Season 5 Episode 2

Jurassic Bark

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • The only episode I will not watch.

    It's a terrible thing when you cannot stand to watch your favorite episode of one of your favorite TV shows of all time.

    This episode makes me cry. Just thinking about the ending makes me tear up. Every time my DVR records this episode I just have to delete it because I know what will happen when I watch it. Try explaining to your co-workers why you start crying when "Walking on Sunshine" is played on the radio or in a commercial.

    It's a typical Futurama episode until the ending. The ending just sets it so far apart and above any other episode that you just cannot help but love it.

    My favorite episodes are usually the flashback laden ones such as "Luck of the Fryish" but they all left you with your spirits lifted and feeling good.

    I just have to call the ending cruel in an amazing way. It tears at your heart and makes you feel the emotion of what Seymour was going through and the emptiness it leaves you with is just makes it stick with you for years. This is the only TV show, animated or not, that is able to install, for lack of a better term, the emotions into you in such a way that it actually becomes a real part of you.

    I need to take my dog for a walk now.