Season 5 Episode 2

Jurassic Bark

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • Wrong

    Jurassic Park is Season 4 episode 7.

    I HATE being sad, this episode made me the saddest human. DAMN YOU! Stupid Fry, if he just clonned him i'd be happy. but instead it was the saddest show i've seen in my life. O GOD! they didn't have to show that last part. THat closing segment. I hated it. I hated it! I HATED IT!
  • Good episode, but heart-wrenching ending.

    I both love and hate this episode. I love it because it's so well written, and really pulled me into it; I hate it because of the ending. It's absolutely heart-wrenching.

    I debated for a long time how I wanted to rate this episode, and in the end, I gave it a 5. I watch Futurama for its comedy, and to some extent its social commentary. While the episode itself is great for what it is, I don't ever want to come away from Futurama feeling the way this episode left me feeling.

    My brain knows it's just a cartoon, but the pet-owner in me is far too empathetic, and can't help but feel devastated at Seymour's loss.
  • Fry finds the fossil of his dog and wants to clone him.

    Obviously this is a very poignant episode, and based on the scene where Fry's family comes to get the dog from the Cryogenics lab it's clear the dog is the only one who loves him. Bender jumping in the lava to get the dog showed he had come to terms with Fry's love of his dog and that everything would be all right. So, Fry's abrupt "decision" to stop the machine from cloning his companion was just the writer's way of getting to the ending they wanted. And what an ending. It was so devastating and tragic since Fry assumed his dog lived a happy life after he was gone but the truth was he suffered and grieved for over a decade. This level of tragedy I'd expect in a French film, not a Futurama episode. The dog waited for Fry, endured for Fry for so long. Fry was supposed to help his friend.

    Science fiction punishes the rash and the evil by ensuring they face the consequences of whatever they did with the help of science. Similarly, science fiction should reward endurance and sacrifice and values such as friendship and companionship. I hope they "revisit" this storyline in the new episodes starting in 2008 because Fry owes it to his friend to make this right, just as the writers owe it to us.
  • This episode was EXTREMELY sad. Seymour died waiting for Fry :( I wish they would've never done this episode, even though it's not real.

    This was a sad episode. Every time I watch it I want to cry. I really wish the episode was dropped and never done. I really don't know how to feel about it. It was good, but I hate it because Fry stops the cloning because he thinks Seymour forgot about him. Then it shows Seymour in a flashback waiting for Fry in front of the pizza place that Fry worked at and he died waiting for him. He didn't forget. I really think they should've gone through with the cloning or just kept the episode unaired or unmade. Since it's already done, I highly suggest that Fry finally decides to clone him in one of the four Futurama movies. Poor Seymour. This is a very sad episode.
  • An episode for animal lovers

    That ending was beautiful and very sad. The rest was funny, but not especially so--true, for another show it might be top-notch, but for Futurama it's SOP. Not sure what all the fuss is about. Then again, I'm not a big animal lover.
  • Frys pet dog is found fosselised and the proffesser thinks he can bring him back to life.

    Yes this is one of the most memorable episodes of the series because its so damn touching. But is that really what "Futurama" is all about?

    If I was just judging this episode on its jokes then it wouldn't be one of the better ones, even though there are plenty of funny moments. It's the story that works in this instalments favour, focussing once again on Frys background and the ones he left behind in his own time because he was frozen. We've already seen that he had a brother in the "Luck of the Fryish" episode, which was just as classic as this one, so giving him a dog must of seemed like the best way to go next to create another character driven episode.
  • I was incredibly harsh on this after only having seen it once

    This still isn't one of my favourites, as I dislike it when this show goes away from comedy for emotion, and some humour really suffered here as a result. Bender's magician act, for example, was pretty unfunny, and some of Zoidy and the Professor's lines seemed a little laboured. Apart from that, though, this was pretty good. I liked Leela and Amy's thing and Fry's reaction, it was great to get more insight into Fry's life before he was frozen, and the tragic plot was executed beautifully. The way the two plotlines wound together was nice, and there were a few great jokes, especially at the beginning of the future storyline and in the pre-freezing flashbacks, and some cool touches, such as Seymour singing 'Walking on Sunshine' and Nibbler's eye at the cryogenics lab. Bender was generally rather annoying, but he didn't feature too heavily. The final scene was harrowing, and one of the best emotional scenes seen on the show.
  • A look at a friendship between human and dog

    I have felt the tears coming in some episodes like Parsites Lost, but this episode was the first one to truley make my start bawling. The emotion was just overflowing by the time the dog rested his head down on the curb and passed away. Besides the tearjerker end, the episode had some great jokes, I loved the series on the sanitation of the pizza parlor with the dog, that was great.
  • This was the only show I have ever watched that had me close to tears. The end scene with Seymour waiting for Fry through the years was too sad too even watch.

    This was the only show I have ever watched that had me close to tears. The end scene with Seymour waiting for Fry through the years was too sad too even watch.

    I had to turn the channel to stop from crying. Aside from the tearjerking moments it was still a very good episodes with lots of humor in it. But when you watch it make sure you have some tissues handy.
  • Fry discovers that the fossilized remains of his old dog Seymour are on display. Fry campaigns to get Seymour back and eventually does, and Farnsworth says he can use the cloning machine to bring Seymour back to life.

    tough one if u have a pet or one that died.its a really really sad episode but still funnt with bender and robo puppy.
    Fry reads in the newspaper that archeologists have recreated an old Pizzaria from the 20th Century. He and Bender go to see it and discover that it is in fact Panucci's Pizza, the pizzeria Fry used to work at in 1999. Fry also discovers that the fossilized remains of his old dog Seymour are on display. Fry campaigns to get Seymour back and eventually does, and Farnsworth says he can use the cloning machine to bring Seymour back to life.
  • futurama is more than just a funny parody

    with jurassic bark, futurama proves that is more than just a goofy parody of all the stupid stuff we do. the show is a really a thoughtful parody of all the stupid stuff we do.

    the episode is funny and boasts the usual antics that you'd expect from the show. when fry finds that his old pizzaria from the 20th century is on display at a museum, he also finds that his old dog and companion, seymour, has been petrified and is on display as well. in flashbacks, we learn about fry and seymour's friendship. we see seymour swimming in the pizza sauce while eating meatballs. fry says, "look, he's so cute. he can do two things at once: eat and swim." then looking down at the pot his eyes widden and he says, "oh, make that three," implying that seymour is doing his business in the sauce.

    but as we learn about fry and his dog in the past, professor farnsworth is preparing to extract some of the petrified seymour's doggy dna and clone him in the future. he'll even be able to extract brainwave residue to retrieve seymour's memories and personality.

    what fry decides at the moment of cloning is serious and sad. without spoiling the episode, all i will say is that jurassic bark ends with fry missing his companion in the future and a revealing, tragic flashback to the past.

    this show makes tons of futurama fans cry... and that fact makes futurama more than just a silly comedy. it is a thoughtful, unconventional look at what is important to us -- using characters who range between a lazy cryogenically frozen pizza delivery boy, an alcoholic robot, a cyclops who just wants to find love, and others...
  • That poor dog.

    Fry told Seymour to wait for him, and when Fry never came back, Seymour never stopped waiting for him. This may just be a TV show, but watching Seymour wait for Fry was the most devastating thing I've ever watched. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
  • If you don't feel sad at the end of this episode, your a cold hearted bast*rd.

    This is by far the most emotional episode of the series. Fry reads in the newspaper that archaeologists have recreated an old Pizzaria from the 20th Century. He and Bender go to see it and discover that it is in fact Panucci's Pizza, the pizzeria Fry used to work at in 1999. Fry also discovers that the fossilized remains of his old dog Seymour are on display. Fry campaigns to get Seymour back and eventually does, and Farnsworth says he can use the cloning machine to bring Seymour back to life. Sadly at the end of the episode Fry decides not to clone him because he thinks Seymour forgot all about him, and you see that Seymour dies waiting for Fry.
  • One of my favorite episodes.

    This episode is extremely well written, quite hilarious and overall a great episode. I think that the end was amazingly done and I enjoyed that Futurama was sad once for a change.
  • The the only piece of TV that has made me cry.The end scene is so SAD.If you want to cry watch this.

    A very sad episode. The dog waits for his master that never comes. This is the only piece of television that has ever made me cry. The end scene of Seymour is tear-jerkingly emotional not to mention the perfect song \"If it takes 1000 summers I will wait for you\\\"

    If you want to spill some tears, this is the episode to watch.
  • Phenomenal.

    Fry makes a crushing discovery; the fossil to his former bestfriend "Seymour" has been found, and the Professor has a way of reviving him through cloning. However, the news about Seymour has Bender upset that he's eventually going to be replaced on Fry's friends list. He gets so upset that he throws the fossil in molten lava. Bender realizes the error of his ways, and attempts to rescue it, which he is successful at. Fry in the end makes the decision not to clone Seymour under the assumption that Seymour has forgotten about him. Fry didn't know that it was the complete opposite.

    A magnificent and all around excellent episode. I find that most of these modern animated comedies to be quite funny, though carry within them this dragged out feel that you just want it to end. The episode is rewarded because of the comedy, but it's overall not quite as enjoyable as it should be. This however, eliminates that feeling because of the emotional traits it carries. It starts with the dog itself in Seymour, who displays nothing but love for Fry, as well as simple joys. The ending was such a crushing and depressing blow when Fry decided not to clone his dog, to his ignorance that his dog indeed cared for him his entire life. The ending was really what made it such a great episode.
  • This episode is about Fry finding out that he could have his old dog back like how he found him in 20th century. Bender gets jeleous about the new thing that has just happended and thinks fry doesn't lve him any more so he pushes the dog in the magma.

    I like this episode because it tells you about how Fry got his first dog and finds out that he missed him. Then the professor tells Fry that he could bring his dog back to life by making a clone. Bender gets jeleous and pushes the dog into the magma. This episode shows the songs that fry listened to back in the 20th centery. All I could say is that this is one good episode and you shouldn't miss it.
  • One of the most touching episodes of futurama.

    In this episode, Fry discovers that his dog from the 20th century was fossilized but the professor can clone him. In preparation of his dog's revival Fry neglects Bender. Bender then becomes jealous of the dog and in the middle of the cloning procedure he throws the fossilized canine into a pit of boiling hot magma. The main conflict was a bit thin but the ending was really sad. The fact that Fry cared so much about his dog added a new dimension to his character. I wish that the dog could have been revived but then what would Futurama be like if Fry had a dog?
  • So sad I am a dog lover and I almost burst out in tears when I saw this episode.

    Fry and Bender discover that the exact pizzeria Fry worked at before coming to the 30th century is on display as part of a 20th century exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. Fry is horrified when he sees his dog, Seymour, petrified among the artifacts in the exhibit. Fry reacts with protest and learns that there is a possibility to clone his "best friend" back to life. Bender perceives Seymour as a threat to his friendship with Fry and gets his own Robo-puppy as competition.

    So sad almost cried because of the way the episode ended if you like really sad stories this episode is for you.
  • My favorite Futurama episode.

    The episode was by far the best one out of the bunch - this is where Futurama distinguishes itself from the other series. The ability to create the emotion that it does across an animated, televised medium is incredible.

    The perfect mix of humor into this sad storyline ("Professor! Hot!"), I couldn't help myself but tear up at the end when Seymour is waiting and the song "I Will Wait For You" starts up.

    Why not a perfect 10? Well, Bender was a little aggravating in this episode. Generally he's only aggravating to the characters in the show. Plus, it did seem as though they tried to fit this into the plot (and not as though they planned it, like the possibility of Nibbler being the one that pushed Fry into the chamber).

    Regardless, it was an awesome episode and remains my favorite and I hope the new episodes coming out will be up to these standards.
  • Fry's Dog

    This episode always gets me. Fry's dog is so loyal to him before and after Fry's freezing. They cared about each other so much, that it makes Bender jealous. Seymour waited for so long for Fry, and never sees him again. The montage at the end always brings a tear to my eye. Despite being a funny series, Futurama has a knack for creating a good sentimental moment every once in a while. This Demonstrated excellent writng and a depth in character rarely seen in a comedy series. This is one of the best episodes of Futurama ever. I recomend it to anyone.
  • A very emotional episode

    It is not hard to see why this episode is so popular with so many reviews having been written for it.

    While I watched this episode I expected the humour that this show always delivers, what I was not expecting was the emotional levels this episode reaches.

    The story begins with Fry discovering that Panucci's Pizza the place where he worked back in 1999 has been opened as an archaelogical find, and one of the exhibits is his dog Seymour.

    With the aid of the professor, Fry plans to bring Seymour back to life only to disover at the last moment that Seymour lived for over a decade after Fry had been frozen.
    Fry makes the decision not to bring Seymour back assuming that he had lived a long and happy life.

    The show ends with us seeing Seymour waiting for Fry, year after year until the day he dies. After watching this show it left me feeling depressed for at least a week. A truely emotional episode.
  • that last part is... =(

    if you wont a good epidsode of futurama that can almost bring you to tears this is 1 cause this epidsode is so sad i said after it... (that dog would of knowed fry) that dog was a smart one and i wish fry din`t destroy the machince almost. but that is how it is its a very good epidsode. and i hope i get to watch it one more time again.
  • The only funny cartoon to make me cry!

    The parts about the dog are so sad it made me cry. Even watching it many times afterwards it still tugs at my heart because... that's how loyal pets are. Innocent, unending love, and devotion.

    Beautiful but sad episode.
  • Extremly sad episode.

    Ive have seen this episode about 10 times always end up crying.
  • Shows you the shape of your heart

    Its hard to explain an episode which drives you through several emotions in the span of 22 minutes. The highs of laughter, happiness to the lows of loneliness and depression. This is by far the most heart-breaking sweet episode in the series. The episode seems very normal, with the usual antics and general flashbacks to when Fry was in the 90s. Yet the ending is so unexpected and so perfectly done that it will reach out and touch you. The imagery and the song. Perfect. just plain perfect.

  • Fry discovers that his old dog Seymour is fossilized


    Fry reads in the newspaper that archaeologists have recreated an old Pizzeria from the 20th Century. He and Bender go to see it and discover that it is in fact Panucci's Pizza, the pizzeria Fry used to work at in 1999. Fry also discovers that the fossilized remains of his old dog Seymour are on display. Fry campaigns to get Seymour back and eventually does, and Farnsworth says he can use the cloning machine to bring Seymour back to life. I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Futurama". It was funny but it was also very sad. I love this episode but sometimes it's hard for me to even watch it because it's so sad especially when a dog that really loves you just waits for you. Right now, I have two wonderful dogs named Snuggles and Lucy. Snuggles is my outside dog (or guard dog since she is tough and brave) and Lucy is my housedog who happens to be the opposite of Snuggles (she is a coward) but I love both of my dogs very much. Anyways, I can see why Fry is so sad. The fact that Fry didn't want to clone Seymour anymore because Seymour lived for 15 years which means that he lived 12 years later after Fry got frozen. The flashbacks of Fry and Seymour were great. Also, the flashbacks of Seymour discovering that Fry is frozen was interesting also. I just wished that when Fry's parents entered the laboratory, they turned around saw their own son Fry frozen. I would have actually wanted to see their reactions of that but it didn't happen sadly. The episode ending with Seymour waiting and waiting for Fry by Panucci's Pizza year after year until Seymour died was very very very sad... I cried big time watch that part and it broke my heart. Overall, I love this episode of "Futurama" but sometimes I don't want to watch it again but it's painful for me to watch...for me at least, I don't know about the other users though. 10/10

  • A masterpiece... gives you all that is best about the show. In its sadness and its joy, this episode blends emotion in such a proper way that in one poignant instant you are so drawn in you cannot bear to watch yet are too dazzled to look away.

    This episode follows a common track of the Simpsons writers - misdirection. Often in every joke of theirs, they seem to go a normal route when they veer off into a crazy one. Easily enjoyable as a laugh a minute ride, it soon turns into a roller-coaster of emotions. Fulfilling both to the heart and the soul.
    The Episode begins with Fry discovering that his old Pizza place has been unearthed, and with it his old dog, fossilized. His only friend back in the day, Fry gets Dr. Fransworth to agree to clone him. But Fry's overindulgence in his old best friend leaves his new best friend feeling neglected. Bender's efforts to get Fry's attention are very laughable and who can resist a dog singing 'walking on sunshine'. But the denouement comes as a wow. And a fine ending recalling such classics as Dr. Strangelove, this is a standalone episode yet it works so much as an integral part of the Futurama universe. This episode just reaffirms why the series is so beloved. In all its edginess and the abounding humor, the show still has heart. What more can you ask for?
  • Saddest tv episode ever made.

    This is the only time a tv show has ever made me curl up into the fetal position and cause my eyes to well up with tears. It was a great episode but I can never watch it again. ever. Every time I see it on tv I have to immediately change the channel. At least there's hope in the future when the writers readdress the story. But that still can't take away the initial sadness. Maybe I'm being too melodramatic but it's this episode's fault. I thought cartoons were suppose to be light-hearted? Damn you Futurama. Probably one of their best episodes in the entire series.
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