Season 5 Episode 5

Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • Just not one of the epiasodes that really made me starting laughing so hard that I almost died like this series usually does.

    Amy is unhappy with her long-distance relationship with Kif and wants to see him in person again. When the crew is sent to deliver a giant pill to a planet near where Kif is stationed, Amy stows away onboard the Planet Express Ship. While the crew is asleep, Amy changes course to meet with Kif. When Zapp Brannigan sees the ship, the Planet Express crew joins him on the Nimbus. On the Nimbus, Kif shows Amy the HoloShed to show her what life would be like with him. In one of the environments, Kif tries to literally pluck the moon from the sky and give it to Amy, but only succeeds in dislodging it before he falls into a lake. Soon, however, the shed malfunctions and the holograms that invade-Attila the Hun, Professor Moriarty, Jack the Ripper, and an evil version of Abraham Lincoln-become real. When the holograms reach the bridge, Zapp Brannigan threatens them with a laser cannon, despite a rather accurate warning from Attila-"No shoot fire stick in space canoe. Cause explosive decompression!" Zapp blasts a hole in the ship, which sucks out history's greatest villains. Everyone else on the bridge is also sucked towards the hole, but they manage to survive by hanging on to each others' hands (until the moon from the Holoshed plugs the hole). In sickbay later, the doctor looks at everyone and deduces that everyone survived despite minor injuries, and also reveals the unlikely news that Kif is pregnant.

    It is initially believed that Amy is the mother since Kif's race reproduces through touch, due to the fact that their skin is a semi-permeable membrane. Kif's race is thus able to conceive whenever they are in love through direct physical contact with another being. Fry points out that everyone on the ship's bridge touched Kif and it is unclear who the mother is. Professor Farnsworth uses an invention of his, the Maternifuge, to determine who is the real mother and discovers it is Leela. Amy is instead the "smizmar" (person whose love inspired the conception) of Kif's children, which nevertheless makes her the "real" mother by Kif's species' standards.

    Later on, at Fry and Bender's apartment for the pre-birth celebrations, Amy decides she can't go through with this and runs away, leaving Kif just as his babies are about to be born.

    The crew takes Kif to Amphibios 9, his homeworld. They escort him through the jungle after they land. A poisonous Froad (cross between a frog and a toad) begins to eat Bender; but he is saved by Kif, who inflates his head in a manner similar to that of a blowfish and scares the Froad away. Just as Kif is about to give birth, Amy appears saying she wants to be with him despite not being ready for motherhood. After Kif gives birth, the babies, in a tadpole-like state, hop towards the swampy planet's water, nearly attacked by deadly predators that Amy and Leela fend off. The kids are left to swim about until they are able to live out of water, which Kif reveals won't actually happen for twenty years; Amy is thus satisfied that she will be ready to help raise them when the time comes.