Season 2 Episode 2

Mars University

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 1999 on Comedy Central



  • Allusions

    • Animal House
      There are several references to the 1978 movie Animal House:

      Mars University Motto "Knowledge Bring Fear," from Faber College's "Knowledge Is Good."
      Similar Statues, though Faber's was not on a horse.
      Similar music at beginning.
      The house is nearly identical, with the junked car, old metal drums, patio furniture, spool table, broken roof and hanging crest.
      Fatbot is a direct take-off of Flounder. He wears the same beany as Flounder did in the beginning of Animal House. He uses the quotes "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" and "This is gonna be great!" in the same voice. In the end scene, his freeze frame is identical with Flounder's.
      The continuous track of "Louie, Louie," and the panty raid.
      Similar music during the night time scene. Bender shuffles his feet like Bluto.
      John Belushi's character puts a ladder up to the window to peek in on the coeds clad only in their panties (and bras when it ran on TV).
      The ladder stunt is done in Animal House, but is knocked over by, uh, a different kind of extension.
      Snooty House is like the rival frat in Animal House, what with the snootiness and the pipe-smoking. Though that might also be a reference to P.C.U.
      One of the frat guys name is named Meiderneyer, which is similar to Neidermeyer.
      Dean Vernon is a takeoff Dean Wormer, whose first name is Vernon, and was played by John Vernon. He gives a similar list of Frat offenses. In Animal House, Wormer puts Delta on double secret probation.
      Bender acts like John Belushi, crushing a beer keg on his head.
      Song "Shout!" plays at the end.
      The ending with a parade is from Animal House, as is the cake-shaped float, and the freeze-frame and captions saying what happened to the characters in the future.