Season 5 Episode 2

Jurassic Bark

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2002 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • The ancient song Fry dances to is "The Hustle" by Van McCoy.

    • If Seymour was fossilized when he was 15, he was frozen in the year 2012. 2012 is the year the Mayan calendar ends.

    • As of mid-2006, it is the most fan-reviewed episode on the 'Can't Get Enough Futurama' website, and is considered to be one of the best Futurama episodes by fans. It is also regarded as one of the most poignant episodes in the series.

    • Leela uses a pile driver move on Amy, usually seen in wrestling shows.


    • Mini-Golf Sign: Because someone inconsiderate created unsanitary condition, the windmill green is closed until further notice.

    • Sign above Fry's photo in a 99c store: Do not take checks from this man!

    • "You're a Delivery Boy in this millenium and you will be a Delivery Boy in the next millenium." A quote said by Mr Pannucci. He meant that Fry will still be working for him in the year 2000, but this is a reference to the fact that in the year 3000 Fry is technically a Delivery Boy, although by the year 3000 is actually the next next millenium.

    • After the applied cryongenics flashback, just after Bender says "Ok, lets clone us some dog", Leela can be seen wearing her usual white tanktop, not the sexy wrestling gear she has before and after.

    • The string the professor uses to start the cloning machine changes from a band to a rope and a to chain.

    • Addition to Fry's can: there was foam on it when he froze, later it vanished.

    • Fry's can is still closed while he is in the Cryo tube? He opened it before he got in there.

    • The chain for Fry's bike magically vanishs. In the Pilot episode he was wearing it around his neck.

    • There's a slight plot hole that was obviously left out for the writer's sake: in the end, Fry says that Seymour must have forgotten about him... but Seymour's remains were found at Panucci's Pizza, meaning that the dog would have died there. Wouldn't that have been some clue to Fry that his dog died at his old job?

    • At the end of the episode, it is clear that Seymour is slouched down when he died. How come Seymour's fossil has him in a standing, upright position?
      Response: In the first Futurama movie, Bender's Big Score, they that showed Seymour was fossilized in an explosion, standing up.

    • How can Seymour be fossilized it takes at least five thousands of years for an animal to fossilize it's only been one thousand years since Seymour died.

    • Amy's pink shorts that she is wearing whilst wrestling Leela keep disappearing and then reappearing.

    • A major plot loophole - highly unlikely that the Seymour could have been flash-fossilized on the streets of New York in full upright position. The episode never explains the flash-fossilization process and what brought it about. The only possibility is that New York was attacked in 2012 with a rain of dolemite or something.

      Answer: In the first movie, Bender's Big Score, you see Seymour getting flash-fossilized by an explosion.

    • During the first shot of Fry in the chamber on the first January 1st 2000 flashback (when his parents come to get Seymour) Fry's shoelaces are briefly missing.

    • How did the cryogenics people know who Seymour was and who he belonged to if he didn't have a collar on?

    • I was just watching 30% Iron Chef, and Bender said that he's 30% iron. So we now know that he is 40% titanium, 40% dolomite, 30% iron and in another episode he says he's 40% zinc. Obviously that's 150%, so Bender has some explaining to do.

    • (a) In the cloning process, did Leela and Amy both nip off fast to get changed out of them wrestling gear and back into their regular clothes after Bender had rescued the dog?

      (b) How come the operating handle that the professor used on the cloning machine originally hung from rope before Bender rescued the dog, and then hung from chain afterwards?

      (c) How come Mr Panucci looked as though he aged about 30 years in the time that the dog aged 12 or less?

      (d) How come the planet express building has pylons supplying them with electricity, when they could blatantly use the energy that the professor has harnessed from the lava pool?

      (e) Bender's 2 cubic meter room seems a lot bigger than 2 cubic meters, and there was never a kitchen in Bender's closet before.

      (f) when Bender dived into the lava, his shell was coming apart, however when he came out of the floor his shell was back in shape again.

      (g) when Fry was originally frozen, there was still froth on his can, but it disappeared by the time his parents came to collect the dog.

  • Quotes

    • Farnsworth: Indeed, you see that fossil was made of dolemite - the tough black mineral that won't cop out when there's heat all about! By contrast, observe the lava's effect on this ice swan.(Uses tongs to fetch an ice swan from the freezer and drops it into the lava) Of course that would have melted even at room temperature, I just wanted to get rid of it. But had it been made of that righteous mineral dolemite, theres a slim chance it might have survived.
      Fry: So Seymour might still exist?
      Farnsworth: Perhaps, for a few minutes. It's dolemite, baby!

    • Bender: (after retrieving Seymour) And that's why they call me Bender the magnificent! (eyes melt) Hey! Where'd everybody go?

    • Fry: 15? You mean he lived for 12 more years after I got frozen?
      Farnsworth: Indeed.
      Fry: Stop the cloning.
      (He starts smashing the Clone-O-Mat)
      Farnsworth: Oh, sure! Smash the smart guy's machine!

    • Leela: Bender's been down there too long. I'm going in after him.
      (She starts to rip off her wrestling suit)
      Farnsworth: Professor! Lava! Hot!

    • Bender: I assumed you were just pretending to love the dog to toy with my emotions. Oh, what have I done?
      (He starts to cry)
      Zoidberg: You didn't do anything. Don't beat yourself up.

    • Farnsworth: Initiating dog brain CAT scan.

    • Robo-Puppy: Robo-Puppy commencing two-hour yipping session. (It starts to yip and Bender kicks it against the wall) Robo-Puppy mistreatment alert! Robo-Puppy mistreatment alert!

    • Bender: Robo-Puppy, lick my cheek.
      Robo-Puppy: Robo-Puppy preparing to lick cheek. (It's tongue comes out) Robo-Puppy commencing cheek-licking. Licking in progress. Licking complete.

    • Fry's Dad: I'm telling you, the Y2K computer's got him. We'll face burning roads, rivers exploding, calculators transformed into Scud missiles. There's nothing we can do.

    • Fry (on phone): This is Fry. If you're calling about the used towels for sale, they're still available for $45 each.

    • Bender: Say, why'd you get me a subscription to the Daily Growl?

    • (Seymour grabs his pants leg with his teeth)
      Panucci: What's with Seymour? It's like he don't want you to go. Or he thinks your pants is too short, or something. Which is crazy because, frankly, you look fabulous. Now get going!

    • Computer Voice: The dog goes: mooooooo!
      Farnsworth: Uh-oh, this may take a while.

    • Fry: So will Seymour remember how to sing Walking On Sunshine?
      Farnsworth: Amazingly, yes. In cases of rapid fossilisation, I can press this brain scan button, retrieving Seymour's memories at the precise instant of doggy death.
      Fry: I'm gonna get my puppy back! In your face, Grim Reaper!

    • Fry: Good news, everyone!
      Bender: Hooray, he's back! And he's looking for a garbage can to put the rock in! Here you go, buddy!
      (He holds up a waste basket)

    • Zoidberg: I was all in this part! It's magic!
      (Bender beats him with his wand)
      Bender: You are not fit to wear Fry's leotard!
      Zoidberg: Stop!

    • Bender: Lady and gentleman! How about a hand for my temporary replacement assistant?

    • Beeler: Mr. Fry? I'm Dr. Ben Beeler, the palaeontologist who discovered your dog. Or as some call it, the "Beelersaurus".

    • Leela: Fry, it's been three days. You can't keep boogie-ing like this. You'll come down with a fever of some sort.

    • Boy: Yo! There's dog fur on my slice!
      Panucci: Nah, that's vermicelli! No fur in here!

    • Panucci: That's a good Seymour!

    • Fry: That a boy, Seymour! Right here waiting for me as always. Just like that huge mushroom in my shower.

    • Leela: It says this part of The Hustle implores the gods to grant a favour. Usually a Trans-AM.

    • Bender: Yuck! That's the least appetising calzone I've ever seen!
      Fry: No! That's my dog.

    • Fry: I like you Seymour, you're not constantly judging me like all the other dogs.

    • Fry: Aww. Poor little guy. You look like you haven't eaten in a month. Here, (He offers the dog a slice) but if Mr Panucci asks, your name is Seymour Asses!

    • Seymour: Bark bark bark bark.
      Fry's Dad: What's that Seymour, you walkin on sunshine.

    • Bender: Fry, what's wrong?
      Fry: Think about it. Seymour lived a full life after I was gone. He probably added new songs to his repertoire.
      Bender: But that's a good thing. Walkin' On Sunshine sucks noodles!

    • Cryogenisist: Ugh, I am one hungover cryogenisist! Just throw that mutt in the freezer until his owners get here!
      Man: You can't solve all your problems by freezing them boss.
      Cryogenisist: I think you're forgetting our motto.

    • Bender: Fry, I'm sorry. I should have understood how someone can love an inferior creature. Because I love you. Not in the way of the Ancient Greeks, but in the way a robot loves a human, a human loves a dog and occassionally, a gorilla loves a kitty.

    • Leela: Acting like a moron won't bring your dog back.
      Fry: Then all hope is lost.

    • Fry: Look Bender, this has nothing to do with you.
      Bender: That's impossible!
      Fry: Now if you'll excuse me I'm working on Seymour's doghouse.
      Bender: No one ever asks if Bedner would like to live in a tiny little house. Not that I would. A tiny little house that says "Bender" on it.

    • Fry: I'm gonna get my puppy back! In your face Grim Reaper!
      Bender: Crappy ineffective Reaper!

    • Beeler: No I'm sorry but there's too much that fossil can teach us about dogs from your time.
      Fry: His name was Seymour. He was once intimate with the wandering leg of a saxophonist. He had wet dog smell, even when dry. And he was not above chasing the number 29 bus.

    • Fry: He's so cute! He can do two things at one time: Eat and swim. Ooo - three things.

    • Crowd: What do you want?
      Fry: Fry's dog!
      Crowd: When do you want it?
      Fry: Fry's dog!

    • Farnsworth: Why don't you try protesting? Like those native Martians. Always whinig that people don't treat their ancestor's bones with respect.
      Bender: Nah, protesting never works.
      Fry: You're right. I'll give it a shot!

    • Fry: Well it's not right to make my dead pet an exhibit. That's like didgging up Lassie and putting her on display in the Louvre.
      Amy: Lassie is on display in the Louvre.
      Fry: I know, I was deliberately describing a similar situation.

    • Tour Guide: I don't know where you get your facts sir but I am a voluteer housewife with 45 minutes orientation and a harlequin romance about archeologists!
      Fry: Don't wave your fancy degrees at me.

    • Tour Guide: Next, we come to the splendidly preserved pizza paddle. Scientists theorise it was used to gently discipline the delivery boy.
      Fry: Wait a second! This is Panucci's! I used to work in this exact pizzeria! And for your information lady, this was not just used to paddle my butt, it was also used to move pizzas and crush rats.

    • Fry: Lets go check it out. You can see how I lived before I met you.
      Bender: You lived before you met me?
      Fry: Sure. Lots of people did.
      Bender: Really?

    • Fry: Whoa! They discovered an intact, 20th Century pizzeria! Just like the one I used to work at!
      Bender: Interesting. No wait the other thing - tedious!

    • Intercom: Yes?
      Fry: Pizza delivery for a mister... Seymour Asses.
      Intercom: There's no one by that name here, or anywhere. I hope that in time, you'll realize what an idiot you've been.
      Fry: I wouldn't count on it!

  • Notes

    • While Wisconsin and Stanford did play in the Rose Bowl game in 2000, the score shown on the TV is incorrect. In the second quarter of the game, Stanford was ahead 9 to 3. The game Fry's mom is watching says Wisconsin is ahead 9 to 3.

    • In the episode Fry tells Seymour to wait for him until he returns from the delivery, which of course he never does and Seymour stays waiting outside the pizza store until he dies, this could be a reference to Greyfriars Bobby.

    • Seymour died at 15. That's 105 in dog years.

    • In the flashback of Fry delivering the pizza to applied cryogenics, when he dumps the pizza box down on the table, you can see Nibbler's eye-stalk poking out of the garbage can. You can also see Future Fry's shadow on the floor as we see the chair tip over (as explained in The Why of Fry).

    • Fry was singing "I'm walking on Sunshine" in a flash back of him on his way to work. He has sung this song before in another episode where he is singing in the shower.

    • The original concept for this show was that Fry was to find his MOTHER petrified inside a glass case. The idea was changed because according to David Cohen, it was "too upsetting."

    • On the Futurama Season 4 DVD, there is an extra commentary section, with the entire writing staff.

    • This episode was nominated for the Outstanding Animated Program Emmy but lost to The Simpsons

    • During it's original broadcast, Eastern and Central Time Zones did not see it due to NFL Spillover.

    • The kid in Panucci's Pizza (the one who complained about dog fur on his pizza) is the same kid from the opening of Space Pilot 3000.

  • Allusions

    • Seymour waiting for Fry

      Seymour waiting years for Fry to come back could be a reference to the poem The Odyssey, written by Homer, when Odysseus's dog waits 20 years for his owner to return.

    • Greyfriars Bobby

      Seymour mirrors the actions of the famous Scottish dog Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye Terrier who stayed by the grave of his owner John Grey for 14 years until he himself eventually passed. Bobby's memorial reads

      "Greyfriars Bobby
       died 14th January 1872
       aged 16 years

       Let his loyalty and devotion be a lesson to us all"

    • The Clone-O-Mat's dial acts like the 1970's Fisher-Price toy See 'N Say.

    • Mini-Golf Sign: Because someone inconsiderate created unsanitary condition, the windmill green is closed until further notice. This alludes to an episode, Natural Born Kissers, of "The Simpsons" in which Homer and Marge make love in a mini-golf windmill.

    • Professor: It's Dolemite baby!
      Aside from being a REAL metal, the line the Professor says is reference to the cornball film Dolemite.

    • Title: Jurassic Bark
      Aside from seeing the Supafly encased in amber, the title of this episode is a parody of Jurassic Park.

    • Robopuppy: Robopuppy Mistreatment Alert! Robopuppy Mistreatment Alert!
      There's actually a Robopuppy created by the Sony corporation, it's called Aibo.

    • Faust and Bicentennial Man
      This episode has many refrences to Faust and Bicentennial Man, in which the character outlives the things he loves. In the case of Faust, He sells his soul to win the heart of a girl, but outlives her. Fry is just noticing all he lost when he came to the future while the series is winding down. Same with the "Why of Fry" he is upset that he had no say in his fate.

    • Ending Song: I Will Wait For You
      The end song "I Will Wait For You" is sung by "Connie Francis". We also hear the ever replayed "Walking On Sunshine," and the famous "The Hustle."

    • Bender: And ocasionally how a gorilla loves a kitty.
      Bender is referring to Koko the famous gorilla who is known for speaking through American sign language, and how Koko had a pet cat named Smoky. (Not sure if Smoky is still alive though)

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