Season 3 Episode 12

Insane in the Mainframe

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2001 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

With everybody sitting around the conference table, Hermes announces that Zoidberg has now been with Planet Express for ten years. Only Fry manages to give Zoidberg the slightest of cheers. Hermes then presents Zoidberg with a token of appreciation, a handful of coupons which Zoidberg joyfully receives along with his pension statement which is empty because he failed to pay anything into it.

Fry determined not to make the same mistake as Dr. Zoidberg decides to invest his money. Using the one hundred dollars he had hidden in his sock Fry spends the money buying lottery tickets. Fry has no success with the venture loosing all but a small portion of his money. Fry takes his remaining six dollars to the bank to open a retirement fund and places himself immediately into debt with the ten dollar monthly fee. While waiting in line Bender meets an old friend Roberto who after a friendly greeting demands everybody onto the floor and proceeds to rob the bank. Bender seemingly oblivious to Roberto's criminal acts helps him carry the cash to the front door, where he presents Fry and Bender with a bag of cash each for their troubles. Roberto is able to escape but both Fry and Bender are arrested as the leave the bank.

In the farcical trial that follows their arrest, Fry refuses to testify after receiving threats to his life from Roberto. Without Fry's testimony they are both found guilty of the crime after pleading insanity. Due to all the insane asylums for humans being currently full, both Fry and Bender are sent to an asylum for the criminally insane robots.

While a resident of the facility Fry desperately tries to prove that he is not a robot without successful results. But outside of dying he is unable to prove that fact. Bender finds his stay to be enjoyable but Fry finds it a struggle to survive and is only able to keep himself alive by eating the food spat out by a sick vending machine robot. Unable to prove that he is human he is forced to adapt to the hectic life of living in a robot insane asylum. A visit from the Planet Express crew offers Fry some hope knowing someone at least is trying to help him. Fry believes his prayers have been answered when his cell door opens, but his hopes are soon dashed when his room mate is released and not him. His situation goes from bad to worse when his new room mate turns out to be Roberto, this is the final straw for Fry and he submits and starts believing he is a robot.

Fry is released by the staff when they realize he no longer holds any delusion of humanity and back at Planet Express the crew tries unsuccessfully to undo the harm done and prove to Fry that he is in fact human and not a robot. Not believing their claims Fry tries to discover the purpose he was built for, first throwing Hermes calculator into the incinerator and attempting to do his calculations. Next believing that he is a toolbot, squirting oil under his arms, placing the can in his front jacket pocket and trying to undo nuts with his fingers. Unable to find his purpose Fry collapses drunk, passing out from drinking beer to power his circuits.

Meanwhile back at the insane asylum Roberto uses Bender to help him escape. Roberto then returns back to the bank to rob it again to repay Bender for helping him escape, but this time the police are there waiting and they are chased back to Planet Express where Roberto takes everybody as hostages. He threatens to kill them to prove that he is in fact crazy. With the crew bound, Fry awakens from his drunken slumber believing now that he is a battle droid. Roberto rushes at Fry as he begins to approach swinging his arms, plunging the knife into Fry's chest. As Roberto withdraws the knife we see that the knife had only pierced the can of oil in Fry's pocket. Unharmed Fry continues to advance on Roberto, oil spilling from the pierced can. Roberto throws the knife and flees from Fry in terror leaping out a window to escape. Only after untying the crews bonds does Fry notice the bleeding wound on his arm caused by the knife thrown at him by Roberto and finally comes to the conclusion that he is human.