Season 2 Episode 2

Mars University

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • Fry enrols in Mars University.

    So Fry enrols in Mars University, and enjoys it until he finds his roommate is a monkey. He is the experiment of Professor Farnsworth, and they both become enemies rather quickly, due to the monkey's intelligence and how cute it appears. Fry takes history of the 20th century, and proves to be a failure. The monkey becomes an embarrassment when his parents are released in the party, and start flinging... stuff... at the other people. This brings the monkey into realisation that he is miserable with his hat, and feels that he would be a failure to Farnsworth if he went into the wild. When the crew are at the risk of losing their lives, the monkey comes to place and saves them. Party at Robot House! Overall good episode but I thought it was slightly boring.
  • Fry attends Mars University.

    This episode revolves around the campus of Mars University. Fry enrolls as a student just so that he can claim the title of a college drop out. While there he competes and looses with the Professors latset project a monkey wearing a hat that increases his intelligence. Bender contacts his old fraternity, robot house only to discover it is full of nerds. He embarks on a campaign to teach them to be cool.

    The Professor makes classes that he knows nobody will pick.
    Fry attending a class regarding the 20th century is very funny, especially since he gets all the answers wrong.
  • Fry is forced to share a room with a talking monkey named Guenter for Farnsworth's experiment at a university

    Fry, Leela, Bender and Farnsworth have to go to Mars University where Fry has to share a room with a talking monkey, Farnsworth's latest invention. The monkey becomes a real headache when he starts beating Fry in all areas. Meanwhile, Bender is hanging out with nerd robots. I thought that this was a superb episode of "Futurama". It's not my favorite but I liked it for the most part. I enjoyed the second half of the episode more though. The first half of the episode bored me a little and I didn't like how Guenter was treating Fry in the first half of the episode plus I rarely laughed at anything. Only time I laughed in the first half of the episode was when Bender and the other robots were climbing a ladder to peek through the window of a girls' computer then they say stuff like "Oh that is a bad computer... a hot one" (or something close to that) and then they fall off the ladder. As for the second half of the episode, I laughed twice as more than the first half such as when Farnsworth said "No, I should've broke both of his legs" when Guenter went crazy and jumped through the window to go to the jungle, the entire race plot with Bender and the other robots, those sailers about to win the race but Bender and the other robots come out of nowhere in the lake and win the race, and more. So yeah, the second half of the episode made me laugh a lot while the first half rarely made me laugh but not only but I just didn't find the first half that enjoyable. It's a superbly written episode though and I would recommend to fans everywhere. Overall, a superb episode of "Futurama" but I honestly enjoyed the second half of the episode much more. 9/10

    A well classic of Futurama. Futurama is a great show, and this episode sure din't disappoint. Many funny things such as a talking monkey, and a robot house were the hilights of this episode, and there for made this episode funny and yet, great.

    The episode had a good plot line, all the scenes were connected well, and you could relate to alot of the things that happend in the episode, such as being in university. Fry was awesome at being a colloage drop out and I wasn't surprised on how he failed 20th century class, and Bender was awesome at how he made Robot House more popular, but my favourite character in this episode would have to be FatBot.
  • A superb episode of Futurama.

    Plot: Planet Express goes to Mars where Fry enrolls in college to become an official college drop-out. He has to share a room with Guenter, Farnsworth's new super-intelligent monkey invention. The monkey winds up outsmarting Fry in every way, making Fry mad.
    Meanwhile, Bender starts to hang out with some nerd robots, AKA "Robot House", and they get into all sorts of trouble.

    I liked this episode. I won't reveal everything about it, but I will talk about some of my favorite parts:

    1. Guenter putting the hat that makes him smart on his butt, making Fry laugh at him.
    2. This quote:
    Farnsworth: Good news, everyone. You have a package to deliver.
    Fry: Where to?
    Farnsworth: To me.
    Bender: Another job well done.
    3. Every single thing that happens whenever "Robot House" gets in trouble with the Dean.

    This episode had a very original and good plot, great jokes, and character development(Fry is now an official college drop-out.), which is always good.
  • Fry goes to college.

    Fry, Leela, and Professor Farnsworth are on Mars visiting Mars University when Fry proudly states that he was a high school drop out. Leela tells him that that doesn't mean anything and Fry decides that now he wants to become a college drop out. The Professor has a reason for coming to the university and Fry finds out after he has enrolled and gets his own dorm room. It turns out that the Professor invented a hat that makes monkeys smart and he wants to see if his monkey, Gunter, can graduate from the university. A rivalry quickly develops between Fry and Gunter.
  • I\'m sorry, is it bad that I lied about Love\'s Labors being my favorite un-dramatic one? Because I did.

    Amazing. Superbly amazing. I always love college campus for some reason. Although, I haven\'t been there yet, I find it an enjoyable area to just be damn funny. Plainly speaking. Bender teaching frats? Oh, yeah! A talking monkey that mocks Fry? Oh yeah! A humorous episode that so frequently lacks in unhilarium? Oh, freakin yeah! I loved this episode. Straight out loved it. It was hilarious, somewhat dramatic, and on college campus. It brought us more into the kid sides of our famous heroes and Fry knows how to put it all together. I loved it, and there is no way you can say I didn\'t.
  • college

    Fry enrolls in college again, but he becomes to hate his roommate, Guntier, a talking monkey programmed by Professor Farnsworth. Meanwhile, Bender starts hanging out with nerds, who worship Bender. Bender teaches them how to be cool, and he grows to like the nerds.

    This was a great episode. It had a great plot, and great humor. I loved how Bender and the robots ignored all the women in the dorm room, and stared at the inside of the computer. I also loved how the fat robot ate everything when he was hungry.

    This plot was already done in The Simpsons, and they did it better, but this was still a great episode.

    Overall Grade:95%/A+
  • fry... college?

    This episode revolves around the campus of Mars University. Fry enrolls as a student just so that he can claim the title of a college drop out. While there he competes and looses with the Professors latset project a monkey wearing a hat that increases his intelligence. Bender contacts his old fraternity, robot house only to discover it is full of nerds. He embarks on a campaign to teach them to be cool.

    The Professor makes classes that he knows nobody will pick.
    Fry attending a class regarding the 20th century is very funny, especially since he gets all the answers wrong
  • I absolutely loved this episode all the way through to the end.

    The Planet Express crew's latest mission is to deliver a crate to Professor Farnsworth's office at Mars University. While touring the campus, Bender comes across a chapter of his old fraternity, Epsilon Rho Rho (ERR). The nerdy fraternity brothers beg Bender for his help in the art of being cool, as "even Hillel has better parties than us!"

    Fry finds out that his 20th century college dropout status is equivalent to only a 31st century high school dropout. Knowing this, he vows to enroll, and drop out all over again. In a scene straight from Animal House, Bender and the Robot House boys climb a ladder to peek in a girl's dorm window. A mishap happens when Bender's extendable eyes causes them to fall and crush Snooty House's servants quarters ("I say, you've damaged our servants quarters, and our servants").

    Fry gets a room in the financial aid dorm, and finds his roommate Guenter is an intelligent monkey wearing an undersized hat. The Professor enters, and reveals that Guenter was the content of the crate, and that the electronium hat is the source of Guenter's intelligence. Bender and the Robot House members get called before Dean Vernon, who places them on dodecatuple secret probation.

    At the parents' reception, Fry humiliates Guenter by releasing Guenter's unintelligent, feral parents from their cage. Later, Guenter expresses his unhappiness at his current life. At the 20th century history exam, the stress finally becomes too much for him, and he tosses the hat aside, jumps out the window, and into the Martian jungle. While Fry, Leela, and the Professor head off into the jungle to find Guenter, Robot House enters the fraternity raft regatta in a bid to lift their probation status.

    When Guenter is found, the Professor offers him the hat, and Fry offers him a banana. Before Guenter can decide, Robot House speeds past with Bender on water skis. The boat's wake drags the humans into the river and towards a waterfall. Guenter puts the hat on and rescues them, but in the process the hat is damaged. Guenter announces that he likes the new reduced-capacity hat, and that he's decided to transfer to business school, to the horror of Professor Farnsworth. Robot House wins the regatta, and a parade in their honor is held, lead by an unhappy Dean Vernon.

    The episode ends with a party at Robot House, and an epilogue stating that Fry successfully dropped out and returned to his dead-end job at Planet Express, Guenter successfully transferred to Business School and became CEO of the Fox Network, Fat-Bot caught a computer virus in Tijuana and had to be rebooted, Leela went on one date with Dean Vernon, but he never called again, and Bender, his job done, stole everything of value from Robot House and ran off.
  • Roooooobot House!!

    This episode is one the best, and delivers some of the best lines in the series' history. As a parody of 1980s college movies and summer camp movies, Mars University hits the nail on the head. The dean's repeated exclamations of "ROOOOOOBOT HOUSE" are among the finest things ever to come from this underappreciated series. This episode also introduces Guenter, the hyper-intelligent monkey (thanks to the hat that Professor Farnsworth makes for him). When Guenter has to decide between losing his intelligence and opting for "ignorance is bliss" or keeping the hat and being the smartest damn simian on Mars, he blows a gasket. And of course, Fry can relate. He and Farnsworth set down the hat and a banana to let regular-old-monkey Guenter decide his fate of being released into the wild or staying a smart monkey and the exchange is hilarious. Leela: Professor, you'll offer Guenter the hat and, Fry, you'll offer him the banana. We'll let him choose whether he wants to be intelligent or just a mindless animal.
    Farnsworth: Come on, Guenter, take the hat.
    Fry: No, the banana, the banana!
    Farnsworth: Consider the philosophical and metaphysical ramifications of the-
    Fry: Banana, banana, banana!

    Ah yes, Banana, Banana, Banana.
  • college

    fry goes to college so he can become a successful college drop out. his roommate is a smart monkey, which is an experiment of farnsworth. but the monkey eventually goes crazy and wants to find his parents. this leads to a search for the monkey, and in the end, all is normal {relatively of course}

    a series classic, i think. not only does it have a good plot but it is also a very funny and humorous episode, with a great ending as well. my overall grade for this episode, without a doubt, is an A+. Definitely recommend for Futurama-fans!
  • Fry goes to Mars University.

    A funny episode involving a college on cars, talking monkeys wearing hats on their heads (and butts), a robot fraternity wreaking havoc on campus, and Philip J. Fry going back to college so he can drop out again after discovering that he technically only dropped out of high school. It was very funny, and clever, and easy to remember! It is one of those episodes in Futurama that you will get a laugh a minute in. It's very clever and funny! You have to be sure to watch this episode, Mars University.

    After Fry discovers that he technically only dropped out of high school in the twentieth century, he attendy Mars University to drop out again. But, problems arise with Fry and Professor Farnsworth's newest experiment, a talking monkey, Guenter, when he and Fry have to be roommates (so the professor only has to remember one phone number, according to him.) Guenter is not happy at all with his lifestyle at college and as a monkey.
  • Introduction of Guenter

    In this episode, we find out why Hubert Farnsworth is a Professor - he teaches at Mars University. The plots in this episode are hilarious, especially Fry trying to become a certified college dropout and Bender trying to teach Robot House, his old fraternity, how to be cool. I think the ending was hilarious with Guenter trying to wear the hat on his butt and Dean being forced to lift the secret probation and create a parade honouring Robot House. Now all I need to do is watch the movie Animal House and I'll get a lot more of the jokes.
  • Funny Stuff - Close to my all time favourite

    The storyline involving Gunther the monkey and how he is so smart is quite funny, but the best moments for me involve Bender and the nerd robots of robot house pulling pranks on everyone.

    The robots want to be cool like Bender and so he teaches them. The dean is obviously a jerk who has it in for the robots.

    This is one of the funniest because it reminds me so much of what it was like it school. There were different groups - rich, popular, nerds, etc (not robots though)