Season 4 Episode 5

Leela's Homeworld

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2002 on Comedy Central
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After Bender dumps toxic waste into the sewers, the mutants become angry and kidnap Bender, Fry and Leela. They suspend the crew over a radioactive lake and threaten to dump them in, altering their human genes and mutating them, but two hooded mutants save them. Leela decides to pursue the mysterious mutants, who seem to have a suspicious fixation with her.moreless

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  • Leela meets her parents... well, at the end of the episode

    After Bender dumps toxic waste into the sewers, the mutants become angry and kidnap Bender, Fry and Leela. They suspend the crew over a radioactive lake and threaten to dump them in, altering their human genes and mutating them, but two hooded mutants save them. Leela decides to pursue the mysterious mutants, who seem to have a suspicious fixation with her. I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Futurama". It was very funny but it was also very heartwarming. I think that any of the fans of this show will definitely love the humor and the charms in this episode. The discovery that Leela's parents are still alive was very good and shocking to find out because she thinks that they were both dead. There was a flashback scene in this episode where it showed Leela's parents putting her in an orphan so Leela can have a real and better life.... the parents also said how they never want Leela to know that they exist because it wouldn't be best. There were a lot of parts in this episode that made me laugh very hard such as the analysis of Leela printing which took like 10 seconds or less or more long, Bender's part, Professor Farnsworth's part, and many more. It was also very touching when Leela got to meet her parents at the end of the episode. The episode ends with the flashbacks Leela's parents being there for Leela even though she didn't see it such as when they gave Leela a birthday present, tucked Leela in, and gave her a box of cookies. It was nice that the parents did those things for Leela in her past childhood even though Leela didn't see it. Overall, an excellent episode of "Futurama"... totally worth watching. 10/10moreless
  • parents

    this episode is definitely one of the most memorable episodes, as well as being a series classic! If I hadn't already known what would happen beforehand, the ending would have shocked me greatly. Heck, even though I did know what was to come, i loved it! Leela meeting her parents was great, because it showed emotion, as well as the fact she is a mutant and not cyclops. This was easily one of the best episodes of animation I have ever seen. My overall grade, i shouldn't have to say, is an A+, just perfect in each and every waymoreless
  • Funny and very touching

    This has to be one of my very favorite episodes of Futurama. It has a lot of humor, and a lot of heart. It was the perfect mix of those. It was nice to see Fry, Bender, and Leela go into the sewers and see the mutants again, but what I liked more was seeing Leela reunite with her long-lost parents.

    After falling into the sewers, Fry, Bender, and Leela are just nearly mutated for dumping in toxic waste. Then, two mutants save them from being mutated, and Leela wants to know why they did it, and who they are. This causes Leela to learn about her mysterious past, and her parents.moreless
  • funny epsode

    This episode was teriffic, with great jokes such as Leela being named orphan of the year and Amy saying "Your parents must feel so proud". The revelation at the end of the act where Leela is looking up, wondering if her parents were looking down on her and thae camera swings down into the sewers showing Leela's parents staring up was a very pivotal part in the Futurama series.

    Bender dumping toxic waste in the sewers for $499 and 100 cents instead of the ridiculous price of $500 that it was going to cost was a great B story and the translator showing Fry and Farnsworth exactly what the paper says, though instead of translating, it just shows that the note was printed on toilet paper was a verry funny gag when Fry was explaining how they found out.

    The ending montage was great showing that Leela's mutant parents always looked out for her. This was a very important episode which also managed to be quite funny.moreless
  • A great episode in the history of Leela, but just very funny at all.

    The Professor announces that Leela's old orphanarium has named her Orphan of the Year. In another announcement, he shows off a machine that makes glow-in-the-dark noses. Unfortunately, the machine produces enormous amounts of toxic waste. The Professor hires Bender to dispose of the waste, and he does so by dumping it into the sewer.

    At the orphanarium's award ceremony, the headmaster presents us with a flashback of Leela's arrival. We see that she was left with a note written in Alienese, and a bracelet (translated, the note reads, "Your parents love you very much"). Back at the Planet Express building, Leela is in tears over not having parents. Fry takes her for a walk, and she looks up to the stars, wondering which alien world her parents were from. The camera pans back down, and we see two one-eyed sewer mutants looking up from a drain.

    Meanwhile, Bender has expanded his one-time dumping into a full waste management service. The mutants grow angry with Bender's disposal technique, and make a rare surface trip, capturing Bender, Fry, and Leela. The mutants sentence the crew to be lowered into a lake of chemicals, which will turn them into mutants as well. Bender, who was still scared, had no DNA; but the mutants said they were going to beat him up later.

    Two hooded mutants call out to Leela, then swing the crane around, dropping the crew on the far side of the mutagenic lake. The mutant mob, immune to the effects of the lake, dive in and swim across. Fry, Leela, and Bender take refuge in a mutant home, where they find a shrine to Leela's life. The mob captures them, but after a whispered word from the hooded mutants, the crew's sentence is commuted to exile. They ride a hot-air balloon to a surface access ladder hanging over the lake. Fry and Bender emerge on the surface; but Leela, determined to find out what the hooded mutants know, dives into the chemical lake.

    She swims to shore, and finds she is unaffected by the chemicals. Fry heads to the orphanarium to try to get some clues as to what's going on, and the headmaster gives him the note that was left with Leela. Fry takes the note back to the Professor for analysis. As they read the analysis output, we learn the truth: Leela is actually a mutant, but was born "the least mutated mutant ever". Her parents, realizing she could pass as an alien, decided to leave her at the orphanarium with an Alienese note (her mother somehow has a PhD in exolinguistics), and agreed that they would rather die than ever let her find out the "shameful" truth.

    Meanwhile, an armed and irrational Leela has pursued the hooded mutants through the sewers, back to the home with the shrine to herself. Leela comes to the irrational conclusion that the mutants killed her parents, leaving her an orphan. She plans to kill her parents, and both are willing to let her rather than reveal the truth. Fry falls through the ceiling at the last second and reveals the truth. He takes off the mutants' hoods revealing two middle-age one-eyed mutants. A tearful reunion ensues, and the episode closes with a montage of scenes of Leela's parents watching over their daughter during her life.moreless
David Herman

David Herman

Warden Vogel / Dwayne / Leg Mutant / Turanga Morris

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Turanga Leela

Billy West

Billy West

Philip J. Fry / Professor Hubert Farnsworth / Smitty

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Amy Wong

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Vyolet / Turanga Munda / Mutant Nurse

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Hermes Conrad

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (24)

    • As Leela is trying to kick in the door of her parent's home, you can see large cracks to the left side of the door frame. When the camera angle changes, the cracks are gone.

    • When walking across the plank from the hot-air balloon, you don't see the plank in the balloon, so where does the plank come from?

    • When they are in the hot-air balloon when they "fire up the sewer gas," Fry, Leela and Bender start coughing. Why does Bender cough when he doesn't breathe or have a nose?

    • Opening theme promotion: IT'S LIKE "HEE HAW" WITH LASERS

    • 20 years ago, Leg is wearing a Boston Red-Sox hat.

    • Plaques seen at the Orphanage include; 'Often Seen in the Background of News Spots,' 'Diligent Flosser,' 'Has Tasted Every McDonalds Sandwich' and 'Successfully Switched from Heroin to Methadone.'

    • Signs seen in the sewers include Big & Strange Men's Store, Bed Bath & Beneath, Bob's Big Mutant Boy, Starbucks and Head Reduction Surgery.

    • The pedestrian crossing sign in the sewers had the symbol of a person with two heads and three legs.

    • Hermes' badge has a eagle on it, holding a folder that reads 'To Be Filed.'

    • When the mutants gave the gang a tour, all of the buildings behind Fry said "Dry Cleaners."

    • In the end of this episode, we get too see a couple of glimpses from when Leela was growing up and her parents "anonymously" being there for her. The song which is playing during this bit is: "Baby Love Child" by Pizzicato Five.

    • At the end of the episode, it shows Leela as an adult sleeping and before her parents tuck her in, you can see that she is not wearing her electronic wrist band. In previous episodes, when you see Leela go to sleep or get out of bed, she normally has it on.

    • There are no ladders to reach the sewers now, but there used to be in previous episodes.

    • In the episode Mother's Day, Leela's electronic wrist band abandoned her, however there was no bracelet under it, as shown in this episode.

    • The baby Leela in the basket has a card hanging around her neck reading "Hello! Turunga Leela." However, later on when her parents re-tell the story of leaving her there, she doesn't have it on anymore.

    • Hermes' badge reads "Federal Bureaucracy," however in the episode How Hermes Requested His Groove Back, he was working for the "Central Bureaucracy."

    • Apparently, Warden Vogel has been a bureaucrat grade 135 for the last 25 years.

    • After Leela's Mother puts her bracelet back on when Leela is yelling at her, the bracelet vanishes in the next scene.

    • If the Leg mutant was there when Leela was born, wouldn't he have recognized her when he saw her?

    • In previous crowd appearances, Leela's mother was shown to have arms, rather than tentacles. Only one arm could be clearly seen in those shots, however, so for this episode, she was designed to have one arm and one tentacle. This was ultimately abandoned to give her two tentacles.

    • When Leela hands back the bracelet to her mother, she puts it back on her right wrist, but on the close-up, the bracelet is gone.

    • The bracelet on Leela's mother's tentacle only appears when Leela notices it and snatches it from her.

    • In the orphanarium, one of the little girls had an ear on her forehead, probably making her a mutant. Unless her parents did the same thing Leela's parents did, she shouldn't be allowed on the surface.

    • In the episode I Second That Emotion, it is said that Raoul, the mutant with an extra arm on his head, only has one ear, yet here he has 2.

  • QUOTES (46)

    • Fry: I had the Professor analyse the Alienese letter that was found with you.
      Leela: What does it say?
      Fry: I 'unno. But the analysis showed it was printed on recycled toilet paper. A squeezably soft paper used mainly in the sewers.

    • Leela: And what about this? How did you get this bracelet? Did you steal it from me when I was a baby? Or from my parents? You robbed my parents, didn't you? I bet you sick mutants killed them. My parents were confused aliens lost on Earth and you killed them! Is that it? Admit it!
      Morris: Yes. We killed them.
      Munda: You guessed the truth.
      Leela: Because of you I'll never know my parents. I'll kill you!
      Munda: That would be best.

    • Leela: What is all this? Am I a game to you? Or some kind of even more boring Truman Show? Do you believe I'm your Messiah? The Mutant Dalai Lama? Stop me if I guess it!

    • Munda: Keep quiet so she doesn't hear us.
      Morris: What's there to talk about?

    • Morris: She'll never know we're her parents.
      Munda: That's our gift to her. Better we should die than have her learn the shameful truth of her origin.

    • Morris: I made this bracelet so that in some small way we'll always be with you, even when it doesn't seem like it. During your entire life, for example.

    • Doctor: In my professional opinion as an ear, ear, ear, nose and throat doctor, she is the least-mutated mutant ever born.
      Morris: And yet she's cursed to live the horrible degrading life of a mutant. Like all of us. Especially him!
      Leg Mutant: It's true!

    • Bender: Good news, Leela. I landed the contract to empty all the spittoons in Little Italy.

    • Fry: Isn't that the same machine that makes noses?
      Farnsworth: It can do other things. Why shouldn't it?
      Farnsworth: Of course, even if it is possible to analyse the message, there's no way of knowing how long it would take. It could take an hour or it could take a hundred million years.
      The machines dings
      Fry: Is it done?
      Farnsworth: Certainly not. Two dings means it's done. [Two dings] But not like that. Slightly more rapid.
      [Two slightly more rapid dings. Fry gasps. Farnsworth shakes his head.]

    • Fry: I didn't ask for a completely reasonable excuse. I asked you to get busy.

    • Vogel: Huh. Well then there is one thing. It's the note I found with Leela the day she was abandoned. But it's written in Alienese, so no one on Earth can translate it. Not even Brainzilla.

    • Leela: Who the hell are you?
      Munda: No one. And watch your language, young lady!

    • Mutant: Move it, you ugly normals!

    • Raoul: Oh, very well. Your attention. Instead of being tortured to death, the prisoners shall hereby be expelled from the sewers and never allowed to return.
      Bender: Oh, cruel fate! Can we really never return to this dank pit of sewage?

    • Raoul: This time I'm calling for the death penalty. And not just because I'm running for re-election as Supreme Mutant.

    • Fry: Leela, freak out later. We're not done escaping yet!

    • Vyolet: They must be in here.
      Raoul: Yeah, after them.
      Bender: And then Bender ran!

    • Bender: What's this junk?
      Leela: It looks like... a timeline of my whole life.
      Fry: That's when we saved Earth from a giant asteroid of garbage.
      Leela: And here's when I dropped out and bummed around India for a while.
      Bender: And this is just last year at Space Mardi Gras.
      Leela: It's like some kind of weird Leela museum... and I'm the Leela!

    • Raoul: Go after them! The waters can't mutate us mutants!

    • Raoul: The instant you touch these mutatious waters, your DNA will be forever altered, turning you into horrible mutants like us. Especially him! Allow me to demonstrate!
      A rat is lowered into the sewage, brought back up as a green pig with fins and bat wings.
      Fry: It's like that time I peeked in the kitchen at Imperial Hunan.

    • Raoul: Let the punishment commence!
      Leela: Punishment?
      Fry: No fair!
      Bender: Bender's innocent!

    • Leela: Bender! Cut it out! First of all, the sewer mutants will be mad. Second, everything else that's horribly wrong with what you're doing!

    • Fry: If those aren't tears of happiness, please stop crying.

    • Photographer: Mind if I get a picture of you with your picture for the news, ma'am?
      Leela: Yes! I mean no! Just make sure you get my nonchalant side!

    • Leela: Like many of you, I never knew my parents. I don't know if they were mighty alien overlords or simply underpaid alien janitors who fought crime on the side.

    • Vogel: But today's honouree, Turanga Leela, has really made something of herself. I'll never forget the night that cute little alien baby was abandoned on our doorstep. Because I have a photographic memory and I remember every night!

    • Farnsworth: Alright, alright, so the machine produces a few toxic by-products! You don't have to make a federal case out of it.
      Hermes: I'm afraid I do. I order you dispose of that toxic waste properly or bribe me. Either way it'll cost $500.
      Bender: 500 real dollars? That's an outrage! Professor, I'll take care of that waste for $499 and 100 cents.
      Farnsworth: Hmm, I know that's a rip but I'll pay for the convenience.

    • Amy: Hey, Professor, what's all this scloop, glorking out of the machine?
      Farnsworth: That? It's, uh... nothing. Yes, nothing. If you think it's anything, you're a suspicious moron.

    • Farnsworth: And the good news keeps on coming. Behold my latest invention.
      Bender: Neat!
      Farnsworth: Ta-da! It's a glow-in-the-dark nose you can wear over your regular non-glowing nose. Observe.
      Amy: Whoa, clool!
      Bender: Now I can punch you in the nose in the dark.

    • Fry: Can you translate it?
      Farnsworth: Of course. But only into Beta Crypt 3, a language so complex there's even less chance of understanding it.

    • Vogel: Would you like some dirt on any other orphans?
      Fry: Look, I'm trying to save someone here. I'll have to come back for those later.

    • Leela: It's all the best stuff I ever flushed down the toilet! Those are some of my diary pages. And my screenplay!
      Fry: And also, for some reason, the letter I wrote you full of my personal feelings.

    • Fry: What happened?
      Leela: I don't know. I think I saved us somehow.

    • Dwayne: Behold, our once beautiful mutagenic sewage lake.
      Vyolet: The radioactive waste you dumped in it has made it bright enough to see how ugly we really are.
      (They look at each other in disgust)

    • Leela: I'm sorry you saw that, Fry. I usually try to keep my sadness pent up inside where it can fester quietly as a mental illness.
      Fry: Yeah, I do that with my stupidness.

    • Fry: Is it this room that's making you sad? It's probably the room. Come on, let's go for a walk.

    • Vogel: You know, it's not easy being an orphan, not if I have anything to do with it.

    • Vyolet (mutant): But he ruined my wedding dress.
      Bender: Honey, that thing was ruined the minute it went on you.

    • Hermes: It looks like toxic waste. (He sniffs) And it smells like toxic waste.
      Fry: What does it taste like?
      (Hermes tastes it)
      Hermes: Delicious fig pudding! Ooh, that's good! But a distinct aftertaste of toxic waste.

    • Farnsworth: Good news, everyone! You all know the orphanarium where Leela grew up?
      Fry: Sure. We talk about it all the time.
      Leela: Really?
      Fry: No. Burn!

    • Fry: What do you know about Leela?
      Orphan Guy: Nothing that wouldn't be a waste of your time.
      Fry: That's impossible because my time is worthless.

    • Leela: Hey, why aren't you gonna kill us anymore?
      Bender: Yeah! What are ya, chicken?
      Fry: Shutup guys, we can kill ourselves when we get home.

    • Bender: Wait. I don't even have DNA. Why am I screaming?
      Dwayne: We're gonna beat you afterwards.
      Bender: AHHHH!

    • Kid: Hey, I'm Leela!
      (Covers one eye with an eye patch)
      Another Kid: Oh yeah, well I'm double Leela!
      (Covers both eyes with his hands and runs. He hits the wall and falls down.)

    • Leela: But all I really wanted was a mom and dad, to hold me and stroke my hair and tell me they love me.
      Fry: Then today is your lucky day. Because I happen to be a holding, stroking, loving machine. Also spanking.

    • Farnsworth: Said orphanarium has named Leela orphan of the year!
      Amy: Your parents must be so proud! Oops, sorry...

  • NOTES (5)

    • A number of scenes were deleted from this episode, including the Warden going through files with Fry about what children used to do, like peeing the bed. You can find these scenes on the Futurama Season 4 DVD.

    • Alien code: When Leela looks down at her bracelet, you see the first official appearance of Alien Code 3. While the code hasn't officially been translated, its rumored to stand for "Chump."

    • Alien code: When looking at a baby Leela, there is a note attached to her writing in Alien Code #1. It really does read: "Your Parents Love You Very Much."

    • Leela's parents had appeared in I Second That Emotion, as part of the Crowd. Leela's father's mouth was rotated 90 degrees so that it opened horizontally instead of vertically. This was done so that he looked even more like a mutant.

    • Kristin Gore, the writer, is the daughter of former US Vice-President Al Gore, who has guest-starred on Futurama twice. She had nothing to do with him guest starring though (he has said he is a huge fan of the show).