Season 3 Episode 12

Insane in the Mainframe

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2001 on Comedy Central



  • Quotes

    • Roberto: Hi, Red!
      Fry: (scared) Roberto! W-What are you doing here??
      Roberto: I got busted robbing that bank again.
      Fry: W-why would you hold up the same bank twice??
      Roberto: Ah, that first time was just to shake up the joint and rob it a little... What's the matter? You scared??
      Fry: (nervously) N-n-n-
      Roberto: Noticeably? I'll say. Now stand back, I gotta practice my stabbing! (jabs knife and makes kung-fu style shouts)
      Fry: No! Please! Help! Stop it! Police!
      (Bender bangs on wall behind Fry.)
      Bender: (behind wall) Hey, keep it down in there; I'm tuning my banjo!
      (Banjo music plays as Fry begins to whimper.)
      Roberto: Geez, Red... Quit cowering. You call yourself a robot??
      (continues jabbing and shouting)
      Fry: I'm not a robot! I'M NOT A ROBOT!!! (screams like a lunatic)