Season 2 Episode 2

Mars University

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • Roooooobot House!!

    This episode is one the best, and delivers some of the best lines in the series' history. As a parody of 1980s college movies and summer camp movies, Mars University hits the nail on the head. The dean's repeated exclamations of "ROOOOOOBOT HOUSE" are among the finest things ever to come from this underappreciated series. This episode also introduces Guenter, the hyper-intelligent monkey (thanks to the hat that Professor Farnsworth makes for him). When Guenter has to decide between losing his intelligence and opting for "ignorance is bliss" or keeping the hat and being the smartest damn simian on Mars, he blows a gasket. And of course, Fry can relate. He and Farnsworth set down the hat and a banana to let regular-old-monkey Guenter decide his fate of being released into the wild or staying a smart monkey and the exchange is hilarious. Leela: Professor, you'll offer Guenter the hat and, Fry, you'll offer him the banana. We'll let him choose whether he wants to be intelligent or just a mindless animal.
    Farnsworth: Come on, Guenter, take the hat.
    Fry: No, the banana, the banana!
    Farnsworth: Consider the philosophical and metaphysical ramifications of the-
    Fry: Banana, banana, banana!

    Ah yes, Banana, Banana, Banana.