Season 6 Episode 11

Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 26, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • Apparently, there won't be another Simpsons Movie. Maybe there will be, but not before the year 3010.

    So Fry is working on a ocmic, which is kinda simple because the hero, Deliveryboyman, has a specially useful power for every situation as he was "bitten by a radioactive Superman" which only Zoidberg likes. Oh wait, he liked the Ads. The Professor says those products are crap, and amy points out he has his own ad for a disintegrator, which the Professor says it's just a teleporter and that's how he knows the products on the ads are crap. Fry then goes to Comic-Con 3010 for a critic for "Deliveryboyman".

    At Comic-Con, they go to a Matt Groening panel where he and David X Cohen show then a pilot for a new show: Futurella, set on the year 4000. When they are showing the opeing sequence, it gets cancelled, those jerks at Fox streamlined the process and canceled it already. And then they are allowed to asks questions, but not about the simpsons, Just about Futurella

    Bender: When are you gonna make a second Simpsons movie??!!
    (Matt then shoots Bender with a laser)

    Fry asks Mr. Aragones if his comic is good, and it's not. So they go to a costume ocntest. There were many nods to Futurama eps (Mom, Brainspawn, Yivo, Leela, Robot Devil) as well as known movies (Avatar, Pirates of the CAribbean, Star WArs, and the ghost costume from Charlie Brown). So then Lrrr arrives, as Ndnd forced him to conquer a planet, and as everyone believed he was another disguised newrd, noone took him serious. Stunned he asks Leela why aren't they scared and if he knows her. Leela says he ate her for some minutes (Problem with Popplers reference!)

    That night Ndnd kicks him out and he stays at Planet Express. They try to cheer up Lrrr and he takes Bender's way (young look, make horns longer and have a one night stand), but at that night, the omicronian he dated is revelaed to be a cr0ss-species dresser and is just a very hot chick. Meanwhile Fry shows the crew his new version of Deliveryboyman where he does nothing and cry. Noone likes it either. So to get Ndnd back they decide to make her belive Lrrr conquered Earth. With the help of Orson Wells of course. With a Mork&Mindy reference: Bender: Dork calling Orson. Dork calling Orson

    So in a very funny fake report, Ndnd buys it and unfortunately, Zapp too. At the White House, Zapp and the troops come , and deliver the line: Zapp: So, you though you could conquer us so easily eh? Nice job. We surrender. Earth is yours.

    So Ndnd makes a surprise visit, so Lrrr has to play along as the ruler of the Earth, making everyone work on mines and on weird plays. That night, Lrrr and Ndnd were about to uh, have sex Omicronian way, when he sees Leela and can't do it. The next day he asks Leela what to do when Ndnd arrives and thinks Lrrr has been cheating on her, and he tells the truth about the Earth conquering stuff. But the really hot chick on her costume arrives and is about to shoot Ndnd, when she desintegrates the hot chick.

    So Ndnd demand the ritual of Rmmrfrmhmr Consequences, on white Plains (actual white, plain squares) where Lrrr has to shoot and kill the girl he doesn't want anymore. He can't do it, but Ndnd nags him until he does it, but FRy jumps to save Leela and it desintegrated. So Ndnd and Lrrr get back together and go home, and the hot chick comes to get Lrrr, but late. Then the crew figures out Lrrr shoot Fry with the teleporter Farnworth has ads of, and he is drawing the final version of Deliveryboyman, where the hero tries to cover Leela but does it to early and then a meteor falls on the bad guy, and the hero and Leela end up together. This is the version Leela liked the best.

    Bottom line: Good epiosde, nice Comic-con parodies, a lot of great lines, and All Glory Hypnotoad!!!!!!