Season 6 Episode 6

Lethal Inspection

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 22, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • Heartwarming, but not funny

    When I saw the beginning, I thought this would be a pretty mediocre episode. When Bender found out he was dying, I thought this would be a bucket list episode. And when I saw Hermes & Bender team up, I thought this would be the worst team up ever. But the ending was so heartwarming, but predictable. But I didn't care about that, because it was so beautiful. The song accompaniment was also beautiful. The jokes I felt all I fell flat and were dry. The subplot involving Leela, was not good and in my opinion unneeded. Other than that this episode was great!
  • Perfect

    In this episode, Bender learns he has a manufacturing deficinecy, and he enlists Hermes' help in finding inspector #5, the man who approved him for use. Unfortunately, they can't seem to find any trace of Inspector #5, and eventually Mom co finds out about Bender's little problem, and sends robots to kill Bender. They then make it to Mexico, where they find out that Inspector #5 used to work at a factory there. Will they ever find Inspector #5. It was a really good episode, a good amount of hilarity, a good amount of emotion too. Awesome episode. 10/10 A+
  • futurama is finally getting back on track I think

    bender realizes to his horror he is not immortal and so he wants to go on a hunt to murder "Inspector 5", the person who approved him when he was built. Him and Hermes go together, but they find no trace of who Inspector 5 could be. In the end the inspector is revealed.

    good episode, easily one of their better episodes of the new season, i hope the quality can improve further. good episode, funny, good plot, great ending, all in all i liked most of it, the beginning was kind of dumb. anyways it gets an A+. perfect
  • Renewed hope.

    To be honest, I gave up on Futurama this season. Despite that, I continue to force myself to watch it because of the fond memories of older episodes. Many of the jokes this season were off-key and crude. As a Futurama fan, I appreciated the show because of its mature themes and smart humor. I disliked all the immature and childish things like talking boils on ass or feeding vomit to 2-headed goats.

    Don't get me wrong, this episode isn't without its flaws. Many of the jokes were too random to the likes of Family Guy's (the Rubik's cube joke along with the Hollywood Squares). And the funniest parts of this episodes were slapstick humor which says a lot.

    Ignoring the flaws, this episode is the stepping stone back to the right direction. It touches upon a very mature theme, and it asks a philosophical question which was handled properly. I enjoyed the character references to older episodes like Hermes and Zoidberg, and the ending is as sweet as "Jurassic Bark". I know for certain that this episode gives many fans a renewed hope for Futurama.
  • Heartwarming: Sure. Funny: 50%. Sorry.

    So after a Sithil War reneactment bender teases everyone by saying he is immortal because if sth happens to him they downolad his brain data into anothher unit and ban he is healed, but he learns he had no backup unit and freaks out and swears to take down Inspector 5, the guy who said everything was fine with him.

    Hermes and him gfo to the Beaurocracy department to find him, but Hermes searched in the PC and didn't find the data, so on the way home Bender called Mom and told her he has a defect so she sent killbots after him and Hermes. They escape on a train and arribe to Tijuana, where they go to the facotry where Bender was made.

    There, in a trash can, Bender finds were Inspector 5 lives, and they go to vhis house. Bender is searchign to find his identity and then, suddenly, the killbots return and attmept to bring down the house. Hermes tells Bender to hide while he manages to hack 5's PC and turn BVender's status to elinminated. They succed and back at Planet Express, Bender invites all to a club or bar and the reveltation comes:

    Hemres grabs a fodler and throws it to the heater, revealing he was inspector 5!!!! LEading to a flashback of him about to throw Bender away but he felt bad for baby Bender and checked him as approved.

    Great episde, but not as funny as the others. 9/10.
  • Funny, touching, and the best of the new season so far!

    "Lethal Inspection"

    Grade: A-

    So we've finally come to a Futurama episode focusing on both Hermes and Bender. How does it hold up? Extremely well, and if not for the first act, everything was pretty much perfect. I admit, I guessed the twist pretty quickly, but even the last montage was still pretty touching and then you realise how much Hermes actually cares for Bender.

    The episode followed Bender and Hermes having to find this Inspector #5 person to solve his mortal issue of being a robot. In the end, after Bender gives up finding him, Hermes convinces Bender that he should be living life at his fullest, and in the end decides not to reveal to Bender he is actually Inspector #5, and quitely gets rid of the evidence and saves his life from the kill-bots and Mom. The subplot of Leela taking over Hermes' job was funny, cause it was in character for Leela to be lazy at a job she has no experience at.

    Like I said before, my only gripe with the whole episode was the first act, with the Star Wars-like Civil War part. It felt very iffy and didn't really give out any laughs on their side of the characters. It could have been alot worse, but dragged the episode down for me a little bit. Overall, the rest was perfect and we finally have a satisfactory final act in the new season! With plenty of Futurama references, such as the old man finally managing to get his death certificate, to revisiting the Central Bureaucracy, it was "classic" Futurama humour, with a decent plot of making Hermes and Bender the highlight of the episode. With almost no sex jokes and geeky humour, Futurama is almost back in top form!
  • Finally, a decent episode! (spoiler beneath the fold)

    The first few episodes of the new series have not been great, the final few of season 4 are still the best IMHO. But, by getting back to good old fashioned road trip, this one rose above the pack.

    I've been waiting for the team to get their swing back. Lets hope it lasts.

    a few things I noticed:

    The alien language note Leela receives in Hermes' office reads "need extra cash? melt down your old; unwanted humans; we pay top dollar!"

    There is a shop in Mexico called "Adobe Photo Shoppe"

    The train tunnel is called the underground railroad (as in, the way slaves escaped from the south before the civil war)
  • NOTE: This summary and plot contain spoilers. Read at your own risk! I typically like the episodes of Futurama that bring characters together, such as Bender and Hermes in this episode.

    I typically like the episodes of Futurama that bring characters together, such as Bender and Hermes in this episode. The plot was very clever, which is not a surprise as Futurama always is. But the emotional connection that Hermes has to Bender, revealed at the end of the episode, makes this my favorite episode so far this season. And although Bender is shown as a baby robot in contrast to the events in the season 3 episode Bendless Love, this continuity error, along with any others that there may be, take nothing away from how amazing this episode really is. This will surely go down as one of my favoriite episodes not just for this season, but for the entire series.
  • The best adjectives cannot begin to describe this episode. Character development, humor, and a moral in one episode.

    This episode has to be one of the best episodes of Futurama I have ever seen. Bender found out that he a mortal robot, and travels with Hermes to find the inspector who inspected him. I will not spoil the ending, but I admit that it is a very emotional one (in a good way).

    The episode does have a moral, and an important one, too: death may be a harsh reality, but it is important to never let death keep one from appreciating life and living it to its fullest.

    This season of Futurama is turning out to be my favorite season of the series. Episodes like this are the reason I have been a fan of this show for years.
  • Best of the season. ( no spoilers )

    I was going to stop watching Futurama... Let's face it, this season sucked so far. Yeah, it had a few funny jokes but not as many as I wanted and the quality wasn't the same. Last week I said "if this sucks this is my last episode of Futurama". And I was going to do that, but for some reason I watched it and i'm glad I did.

    I gave it a 10/10 because it made me believe in Futurama again, and it proves that without sex jokes the show is far better.

    If this episode were from season 4 or 5 I'd give it a 9...9.5 perhaps ( BTW: somebody knows why I can't rate the episodes with decimals? Ex: 9.7. I can rate only 9.5 or 10, no 9.7 and it's driving me crazy ) but because it's the best so far of the worst season and it renovates my faith in the show, I gave it the perfect score.

    Best episode of the season.