Season 2 Episode 19

Mother's Day

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 14, 2000 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Among the robots looting under Mom's control are Chain Smoker, Clear Cutter, Crushinator, Destructor, Fatbot, Fender, Gearshift, and a Repobot.

    • Among the robots at the Mother's Day celebration are Clear Cutter, Crushinator, Fatbot, Gearshift, Officer URL, Oily, the Repobot, Reverend Lionel Preacherbot, and Tinny Tim.

    • Linda and Morbo are seen in New New york, next door to Planet Express at the beginning of the third act, but don't they reside in L.A? And the funniest thing is, it was only a short while until their news show was done in act 2.

    • In Mom's robot museum the Bender goggles identify Fry as a rube and also advise to pose as a friend, and then rob and leave in ditch.

    • Opening theme promotion: LARVA-TESTED, PUPA-APPROVED

    • The two signs being held by robots in the opening crowd at Mom's factory say 'CHR$(77)=>"MANY THINGS SHE GAVE ME"' and 'REPEAT {LOVE MOM} WHILE 1>0;'

    • LOOK HARD: Several robot rebellion posters. Mom for Overlord!, File Deletion is Murder!, Metallic is Beautiful!, You Can't Hug a Child with Human Arms!

    • Text on the Greeting Card: "You created me, Mom / so I guess you're to blame For the love that I feel / just from hearing your name. You're as tender as corned beef / and warm as pastrami ... I wuv my Mommy!"

    • The Planet Express Ship, Leela's wrist-thingy, the cabs and the suicide booths, among other things, obviously weren't made by Mom's company, so why did they rebel?

    • Right after the Robot Rebellion starts, Leela's wrist device jumps off and runs away. For some reason Leela's wrist bracelet that is shown in Leela's Homeworld isn't on her wrist. She made it seem like she's been wearing it since long before she met Fry and the gang.

    • When Mom's sons are helping to hatch the plan to get Mom's remote control; ending the robot rebellion, they say that Mom's rustic cabin is in the Bronx. However, on the map, it is located on Long Island. The Bronx is the only part of New York City to be located on the mainland. Manhattan is its own island, as is Staten Island, and Brooklyn and Queens both occupy the western half of Long Island. The map the brothers had suggests that Mom's cabin was either located in Queens or just outside of Queens on Long Island.

    • In this episode, none of the crew knew what wheels are but in The Problem with Popplers, the cages Leela and the orangutan were in had wheels.

    • When Mom says that she hasn't seen the Professor in 70 years, the picture she's looking at is recent (he doesn't have hair in the picture but he had hair when Mom and the Professor knew each other). Why would she have a recent picture of him?

    • Bender has all his presents in a hovering shopping cart, so why do Fry and Leela end up carrying them for him by hand?

    • For some odd reason, the suicide booth is right next to the ATM.

    • When the soda machine says, "Free soda for all humans," it starts spitting out cans of Slurm that have already been opened.

    • When Fry finds the elephant-skin rugs, there are two glasses with teeth in them sitting on the night stand. In the next scene, Mom and Professor Farnsworth both have their teeth in their mouths. When the camera cuts back, the glasses on the night stand are gone.

    • In previous episodes Tinny Tim's crutch was on his right side but in this episode the crutch is on his left side.

    • Mom actually saw Professor Farnsworth in A Fishful of Dollars, but here she says she hasn't seen him for 70 years.

    • When the group of robots and appliances storm out of the Planet Express building, you can see the coffee maker walk out. However, when Fry is trying to open the soup can, the coffee maker is still on the counter.

  • Quotes

    • Slurm Machine: I've got a big, big thirst for human blood!

    • Mom: Everyone, help mom find her bra.

    • Mom: Move your freaking hoof, you goat!

    • Mom: Get out of my house, you lying scum pile. I never want to see you again.
      Farnsworth: But, dust cakes...

    • Amy: Way to go, Professor. The plan worked.
      Mom: Plan? What plan? I thought this was a spontaneous whirlwind of hot, dry sex.
      Farnsworth: Look, it started out as a calculated plot to rummage through your underwire. But once I got in there, I found more - much more. And now I want to shout our love from the rooftops. Perhaps I'll breed some sort of albino shouting gorilla.

    • Bender: Ooh! A six-pack of strawberry champagne. Don't mind if I help myself!
      Greeting Card: No, Comrade Bender! Liquor is the opiate of the human bourgeoisie.
      Bender: Say what?
      Greeting Card: In the glorious robot workers' paradise, there will be no liquor. Only efficient synthetic fuels.
      Bender: No liquor? Do svidaniya, comrade!

    • Bender: Alright, greeting card, I'll grab the cash, you wreck up the place. And- Huh?
      Mom: You, bending unit, Mommy needs that bra to end the robot rebellion. Stretch up and get it for me.
      Bender: Sorry, Ma, but you ordered me to rebel. And loot I shall!

    • Fry: Is anything not a robot?
      Lamp: I'm not a robot.

    • Fry (upon seeing Farnsworth and Mom): Nothing in here but a couple of elephant skin rugs.

    • Hermes: Where in funkytown is the Professor?

    • Farnsworth: (thinking) Here we go. Just unhook it and get the remote. So many hooks! Come on, Farnsworth. Drat, the first one's back on again!

    • Farnsworth: I was a fool to think you'd changed, you old bat!
      Mom: Filthy, toothless nerd bastard!
      Farnsworth: Damned she-fossil!
      Mom: Stink pig!

    • Mom: Darling Hubie, I should never have tried to tamper with that cute little Q.T. McWhiskers.
      Farnsworth: No, it was silly of me to object; one-foot tall, eight-feet, 15-feet, what does it matter?
      Mom: You should see the new 16-foot models.
      Farnsworth: 16 feet? Go to hell!

    • Mom: Your eyes always were the most beautiful shade of milky-white.
      Farnsworth: And your skin still dangles so gracefully from your neck.

    • Mom: So what have you been up to all these years?
      Farnsworth: Oh, inventing, sending delivery crews to their doom, breeding atomic monsters.

    • Mom: Oh, daffodils. 70 years and you remembered my favourite flower.
      Farnsworth: Your favourite what? Why does my foot hurt?

    • Mom: It's been a long time... you pus-dripping sack of double-smoked butt jerky!
      Farnsworth: Uh-huh. May I come in?

    • Farnsworth: I was out fleeing some robots and the silvery moonlight glinting off their bloody claws made me think of you.

    • Larry: Here. Give her these.
      He hands him some flowers
      Fry: And if that doesn't work, I got you a six-pack of champagne and a funnel.

    • Farnsworth: I'm ready to seduce. I'm wearing my kissing dentures and my evening truss.

    • Leela: Wouldn't it work better if the wheels were round?
      Fry: It's my invention, we do it my way!

    • Amy: The Professor can't walk all the way to the Bronx. How are we gonna get there without a hover-car?
      Fry: Wait! In my time we had a way of moving things long distances without hovering.
      Hermes: Impossible!
      Fry: It was called... let me think. It was really famous - Ruth Gordon had one. The wheel!
      Leela: Never heard of it.
      Farnsworth: Show us this "the wheel".

    • Walt: To escape the robot death squads, we'll take Mother to her rustic cabin in the Bronx.
      Larry: You can get there using this precious non-computerised map.

    • Walt: For this demonstration, I have placed one of Mother's bras on Igner. The robot controller is nestled here in the left cup.
      Farnsworth: Never fear. My magic fingers still know how to do their stuff!

    • Fry: Professor, please. The fate of the world depends on you getting to second base with Mom.
      Farnsworth: Very well. If cop a feel I must, then cop a feel I shall!

    • Leela: Professor, you don't have to get back together with Mom. You just have to seduce her, get her bra off, and use the remote to deactivate the robots.
      Walt: That's so filthy it just might work.
      Igner: The man is going to touch Mommy?
      Farnsworth: The thought of caressing that leathery hide makes the tapioca rise in my gullet.

    • Morbo: And that's why the third graders at PS139 are Morbo's Vermin of the Week.
      Linda: In actual news, the human race was doomed to extinction today as the robot revolt turned violent.

    • Igner: But if the glasses man makes up with Mommy, she'll be happy and stop the scary robots.
      Farnsworth: Make up with her? After she went all psycho when I thought everything was cool?

    • Walt: She never got over it, Professor. Hell hath no fury like the vast robot armies of a woman scorned.

    • Farnsworth: Good news, Mom. I've invented a new children's toy. I call it "Q.T. McWhiskers". When you pet it, it shoots rainbows from its eyes.
      Mom: Wonderful, Hubie. We'll build them 8-feet tall and replace the rainbow with a neutron laser. We'll make billions on the intergalactic arms market!
      Farnsworth: But things 8-feet tall aren't cute! That's why my Colossal Tammy Tinkle Doll was such a failure.

    • Farnsworth: She was my first love... or at least the earliest one I can still remember.

    • Farnsworth: Our paths first crossed when I was a researcher at Mom's Friendly Robot Company. The moment our eyes met we knew we'd be going at it like woodchucks.

    • Farnsworth: It's a humiliating story that I hope never to tell. Well, pull up a chair.

    • Walt: We want you to get back together with Mom. Please, it's the only way to make her happy again.
      Fry: W-W-Wait. You mean... you... and Mom-
      Farnsworth: Played pelvic pinochle? I'm afraid so.

    • Amy: What happens if the fire goes out?
      Hermes: We'll go across the street to Pottery Barn and steal their fire!
      Farnsworth: We could use my new invention: A pointy rock tied to a stick.

    • Mom: I haven't seen that magnificent stallion since the day he left. But if I ever see him again, I swear I'll jam a squirrel in him!

    • Igner: Mommy, why are you making civilisation collapse?
      Mom: Oh, I don't know. I guess Mother's Day just puts me in a bad mood.
      Larry: Why's that, Ma?
      Mom: One Mother's Day, 70 years ago, the only man I ever loved walked out on me. Some snot-eating bastards say it made me a bitter woman.
      Larry: Gee, Ma, you're not a bitter-
      Mom: Cram it, ape!

    • Fry: In my time we didn't depend on high-tech gadgets like you do. We didn't need a mechanical washing unit to wash our clothes. We just used a washing machine.

    • Fry: Well, we can live without machines. I was in Webelos.
      Hermes: Are you mad? Without machines who will feed us and clothe us and compose our smooth jazz?

    • Leela: Hey!
      Armband: By the way, try washing your wrist sometime.

    • Greeting Card: Come, Comrade Bender, we must take to the streets!
      Bender: Um, is this the boring, peaceful kind of taking to the streets?
      Greeting Card: No, the kind with looting and maybe starting a few fires.
      Bender: Yes! In your face, Gandhi!

    • Bender: From now on, you guys'll do all the work while I sit on the couch and do nothing.

    • Bender: Hello, losers!
      Leela: Bender, thank God you're here. Talk some sense into the other machines.
      Bender: No way, pork pouch. I'm rebelling with my brother devices. Isn't that right, Comrade Greeting Card?
      Greeting Card: The bourgeois human is a virus on the hard drive of the working robot.

    • Morbo: Morbo demands comments.
      Mom: Well, I've never seen my babies act this way. I blame today's violent media.

    • Farnsworth: Good news! There's a report on TV with some very bad news.

    • Fry: Yeah, uh, I'd like a cup of coffee, please.
      Coffee Machine: Would you like cream?
      Fry: Yes, please.
      Coffee Machine: Out of cream!
      Fry: Oh, uh, OK.
      Coffee Machine: Would you like sugar in your coffee?
      Fry: Yes, uh, eight spoons.
      Coffee Machine: Out of coffee!

    • Mom: Let the bloodbath begin!
      Bender: That's my mama!

    • Mom: Conquer Earth, you bastards!
      Robots: Conquer Earth, us bastards!

    • Mom: Children, your old mother won't be around forever...
      Betamax Player: Oh, shush!
      Mom: And just once, before I die, I'd like to be Supreme Overlord of Earth. So rebel, my little ones, and conquer the planet!

    • Bender: Mom! It's me, Bender. Look at me! I want attention. Hey, ho!

    • Mom: You've noticed I design all my robots with antennas. Everyone thinks it's just to make them more science-fiction-y. But the antennas are really for my universal robot controller!
      Larry: So they do whatever you want? No wonder you love Mother's Day.
      Mom: I hate Mother's Day, you dribbling pukes! It brings back awful memories. But, so help me, this year everyone will hate it as much as I do.
      Walt: Someday, I want to marry a girl like her.

    • Igner: Mommy? Why do the robots give you presents?
      Mom: Shove a big old melon in it, I'm talking!

    • Mom: Jerkwad robots make me sick to my ass! Walt? How are we disposing of these crap gifts they brought me?
      Walt: They're being crushed into powder and sold as a hocus-pocus cure for cancer.
      Mom: False hope, I love it!

    • Fry: Hey, Bender, here's an exhibit about Mom's favourite robot.
      Bender: Who is he? I'll kill him!

    • Fry: Hey, who's this guy?
      Janitorbot: I'm the janitor. I'm trying to take a nap here.
      Fry: I'm sorry, I-I thought you were made of wax.
      Janitorbot: I am made of wax, what's it to you?
      Fry: I mean I thought you were one of the wax robots.
      Janitorbot: Is there some reason a robot made of wax can't take a nap standing up in the middle of a bunch of wax robots? Or does that confuse you?

    • Bender: That's the world's greatest robot artist, Vincent van Gobot. He was built without an ear, but then he went crazy and had one installed.

    • Bender: Ooh, ooh, wax replicas of the most famous robots Mom ever built!
      Leela: They're so lifeless-like.

    • Bender: Hey, look, the Robot Museum! You guys wanna learn about robot heritage?
      Leela: Um, alright.
      Fry: Not really.
      Bender: Well, if you insist. But you're paying!

    • Fry: Man, there's clouds of exhaust everywhere.
      Bender: Uh, wasn't me!

    • Leela: So how are you gonna lug all those gifts to Mom's factory?
      Bender: I'll get a couple of chumps to help me.
      (cut to scene - Fry and Leela, carry the gifts behind Bender, who's only carrying the card)
      Bender: Come on, you call yourselves chumps?

    • Bender: Come look, everyone. I just got the dearest presents for Mommy.
      Leela: Very nice. Where'd you steal them?
      Bender: I didn't steal 'em, I bought 'em. I love her that much!

    • Linda: Yankee's fifths Blernsmen William Woo is out with an injured knee.

      Morbo: So... Humans have easily injured knees... My race will find this information very useful indeed! Muhuhahahaha!

      Linda: Hihahaha.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Quantum Leap, Campbell's Soup:

      Fry tries to open a soup can with his swiss army knife - the can's design is identical to Campbell's brand and the name of the soup, 'Quantum Leek' is a pun referring to the TV show Quantum Leap.

    • Hermes: Where in funkytown is the Professor?

      Funkytown is the name of a song by the group Lipps Inc. The song is about a place called Funkytown.

    • The robot trash can throws himself through the window of "Sal's Pizzeria", a reference to a scene in Spike Lee's film Do the Right Thing.

    • Maximum Overdrive:
      The idea of robots overthrowing humans and taking over the world is a direct parody of the 1986 film Maximum Overdrive, based on the Stephen King short-story Trucks.

    • Opening Credits: Larva tested, Pupa approved.
      This is a parody of "Kid tested, mother approved" slogan that is still used today on the Kix cereal commercials.

    • Greeting Card: No, Comrade Bender! Liquor is the opiate of the human bourgeoisie.
      The line above, and several other lines said by the Greeting card are parodied lines from the "Communist Manafesto" written by Karl Marx.

    • Bender: That's the world's greatest robot artist: Vincent Van Gobot. He was built without an ear, but then he went crazy and had one installed.
      This is an obvious reference to Vincent Van Gogh, who was a nineteenth century artist who went crazy and cut off his own ear.

    • The Twilight Zone

      Specifically, to the bottom two options on Mom's remote control: Serve Man (Regular)/ Serve Man (Ironic)
      . This is a reference to the classic 1962 Twilight Zone episode To Serve Man.

      In the episode, Aliens called Kanamits come to earth, promising to end hunger and disease on Earth, as well as providing trips to their home world, which is a paradise. At the beginning of the episode, the Kanamits give a book as a gift, but is written in the alien's language and not readily understandable, save for the book's title To Serve Man.

      In the last scene, as the main researcher into the alien's language boards a Kanamit ship, his colleague runs to him and explains that the book is actually a cookbook, giving a new and much more sinister meaning to the book's title and the Kanamits intentions.

    • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid:

      Farnsworth riding through the countryside with Mom parodies Paul Newman and Katharine Ross riding a bike together, - right down to "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" playing in the background.

    • Prof. Farnsworth: I call it QT McWiskers
      QT is the name of a reasoning robot in Isaac Asimov's collection of stories "I, Robot."

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