Season 5 Episode 6

Less Than Hero

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 2003 on Comedy Central



  • Notes

    • The New Justice Team Song:
      Go, go, go, New Justice Team!
      Go, team, go, team, team, team, team
      Who's the newest Justice Team?
      The New Justice Team!

      Captain Yesterday is fast.
      Also he is from the past.
      Not just fast but from the past, Captain Yesterday!

      Super King has all the powers,
      Of a king plus all the power of Superman.
      Also he's a robot, ain't it cool?
      Superking, you rule!

      Clobberella beats you up, Clobberella beats you up!
      Who does she beat up? You! Clobberella!

      Citizens never fear. Crazy do-good freaks are here.
      Until they run out of steam
      Miracle cream, miracle cream, gives the power to the team
      It's effects wear off for sure, so they just slop on some more.
      The New Justice Team!

      Extra verse at the end of the episode:
      Go, go, go New Justice Team
      Fighting justice is their quest
      Super King, Clobberella and all the rest
      Here's to you, New Justice Team
      Do the things that make a team
      Help each other do some things
      Winners don't use drugs
      The New Justice Team

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