Season 2 Episode 2

Mars University

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • A superb episode of Futurama.

    Plot: Planet Express goes to Mars where Fry enrolls in college to become an official college drop-out. He has to share a room with Guenter, Farnsworth's new super-intelligent monkey invention. The monkey winds up outsmarting Fry in every way, making Fry mad.
    Meanwhile, Bender starts to hang out with some nerd robots, AKA "Robot House", and they get into all sorts of trouble.

    I liked this episode. I won't reveal everything about it, but I will talk about some of my favorite parts:

    1. Guenter putting the hat that makes him smart on his butt, making Fry laugh at him.
    2. This quote:
    Farnsworth: Good news, everyone. You have a package to deliver.
    Fry: Where to?
    Farnsworth: To me.
    Bender: Another job well done.
    3. Every single thing that happens whenever "Robot House" gets in trouble with the Dean.

    This episode had a very original and good plot, great jokes, and character development(Fry is now an official college drop-out.), which is always good.