. If your little green man powered brain feels like buying one well don't ! Last but not least Fry's role was anecdotic when I hoped the writers would focus more on his new relationship with Leela. A love story always has a tremendous potential and I worry that its libidinal energy won't be exploited at its peak. So with its new but already cold recipe I don't see why Futurama wouldn't get canceled again. I mean if you don't innovate after so many years how can you expect your show to survive the demanding audience ? Moreover the ending left us with nothing to chew until next week this time so I don't feel like tuning in again.
  • Futurama's comeback was awesome, but this continued the trend?

    No, it didn't. Even thought the episode wasn't absoultly boring, I gotta say this isn't the Futurama we all know and love. First, too many sex jokes (I don't mean som weren't funny but Futurama's style isn't this one), next an out of character Leela (she pressured Zapp to have sex with him in front of Fry, whom she was dating. The story itself was about a death sphere named V-GINY (see the sex jokes part above) who censors indecent planets and is going after Earth. Leela and Zapp go to destroying but it shoots them and they are left in a deseted Eden Garden like "planet". As it's hot, they get naked, and Leela cant move as she is trapped under a tree. As both were dehidratated Leela considered having sex with him an populating the planet. Meanwhile the Planet Express crew was formulating a plan to stop V-GINY in case L&Z failed when Amy proposed an orgy (sex jokes again..) in the end they go to an island to make the ritual when Fry enconutres Leela and Zapp and we learn the spaceship landed on Earth and Zapp tricked Leela into thinking they were in a deserted planet. Newxt V-GINY demands Leela and Zapp to have sex (I though it censored indecent stuff) and Fry wants V-GINY to censor it but it approves it for all audiences and Fry goes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Ok, that was fun. And along the ep there were osme shorts called "the transcredible exploits of Zapp Brannigan" of sth like that. Some were usless. It did have some fanservice, like hot Leela naked in most of the ep. I gave it an 8/10 to be generous, but I expect more.
  • Wake Me When It's Over...

    Sorry, I disliked this. A lot. It was very mediocre and it didn't make me laugh a lot. The only time I did laugh was Amy dressed up (and that wasn't that funny). I also chuckled when Leela realizes all the lies Zapp had been telling, such as not being trapped, but that too wasn't very funny. I think it tried to hard to be risque and I think it did not do a good job. Definitely weaker than Rebirth, I hope other episodes are better than this one, I really do. My grade is a D+ or so. Bad
  • Fairly decent, though out of character?


    Grade: B-

    So the 2nd Futurama episode after the series was revived was decent, but in my opinion it was slightly worse than Rebirth, but also just as crude as the episode Spanish Fry. Overall, the episode had laughs, a fairly strange ending, and as usual funny Zapp moments, but its still not quite at the top of its game yet.


    I have seen this episode, but from the looks of it, I'm still not 100% sure on what happened, so here's a quick plot summary. It was something like a death sphere named "V-GINY" (Get it?) was destroying planets by censoring the ones that were inappropriate. This sends Leela and Zapp on a mission to go inside it to find out, but they get shot down onto an "Eden" like planet as a result. Fry and the rest of the crew start to worry about the sphere, and decide to try and clear the planet's sinfulness to try and prevent the sphere from destroying Earth. Back on the "Eden" planet awaken, Zapp uses this moment to take advantage of Leela who is trapped under a log into getting seduced in thinking they are the last two humans left, though Leela starts working it out that Zapp set everything up. The "V-GINY" ship arrives at Earth, and for some reason it will spare the planet if Zapp and Leela have sex. Leela goes for it with no hesitation, but here's the thing, Fry and the other crew arrive and see the whole thing too, as the twist turns out that the planet was Earth the whole time. That makes Leela out of character because why would she want to sleep with Zapp after trying to avoid it for so long? Wasn't she just starting to date Fry too? I got that impression from the end of Rebirth.


    Overall, the episode was good but in my opinion had a lackluster 2nd half. The first half was really good, but the episode focused too much on the Zapp and Leela storyline in the 2nd half in my opinion. It was still good, though I thought it was interesting on how far the crude dialogue and sex references got to go now that Futurama is on Comedy Central. Some of the best jokes from this episode came from Farnsworth and Bender. The plot was a little lackluster, but In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela was still entertaining, though could have been a hell of alot better. I do question myself whether the crudeness is pushing too far for Futurama, because this episode was very direct about it, and I'm not sure if that's the right direction for the show to head.