Season 2 Episode 2

Mars University

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • Fry goes to Mars University.

    A funny episode involving a college on cars, talking monkeys wearing hats on their heads (and butts), a robot fraternity wreaking havoc on campus, and Philip J. Fry going back to college so he can drop out again after discovering that he technically only dropped out of high school. It was very funny, and clever, and easy to remember! It is one of those episodes in Futurama that you will get a laugh a minute in. It's very clever and funny! You have to be sure to watch this episode, Mars University.

    After Fry discovers that he technically only dropped out of high school in the twentieth century, he attendy Mars University to drop out again. But, problems arise with Fry and Professor Farnsworth's newest experiment, a talking monkey, Guenter, when he and Fry have to be roommates (so the professor only has to remember one phone number, according to him.) Guenter is not happy at all with his lifestyle at college and as a monkey.
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