Season 2 Episode 19

Mother's Day

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 14, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

When all the robots, including Bender, want to express their love for Mom, the founder of Mom's Friendly Robot Company, upon Mother's Day, she programs them all to rebel and turn against humanity until she is made supreme ruler of the Universe. New New York is left in a total blackout and people find themselves returning to more primitive ways of living.

Walt, Larry and Ignor find out that their Mom is so bitter on Mother's Day because the only man she ever loved, Professor Farnsworth, walked out on her that day 70 years ago. As the robot protesters turn violent, the three sons turn up at Planet Express to try to convince the Professor to get back with Mom and thus make her happy enough to end the rebellion.

Finding out that she controls the robots using a certain device, Planet Express takes the Professor to Mom's cabin to retrieve it. However, in the process Mom and the Professor grow to love each other again, and when the angry robots attack the cabin she returns them to normal so that they don't ruin the romantic evening. The Professor declares his love for Mom, but when Amy lets it slip that it was originally just a plan to exploit Mom, the furious old lady turns him out.The End