Season 5 Episode 2

Jurassic Bark

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • This episode is a must see if you think that Fry could only be a one dimensional character

    Wow this episode really stunned me...I dont wanna give away too much for those who havent seen it but Fry's dog showed soo much loyalty by the end of this episode im sure alot of people were reaching for a tissure box or someones shirt lol...but i really enjoyed this episode even though it was incredibly sad at the end its a episode you shouldnt miss if you really enjoy the Futurama series
  • futurama is more than just a funny parody

    with jurassic bark, futurama proves that is more than just a goofy parody of all the stupid stuff we do. the show is a really a thoughtful parody of all the stupid stuff we do.

    the episode is funny and boasts the usual antics that you'd expect from the show. when fry finds that his old pizzaria from the 20th century is on display at a museum, he also finds that his old dog and companion, seymour, has been petrified and is on display as well. in flashbacks, we learn about fry and seymour's friendship. we see seymour swimming in the pizza sauce while eating meatballs. fry says, "look, he's so cute. he can do two things at once: eat and swim." then looking down at the pot his eyes widden and he says, "oh, make that three," implying that seymour is doing his business in the sauce.

    but as we learn about fry and his dog in the past, professor farnsworth is preparing to extract some of the petrified seymour's doggy dna and clone him in the future. he'll even be able to extract brainwave residue to retrieve seymour's memories and personality.

    what fry decides at the moment of cloning is serious and sad. without spoiling the episode, all i will say is that jurassic bark ends with fry missing his companion in the future and a revealing, tragic flashback to the past.

    this show makes tons of futurama fans cry... and that fact makes futurama more than just a silly comedy. it is a thoughtful, unconventional look at what is important to us -- using characters who range between a lazy cryogenically frozen pizza delivery boy, an alcoholic robot, a cyclops who just wants to find love, and others...
  • Wow, just...wow..

    This episode was so dramatic. Especially at the end when I started crying. And that's just to show how great this episode was. It's just a another great installment to Futurama. Once again the ending song was great. I encourage everyone to watch htis episode if you haven't yet, cause it's one of the best! 10 out of 10!
  • What once was only a dimwitted (albeit humerous) and simple show of the entertaining mishaps of a young man, who is also dimwitted and simple, has gripped my heart as an emotional tear jerker - Unrivaled in its greatness.

    While the normal episode of this show may be a laugh-fest full of humor and exchanged insults, you definitely will not find that in this episode.

    I am normally a strong-willed man, one who can hold back tears easily and will often be found unaffected by what others see on TV or videos as scary, sad, or funny... But as the final music played in the final scene shown, I could not help but to allow a single tear to fall, to trail down my face. As each second passed, the plot grew thicker, the emotional struggles grew more challenging, and my interest grew greater than I could have ever expected from such a show.

    If you haven't seen this episode before, I suggest strongly that you DO watch it... Whether you are an idiot or intellectual, an man or woman, or say tomato or tohmotoh, this episode is a must for anyone...

    That includes you.

  • Sadest cartoon ive seen since Dinobot died on "BeastWars"

    This was one of the few times I've ever been sad during a cartoon. It was very welll written and funny which is important in a show like this but it was sader than what people are used to. I think that this is the best episode of the entire series. Fox was a buncha morons if they canceled a show that can be this good. And I will personaly find the fox exec who canceld the show and strangle him with my bare hands and whack him with my whips and chains [im a dude]. But this was a great episode and everyone should watch it.
  • The perfect episode, but only if you already know and love the show.

    This is the episode of Futurama for me. My favorite, hands down. I saw it for the first time when it premiered in 2002 and to this day, every time I watch it on Adult Swim, it still brings tears to my eyes.

    Like I said, Futurama is all about heart. And this episode rips my heart out and makes me cry. It takes one heck of a series and an episode to do that.
  • Doglovers will be crying for days after watching this episode (I know I will be).

    From what was changed from Fry's mother being found (which was considered too much of a tearjerker) to Fry finding his dog, this episode will surely make even the toughest of people shed tears (I was bawling for at least an hour!!!). What really makes it the tearjerker that it is is the fact that it shows Seymour looking for Fry on the new year, Seymour being dragged away from Fry's criogenically frozen body, and the song at the end that plays as we see Seymour grow up and then go to sleep for good. God, just typing this is making me bawl!!!! If y'all would excuse me..................
  • I liked Futurama before, but after seeing this episode made me fall in love with this show.

    I never knew Futurama could be so vivid and beautiful, I mean come on, the story of two best friends that loved each other so much were separated so cruely. I cried in my bed for 4 hours straight. I couldn't believe how sad the ending was where Semour died in the streets, waiting for Fry to come, while that sad music was playing. This is truly the greatest episode Futurama ever made, plus, Leela and Amy looked hot in there work out outfits! "sniff" why can't bring back Futurama like they did with Family Guy, god freakin' damn it.
  • This is one of the best episodes of the series!

    fry enters to a museum that contains twentieth-century things and it so happens that the main atraccion is a reconstruccion of the pizzery where him worked and for its surprise finds to its dog seymour petrified and fry does to the impossible thing by recovering it and when this happen bender is put jealous of seymor and even tries to destroy it
  • One of the most touching episodes of futurama.

    In this episode, Fry discovers that his dog from the 20th century was fossilized but the professor can clone him. In preparation of his dog's revival Fry neglects Bender. Bender then becomes jealous of the dog and in the middle of the cloning procedure he throws the fossilized canine into a pit of boiling hot magma. The main conflict was a bit thin but the ending was really sad. The fact that Fry cared so much about his dog added a new dimension to his character. I wish that the dog could have been revived but then what would Futurama be like if Fry had a dog?
  • so sad!

    Jurassic Bark is most definately the saddest thing i have ever seen ever. I mean seriously if u dont feel the least bit emotional then there is something wrong with you. These type of futurama episodes are my favorite. Also, that song that plays in the background while seymour waits for fry doesnt cheer up the mood the least bit. I would say this is my favorite Futurama episode. So if u want to get a little teary eyed wacth Jurassic Bark.
  • So Sad

    I just finished watching this episode a couple of minutes ago and I'm still crying. This was the saddest thing I have ever seen, or maybe for me because it reminded me of my cat who died on the 9th of October. It reminded me of my cat because my cat died while he was outside waiting for me to let him back inside the house, and while he was waiting he got hit by a car or someone hit him with something and he just couldn't make it back to my house before collapsing and then I had to find him dead when I woke up.

    I don't usually let out any kind of emotion, even if someone is around me. But I was watching this episode with my grandmother and I had to leave because I was about to cry so badly. And I'm still crying as I write this review.

    If you have had to experience something like this, I definetly recommend you don't watch this episode, or atleast not the last couple of minutes of it.
  • This has to be the best or at least most emotional episode

    This was just a really great episode. It's almost impossible to watch it without crying at least a little, especially if you have a dog. It was so sad how Fry just missed the chance to be reunited with his most loyal friend. And the end just made me burst out. Seeing that poor dog waiting and waiting for years for Fry was just a heart breaking way to end this great example of Futurama.
  • Fry's Dog

    This episode always gets me. Fry's dog is so loyal to him before and after Fry's freezing. They cared about each other so much, that it makes Bender jealous. Seymour waited for so long for Fry, and never sees him again. The montage at the end always brings a tear to my eye. Despite being a funny series, Futurama has a knack for creating a good sentimental moment every once in a while. This Demonstrated excellent writng and a depth in character rarely seen in a comedy series. This is one of the best episodes of Futurama ever. I recomend it to anyone.
  • Nibbler!

    This is a great episode. Always puts me on the verge of tears at the very end.

    Has anyone noticed that in the scene where Fry gets frozen, in a Fry's-eye-view shot where he puts the pizza down on the desk (lasts about a second), we can see Nibbler's eye-stalk poking out of the trash can? It was revealed in 'The Why of Fry' that the Niblonians arranged for Fry to be frozen so he could save the universe in the future and that it was Nibbler who pushed him into the cryo chamber.

    If I were level 2, I'd put this in the notes section myself.
  • That poor dog.

    Fry told Seymour to wait for him, and when Fry never came back, Seymour never stopped waiting for him. This may just be a TV show, but watching Seymour wait for Fry was the most devastating thing I've ever watched. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
  • Absolutly wonderful

    I never thought Futurama was capable of this kind of emotion. I am a 22 year old builder. I also wear my emotions on my sleeve. I experience more then what my eyes are seeing when I watch TV etc, and this episode was abslutly incredible.

    It effectivly parodies the relationship I share with my dog. I love her, she is part of my family. Watching this, I picture myself and my dog in the same situation. I cant imagine my dog going through such pain. To wait her whole life for me to return to her.

    I cant fault this show. Its episodes like these that make it better then The Simpsons
  • Good episode, but heart-wrenching ending.

    I both love and hate this episode. I love it because it's so well written, and really pulled me into it; I hate it because of the ending. It's absolutely heart-wrenching.

    I debated for a long time how I wanted to rate this episode, and in the end, I gave it a 5. I watch Futurama for its comedy, and to some extent its social commentary. While the episode itself is great for what it is, I don't ever want to come away from Futurama feeling the way this episode left me feeling.

    My brain knows it's just a cartoon, but the pet-owner in me is far too empathetic, and can't help but feel devastated at Seymour's loss.
  • Unbelievably good!

    This is quite possibly my favourite futurama episode of all time. The other contender is when Fry went to college.

    One word describes Jurrasic Bark and its "emotional". I was amazed when I watched this. I couldn't believe that Futurama was capable of something that set off your emotions so easily.

    Fry has always been a bit of a lazy dumbass, but he is a completely different person on this occaqsion. Instead of laughing at him I found myself really caring for him and his poor dog!

    The Simpsons will always be better in my mind, but episodes like this start to really put some doubt in my mind.
  • Introduction of Seymour

    This is an absolutely fantastic episode, filled with 3 brilliant ingredients: humour, emotions and truly terrific plot.
    Fry and his dog, Seymour was a very good idea for a flashback episode and we see many revealing scenes in the episode aswell, such as Seymour actually waiting for Fry for the 15 years of his life before finally resting. We also see Nibbler's stalk when Fry gets frozen, but true fans would know that this future plotline was hinted back in the pilot with Nibbler's shadow.
    The humour and revelation that Fry cares more about Seymour than Bender, who ultimately gets characteristically jealous, and even Amy and Leela wrestling ("I don't know what you're doing, but whatever it is, please stop"). This episode shows a different side of Fry, only shown in a few other scenes like finding out that he had a nephew who was named after him.
    This episode is clearly popular with 21 reviews and I think this review proves why this episode was pulled of so well.
  • The saddest episode of television I have ever seen.

    This classic episode of "Futurama" starts out innocuously enough: Fry visits a museum to see a pizzeria from his own time that was preserved Pompeii-style for posterity. He soon realizes that it was in fact the same pizzeria he once worked in and, what's more, that it still contains the fossilized remains of his beloved pet dog. So, with the Professor's help, he sets out to clone the petrified pooch. Trouble brews when Bender grows jealous of his roommate's new best friend. And just when you think it's over, that everyone has learned their lesson and set this episode of their lives behind them, it hits you with a moment that brings tears to my eyes everytime I think of it.

    Intercut with the Frankenstein-like efforts of the Professor is the story of how Fry came to meet Seymour the singing dog, and how the mutt showed his loyalty in the days after Fry's accidental New Year's Eve freezing. Sappy stuff, it seems, but the pay-off is oh-so-worth it. It was "Jurassic Bark" that made me realize what a wonderful show "Futurama" really was. Watch it and know what tragedy is.
  • A total tear-jerker.

    I just watched this on my DVD player and I am still crying.Anyways this episode was about Fry's dog Seymour.Fry learns about a recreated pizzaria which turns out to be Panucci's Pizza Fry's former workplace where he finds his old dog Seymour petrified like a fossil.Fry brings Seymour back to the professor and the professor says he can clone Seymour back to life.Then Bender gets all jealous because Fry is spending a lot with the fossilized dog.When Seymour is about to get cloned Bender picks it up and throws the dog in hot magma.After seeing Fry sad because of what Bender did Bender dives in the magma and saves Seymour.When Seymour is about to be cloned again Fry pulls the plug and wrecks the machine then it goes to that tear-jerking,
    heart-wrenching flashback of Seymour showing his loyalty to Fry by waiting for him for years until
    Seymour sleeps and passes away.

    This is the first episode I ever saw of Futurama and what sad way to start watching this show.This episode is why I watch Futurama til this very day.So I give this episode a 10.{cries}
  • Futurama's finest.

    Caught this for the first time on Adult Swim, and was surprisingly moved. This was the saddest episode of any animated show I've ever seen, and showed deep insight into Fry's character. The merging of humor and drama was remarkable -- the episode was funny, but also quite touching. Brilliant.
  • This episode ALWAYS makes me cry....hmmm, wonder if that's a good thing to admit!

    This has to one of the best episodes next to "The Luck of The Fryrish" and "The Sting", as well as "The Why of Fry". I can always appreciate an episode that makes me cry....just more proof that i'm only human! Also, I can't really stand to see an "ownerless" animal....it gets me so choked up! It was funny to see Bender get so jealous..... I never thought a robot could feel jealousy, but then again we are talking bout the year 3000..anything is possible. This episode also goes to show that dogs really do make good companions (sorry to those who are cat people....not really a cat person).

    This episode deserves a 10! *wipes away a happy tear*
  • I cry everytime!

    I have a love hate relationship with this epsiode I love it because its so good and I hate it cause it makes me cry so much! When fry finds his old dog cryogenically frozen he tries to clone him back to benders distaste. However when they go to clone Seymour the dog Fry finds out that seymour lived another 12 years after he was frozen. Fry feels that the dog wont know him and had moved on. However the last scene is of seymour waiting for for Fry like he told him too till twelve years later he dies of old age. Its so good yet so sad, anything with animals so faithful always makes me cry and from reading many other reviews I am not alone...be warned box of tissues!
  • I literally felt my heart bleed.

    I only saw the last half of this episode, but I'm determined to tape the entire episode. Of what I saw, it was beautiful, and Seymour's death at the end reminded me so much of my very special pet cat who died only a few years ago. Watching it, I felt my heart bleed and almost as if someone had wrenched their hand into my chest and pulled my heart out. I felt those emotions that I had never felt when I watched Titanic, and that shows just how emotionally powerful even half of this episode is. It certainly deserved the award it won.
  • This episode showed a whole other side of fry that nobody has seen before!

    If i could have chosen two different classifications, it would have been tear-jerker too...this episode was amazing...it reminded me fo my dog...i rate ten, because i think this episode reminded us of our old best friends. I was able to keep in tears, but just barely (and im not a very emotional girl, most of the time) but i was about to cry...it was so pretty, what seymour did...very beautiful episode... and what we saw of fry's other side was extremely out of character. No one would have epected Fry to be like that... (good idea they did the dog instead of his mom...that would have brought tears in everybody, making us think of life without our mothers...) beautiful episode, my absolute favorite.
  • This is a sweet episode.

    This is the best episode of Futurama. It is so funny, and sad. It's my favorite episode of Futurama. It's a flashback episode. It's a classic Fry finds his dog from the year 2000.

    Fry finds his dog in a museum. He gets the professor to clone it, but the professor breaks the mahcine. While Fry is waiting for the machine to get ready, he keeps doing a bunch of things to get ready fo his dog to come back alive. Bender gets really jealous because Fry isn't paying any attention to him. When the Clone-O-Mat is ready, Bender throws the dog in lava. Fry starts crying. Bender realizes what he did and jumps in the lava after him. He gets the dog and gets back out just in time before he died. Right before the professor clones the dog, the machine says that the dog is 15 years old. Fry realizes that the dog lived 12 years after he got frozen so he doesn't clone him. There is a bunch of flashbacks in this episode. In the flashbacks, it shows when Fry meets Seymour (the dog). It also shows how Seymour was his best friend and Fry loved him. Then it shows after he got frozen that he was looking for Fry. Then it shows that Seymour spent the whole 12 years after Fry was frozen, he was just waiting for Fry to come back.

    I give this episode a 10 out of 10.
  • futurama at its best

    what an episode, you find out that fry gets a dog in the year 1997 and in flashbacks you see them together. i always cry at the end when you see seymour going through the suffering 15 years waiting for fry then you see him die on the streets. this must be the saddest episode on futurama, maybe apart from luck of the fryrish?, but its a cool episode. its also the best episode in my eyes, and i think its futurama at its best , thank you matt groening! this is only 1 of few sad episodeds and i love it and always will!
  • this has to be the one of the saddest episodes on tv ever

    startswith fry goes to an exhibit of his old job.he finds the fossil of his old dog seymour one of the only things to ever love him.

    bender is jealous that fry is paying more attention to cloning seymour.so when there about to clone seymour bender throws him in the lava he sees hes wrong and saves seymour.when seymour about finished cloning fry finds out seymour lived 12 years more after fry.so he isnt clonedthen you find out seymour spent the rest of his life waiting for fry to return that part always makes me want to cry.
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