Season 5 Episode 2

Jurassic Bark

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • Frys pet dog is found fosselised and the proffesser thinks he can bring him back to life.

    Yes this is one of the most memorable episodes of the series because its so damn touching. But is that really what "Futurama" is all about?

    If I was just judging this episode on its jokes then it wouldn't be one of the better ones, even though there are plenty of funny moments. It's the story that works in this instalments favour, focussing once again on Frys background and the ones he left behind in his own time because he was frozen. We've already seen that he had a brother in the "Luck of the Fryish" episode, which was just as classic as this one, so giving him a dog must of seemed like the best way to go next to create another character driven episode.