Season 5 Episode 2

Jurassic Bark

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • If you don't feel sad at the end of this episode, your a cold hearted bast*rd.

    This is by far the most emotional episode of the series. Fry reads in the newspaper that archaeologists have recreated an old Pizzaria from the 20th Century. He and Bender go to see it and discover that it is in fact Panucci's Pizza, the pizzeria Fry used to work at in 1999. Fry also discovers that the fossilized remains of his old dog Seymour are on display. Fry campaigns to get Seymour back and eventually does, and Farnsworth says he can use the cloning machine to bring Seymour back to life. Sadly at the end of the episode Fry decides not to clone him because he thinks Seymour forgot all about him, and you see that Seymour dies waiting for Fry.
  • This episode was EXTREMELY sad. Seymour died waiting for Fry :( I wish they would've never done this episode, even though it's not real.

    This was a sad episode. Every time I watch it I want to cry. I really wish the episode was dropped and never done. I really don't know how to feel about it. It was good, but I hate it because Fry stops the cloning because he thinks Seymour forgot about him. Then it shows Seymour in a flashback waiting for Fry in front of the pizza place that Fry worked at and he died waiting for him. He didn't forget. I really think they should've gone through with the cloning or just kept the episode unaired or unmade. Since it's already done, I highly suggest that Fry finally decides to clone him in one of the four Futurama movies. Poor Seymour. This is a very sad episode.
  • This episode is about Fry finding out that he could have his old dog back like how he found him in 20th century. Bender gets jeleous about the new thing that has just happended and thinks fry doesn't lve him any more so he pushes the dog in the magma.

    I like this episode because it tells you about how Fry got his first dog and finds out that he missed him. Then the professor tells Fry that he could bring his dog back to life by making a clone. Bender gets jeleous and pushes the dog into the magma. This episode shows the songs that fry listened to back in the 20th centery. All I could say is that this is one good episode and you shouldn't miss it.
  • A very emotional episode

    It is not hard to see why this episode is so popular with so many reviews having been written for it.

    While I watched this episode I expected the humour that this show always delivers, what I was not expecting was the emotional levels this episode reaches.

    The story begins with Fry discovering that Panucci's Pizza the place where he worked back in 1999 has been opened as an archaelogical find, and one of the exhibits is his dog Seymour.

    With the aid of the professor, Fry plans to bring Seymour back to life only to disover at the last moment that Seymour lived for over a decade after Fry had been frozen.
    Fry makes the decision not to bring Seymour back assuming that he had lived a long and happy life.

    The show ends with us seeing Seymour waiting for Fry, year after year until the day he dies. After watching this show it left me feeling depressed for at least a week. A truely emotional episode.
  • A look at a friendship between human and dog

    I have felt the tears coming in some episodes like Parsites Lost, but this episode was the first one to truley make my start bawling. The emotion was just overflowing by the time the dog rested his head down on the curb and passed away. Besides the tearjerker end, the episode had some great jokes, I loved the series on the sanitation of the pizza parlor with the dog, that was great.
  • it was different for usual episodes.

    this episode made me cry, it was so sad. Fry\'s dog wait and wait for him to come back till he dies of old age, that is so cute T_T, i think this espisode is really different from the others, which make this so special. unlike others episode which thrive and depend on humour, this episode had a mix of sadness and gloom with a bit of humour. althought they had some humour in this episode i thought it was not that funny, it just doesn\'t fit. it was really nice to see that the show can offer more than commedy.
  • The most saddest episode of the entire show...

    This was the saddest episode of Futurama... Especially because of the final scene, when we saw that Seymour waited the rest of his life for the return Fry, while Fry thought that his dog forgot him and quited the ressurection idea... But the episode wasn't totally sad, we saw that Bender has a great empathy with Fry, it could be possessive, but we see that he needs Fry to live happily. And all the flashbacks to Fry's life before the freezing, the bonding that they've created, "Walking on Sunshine" singed by the dog because Fry liked it.. As my classification said, it really brings tears to our eyes.. A great episode from a brilliant show
  • I was crying this episode is so sad. Especially the ending where Seymour waits for Fry to return, with the music in the background brings a tear to the eye.

    As soon as I starting watching this episode i knew it would be sad, and it lived up to my expectations. It was cleverly written and emotionally charged. This has to be one of the most saddest tv show episodes i have ever seen. This epsode was also funny because of Bender trying to out do Fry with a robot dog.
  • It was a great but sad episode

    I actually cried during the episode. I couldnt watch it the first time. I had to turn it off and watch it again. I cant believe i cried because i laughed at people dieing by small pox. This is the reason this show did so good, It had the funny, the sad and the ugly...(Zoidberg and Mom). I highly recommend this episode but dont watch it with all your friends because if you cry you might get laughed at. It is the greatest. Seymour A. is the best. Fry was so wrong when he thought Seymour didnt miss him but Seymour waited for him until he died. It rocks!
  • that last part is... =(

    if you wont a good epidsode of futurama that can almost bring you to tears this is 1 cause this epidsode is so sad i said after it... (that dog would of knowed fry) that dog was a smart one and i wish fry din`t destroy the machince almost. but that is how it is its a very good epidsode. and i hope i get to watch it one more time again.
  • This was the only show I have ever watched that had me close to tears. The end scene with Seymour waiting for Fry through the years was too sad too even watch.

    This was the only show I have ever watched that had me close to tears. The end scene with Seymour waiting for Fry through the years was too sad too even watch.

    I had to turn the channel to stop from crying. Aside from the tearjerking moments it was still a very good episodes with lots of humor in it. But when you watch it make sure you have some tissues handy.
  • Love, Heart, Loyalty

    I\'ve seen this episode a few times now, and every time I watch it - I get a little choked up inside. I won\'t recap the episode, as it\'s been done so many times before. This episode has definitely brought out peoples\' emotions. I just love how images on a screen [no talking or narration] can convey so much emotion and heart. One questions just what is exactly friendship and loyalty - Seymour undoubtedly encompasses all definitions of the terms and more. As a dog lover, it just pulls at my heart to feel that kind of love and pain. May he rest in eternal peace.
  • The only episode I refuse to watch

    I'm not going to bore you w/all the plot details. The basic gist is that Fry is confronted with the decision of having a dog he befriended when he was a pizza delivery boy in the 20th century cloned and therefore brought back to the year 3000 or not. There is plenty of flashbacks and narration from Fry to show us just how their special relationship develops and ends on that faithful night when Fry is frozen. At the end, we watch this loyal animal wait day after day for the master who will never return. I cannot watch this episode because it only reminds me of the 3 dogs I had growing up and whose loyalty, obedience, and friendship make it impossible to use the word 'pet' to describe them. I am not a man who cries easily but, my memories of those 3 dogs coupled with the sad nature of this episode's plot turn me into a blubbering baby.

    Never again will I watch this one.
  • Fry discovers that the fossilized remains of his old dog Seymour are on display. Fry campaigns to get Seymour back and eventually does, and Farnsworth says he can use the cloning machine to bring Seymour back to life.

    tough one if u have a pet or one that died.its a really really sad episode but still funnt with bender and robo puppy.
    Fry reads in the newspaper that archeologists have recreated an old Pizzaria from the 20th Century. He and Bender go to see it and discover that it is in fact Panucci's Pizza, the pizzeria Fry used to work at in 1999. Fry also discovers that the fossilized remains of his old dog Seymour are on display. Fry campaigns to get Seymour back and eventually does, and Farnsworth says he can use the cloning machine to bring Seymour back to life.
  • Fry remembers his dog from 1999. He learns the dog can be brought back to life. He decides not to do it, when he assumes the dog lived a good life after Fry died. Fry doesn't realize that the last 12 years of the dogs life were dedicated to finding Fry.

    This is the greatest television episode ever. It is funny and very, very well written. It makes you so mad every time you watch it. And it's not really a bad thing. You become very emotional when you watch this episode, because of how well written it is. This was the only tv show that ever made me cry, and although the episode didn't end the way I hoped, I still think it was the greatest TV episode ever....

    If Fry could only see that montage of the dog waiting for Fry. I know he would have decided to bring the dog back.
  • My Favorite Futurama\'s Episode

    As a dog lover, I enjoyed this episode more than the other 71 ones, specially the last part of it. All futurama episodes are great, but this one was the most sensitive of all. I liked how the dog waited for Fry till the end. I think this episode gave us a big lesson: The meaning of loyality, and the friendship. Bravo Groening, almost you make me cry with this excellent episode!

  • we learn about frys dog

    in this flash back episoid we learn about frys dog seemore from 1999 and we learn that frys family did care about him and in this episoide when fry put the pizza down on the desk we see niblers eye stalk under the desk wich mean the shadow from space pilot 3000 was niblers wich means nibler knocked overand we fin out why in THE WHY FROM FRY
  • Saddest episode next to \"Luck of the Fryish\"

    When I saw this it brought a tear to my eye. This is by far one of the saddest episodes on tv history. The ending was amazing :*(.The dog just waited and waited there on the side walk for Fry to get back. And time went on and on and the dog still hasn\'t forgot about Fry. This will be one of the series classics. The only regret on this episode was they should have let the song \"I will wait for you\" to go on even in to the credits, then it would be perfect, breath taking perfect .
  • El guión y desarrollo es excelente y el final es como cereza en el pastel.

    De todos los episodios este es uno de los mejores desarrollados, sin salir del ironismo, sarcasmo y cantidad de referencias que caracterizan a la serie, la canción final y el desarrollo de la secuencia es una 'chingonería' capaz de dejarte en el limbo si alguna parte de tu andar se identifica. "Esta de no mames".
  • This has to be the saddest and the best episode of Futurama ever. The last scene was really sad.

    Fry and Bender visit a museum which is really the old pizza place Fry used to work at. In a display case, Fry finds his old dog, Seymour. Fry flashbacks of how he met Seymour and how they became friends. After answering some questions, Fry gets to keep Seymour, who has been preserved. The professor says he can bring back Seymour, and Bender becomes jealous. It keeps flashbacking to how Seymour would always wait for Fry outside of the pizza place and Fry would play with him. It shows how on Dec. 31, 1999, the day Fry got frozen, Fry told Seymour to wait for him. Fry was frozen and Seymour looked for him. He found the place where Fry was frozen, and found Fry, but Fry's parents came and got Seymour, not even seeing Fry frozen. Before the professor can bring back Seymour, Bender throws him into lava. Bender decides that Fry actually cared about Seymour, and he jumps into the lava and saves Seymour. This time they are about to bring Seymour back to life and the professor says that Seymour was 15 when he died. Fry realized the Seymour wouldn't remember him, 12 years after he was frozen, and breaks the maching. However, before the credits it goes to a flashback where Seymour is waiting outside the pizza place waiting for Fry. It keeps going threw the 12 years that Seymour waited for Fry, and finally Seymour closes his eyes and dies.
  • The the only piece of TV that has made me cry.The end scene is so SAD.If you want to cry watch this.

    A very sad episode. The dog waits for his master that never comes. This is the only piece of television that has ever made me cry. The end scene of Seymour is tear-jerkingly emotional not to mention the perfect song \"If it takes 1000 summers I will wait for you\\\"

    If you want to spill some tears, this is the episode to watch.
  • I think that this episode is good but i hate it at the same time! i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it! that last scene sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish he just got the frickin dog!i wanted to cry!

    I think that this episode is good but i hate it at the same time! i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it! that last scene sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish he just got the frickin dog!i wanted to cry!

    I think that this would have been a way better epidode if the dog was brought back to life. It makes me so sad to watch it. I hate watching it but i think that if a show gets you that emotionally involved it must be pretty good. well i know the show is pretty good but the individual episode has broughten the show to a new level.
  • this has to be the one of the saddest episodes on tv ever

    startswith fry goes to an exhibit of his old job.he finds the fossil of his old dog seymour one of the only things to ever love him.

    bender is jealous that fry is paying more attention to cloning seymour.so when there about to clone seymour bender throws him in the lava he sees hes wrong and saves seymour.when seymour about finished cloning fry finds out seymour lived 12 years more after fry.so he isnt clonedthen you find out seymour spent the rest of his life waiting for fry to return that part always makes me want to cry.
  • futurama at its best

    what an episode, you find out that fry gets a dog in the year 1997 and in flashbacks you see them together. i always cry at the end when you see seymour going through the suffering 15 years waiting for fry then you see him die on the streets. this must be the saddest episode on futurama, maybe apart from luck of the fryrish?, but its a cool episode. its also the best episode in my eyes, and i think its futurama at its best , thank you matt groening! this is only 1 of few sad episodeds and i love it and always will!
  • This is a sweet episode.

    This is the best episode of Futurama. It is so funny, and sad. It's my favorite episode of Futurama. It's a flashback episode. It's a classic Fry finds his dog from the year 2000.

    Fry finds his dog in a museum. He gets the professor to clone it, but the professor breaks the mahcine. While Fry is waiting for the machine to get ready, he keeps doing a bunch of things to get ready fo his dog to come back alive. Bender gets really jealous because Fry isn't paying any attention to him. When the Clone-O-Mat is ready, Bender throws the dog in lava. Fry starts crying. Bender realizes what he did and jumps in the lava after him. He gets the dog and gets back out just in time before he died. Right before the professor clones the dog, the machine says that the dog is 15 years old. Fry realizes that the dog lived 12 years after he got frozen so he doesn't clone him. There is a bunch of flashbacks in this episode. In the flashbacks, it shows when Fry meets Seymour (the dog). It also shows how Seymour was his best friend and Fry loved him. Then it shows after he got frozen that he was looking for Fry. Then it shows that Seymour spent the whole 12 years after Fry was frozen, he was just waiting for Fry to come back.

    I give this episode a 10 out of 10.
  • This episode showed a whole other side of fry that nobody has seen before!

    If i could have chosen two different classifications, it would have been tear-jerker too...this episode was amazing...it reminded me fo my dog...i rate ten, because i think this episode reminded us of our old best friends. I was able to keep in tears, but just barely (and im not a very emotional girl, most of the time) but i was about to cry...it was so pretty, what seymour did...very beautiful episode... and what we saw of fry's other side was extremely out of character. No one would have epected Fry to be like that... (good idea they did the dog instead of his mom...that would have brought tears in everybody, making us think of life without our mothers...) beautiful episode, my absolute favorite.
  • I literally felt my heart bleed.

    I only saw the last half of this episode, but I'm determined to tape the entire episode. Of what I saw, it was beautiful, and Seymour's death at the end reminded me so much of my very special pet cat who died only a few years ago. Watching it, I felt my heart bleed and almost as if someone had wrenched their hand into my chest and pulled my heart out. I felt those emotions that I had never felt when I watched Titanic, and that shows just how emotionally powerful even half of this episode is. It certainly deserved the award it won.
  • I cry everytime!

    I have a love hate relationship with this epsiode I love it because its so good and I hate it cause it makes me cry so much! When fry finds his old dog cryogenically frozen he tries to clone him back to benders distaste. However when they go to clone Seymour the dog Fry finds out that seymour lived another 12 years after he was frozen. Fry feels that the dog wont know him and had moved on. However the last scene is of seymour waiting for for Fry like he told him too till twelve years later he dies of old age. Its so good yet so sad, anything with animals so faithful always makes me cry and from reading many other reviews I am not alone...be warned box of tissues!
  • This episode ALWAYS makes me cry....hmmm, wonder if that's a good thing to admit!

    This has to one of the best episodes next to "The Luck of The Fryrish" and "The Sting", as well as "The Why of Fry". I can always appreciate an episode that makes me cry....just more proof that i'm only human! Also, I can't really stand to see an "ownerless" animal....it gets me so choked up! It was funny to see Bender get so jealous..... I never thought a robot could feel jealousy, but then again we are talking bout the year 3000..anything is possible. This episode also goes to show that dogs really do make good companions (sorry to those who are cat people....not really a cat person).

    This episode deserves a 10! *wipes away a happy tear*
  • Futurama's finest.

    Caught this for the first time on Adult Swim, and was surprisingly moved. This was the saddest episode of any animated show I've ever seen, and showed deep insight into Fry's character. The merging of humor and drama was remarkable -- the episode was funny, but also quite touching. Brilliant.
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