Season 1 Episode 7

My Three Suns

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 04, 1999 on Comedy Central
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The crew visits an arid planet in the Galaxy of Terror distinctive for its three suns and liquid alien inhabitants. Fry, after delivering a package under the scorching heat, quenches his thirst with a bottle of cool blue liquid. Fry soon finds out he drank the planet's royal leader and is named the new emperor. Fry abuses his newfound power, even appointing Bender second in command, until the aliens retaliate and the real battle for power begins.moreless

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  • i'm not to crazy about the episode

    everyone seems to love this episode. i will admit it had its funny parts like when leela and bender are talking on the phone or when fry drank the emperor. but other then that and a few other things it wasn't that funny. maybe it will grow on me. i guess we'll see. still love futurama.
  • Fry became Emperor!

    Fry was forced to walk long distance to Emperor's home away from the ship! I felt really bad for him. Leela should park the ship closer to the castle! It is so cool, there are three suns in that world! Fry was so thirsty so he drank the bottle of water. It was previous emperor's fault because he didn't put the bottle in safe place! Fry deserves to be new "Emperor"! Leela need to repsect Fry and other crew! Leela need to grow up but Leela saved Fry's life from assassin! This episode is really awesome and all of characters. Great Episode!moreless
  • So funny!!!!!!!!

    Whem making a delivery to an extremely hot planet, Fry gets thirsty and drinks a bottle of blue, cool liquid. He soon finds out he drank the planet's ruler, so Fry is now the new ruler of the planet. He soon starts taking advantage of being the ruler, as does Bender, because he's second in command. The planet soon misses the old ruler, and the only way Fry can get him out is by crying. So the gang hurts him, hoping he will cry the emperor out, and, it works.

    This was a great episode!!!! There were so many funny moments, such as everyone hurting Fry to make him cry.

    Overall Grade: 90%/A-moreless
  • funny

    a liquid planet and fry becoming an emperor?! fry becomes emperor of a planet of liquid water after unintentionally drinking the previous one. but now he is going to be killed so there is a new emperor. will leela, bender, and everyone else be able to save fry, or is this the untimely end of philip j. fry?

    a really funny episode with one of my favorite bender lines {just the way he says it, but i am not going to reveal what it is}. i don't like the ending a whole lot but the rest is good. Grade- Amoreless
  • Planet Trisol... um... three suns?

    Due to Fry's mishap (drinking a bottle of liquid which he thinks was water) he becomes the emperor of Trisol, as the liquid turned out to be an emperor... Leela doesn't find this to be amusing because Fry didn't go with her orders. Fry tries to convince her that it's all OK, but to Fry's inconvenience, she returns to the ship and they find out that the previous emperor is still alive in Fry. The other inhabitants of Trisol attempt to get him out, but they devise a cunning plan - making him cry. The emperor eventually gets out to the pain of Fry. This episode is, like the previous, really great and well-written and involves great jokes (I'm not giving my name to a machine!), one of my favourite episodes.moreless
David Herman

David Herman

Florp/Trisolian Guards

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Turanga Leela

Billy West

Billy West

Philip J. Fry/Professor Hubert Farnsworth/Dr. Zoidberg/Gorgak

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Amy Wong

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Hermes Conrad

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Shady Guy/Murg/Bont

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (23)

    • This is the first time you see Fry cry in Futurama.

    • When Zoidberg blocks the Trisolians who burst throught the door, the person or people or whoever managed to break through the door did not reform into shape, and for some reason, the hole in the door is gone.

    • During the scene where Bender is wearing his sash, it miraculously disappears in the shot from behind.

    • During the wide shot of the coronation, Bender has a martini glass in his hand. However, in the closer shot, he has a different type of glass and then announces that he is switching to hard liquor. He then throws the glass away and takes out another martini glass.

    • As Fry is giving his coronation speech, the suns are setting to his right; however, his shadow is cast behind him.

    • The reaction to Florb's comic routine would suggest that the Trisolians in the audience are from under the red sun, and the closest sun to them is the yellow one.

    • When the Planet Express crew are lying on a stack of pillows in the palace, the clouds out the window are moving to the right; however, in Fry's close-up, they're moving in the opposite direction.

    • When Fry becomes King, Bender yells "In your face, Gorgak," but then he disappears.
      Answer: It is shown he goes to sit next to Emperor Fry.

    • During the meal that Bender cooks for the crew, Zoidberg is repulsed by the water with salt in it when he is in fact a lobster/crab creature.

    • When everyone at Planet Express is eating Bender's slug, Leela's fork disappears after she says "Oh, dear God!"

    • The display case in the Little Neptune store has cards reading 'I Can't Believe It's Not Slug,' 'Slug Tenders' and 'Slug Shank.'

    • Two signs seen within Little Neptune are 'Girls, Girls, Aliens' and 'All Tentacle Massage.'

    • Almost all of the Planet Express crew members had a change of clothes for the coronation ceremony.

    • A kid in Little Neptune can be seen eating fruit right out of a vendor's bin.

    • Opening theme promotion: PRESENTED IN DOUBLE VISION (WHERE DRUNK)
      Opening theme cartoon: The Impractical Joker (1937) (Fleischer Studio)

    • There are several signs written in Alien Code #1 in the alley with the Organ Salesman, but most have the translation written right next to them. In order of appearance they read 'Open, Ring,' 'Televideo,' the numbers 1-12, 'Market, Boxing,' and 'The Eye Will Come.'

    • While most of the signs around the Emperor's throne cannot be translated, one is written in Alien Code #1. It reads, of course, "Don't Drink The Emperor". There is a sign in red off to the side that does look like Alien Code #3, but it isn't.

    • When you see the pictures of the kings, you see a picture of King Fry, but when Leela is yelling at Fry, the frame where Fry's picture was is blank!

    • Whenever Leela arrives and everyone starts beating up Fry to make him cry out the emperor, it shows Dr. Zoidberg pinching his leg and later, sitting next to the wall tired with Bender and Amy. However, if he's there, then what is keeping the Trisolians from coming through the hole in the door that Zoidberg was plugging with his tentacle?

    • The Liquid planet has a British parliamentary system.

    • The planet's name, Trisol, is taken from the prefix 'tri' meaning three and the suffix is 'sol' which is the name of our sun, as the planet, and its solar system, has three suns.

    • The vizier tells Fry that he must recite the Oath flawlessly, but when Fry accidentally says 'insanity' instead of 'integrity,' no one seems to notice or care.

    • The liquid people wear a few clothes; you can see through them to see the walls and other things behind them, but you cannot see their clothes through them.

  • QUOTES (44)

    • Telephone voice: Collect call from—
      Bender: I'm not giving my name to a machine!
      Leela: I'll accept.

    • Bender: Oh, I'm sorry, Fry. She's dead.
      Fry: All Leela ever wanted to do was help me, but I was too proud and stupid to accept it. I wish I had died instead of her.
      Leela: What are you talking about?
      Fry: You're alive!
      Leela: Of course I'm alive.
      Bender: I told Fry you were dead so he would cry out the Emperor but you had to go and wreck it by surviving.

    • Bender: They're strapping her to the juicer. Oh, they're putting some ice cubes in the glass under it.
      Fry: This can't be happening.
      Bender: It can, and, for all you know, it is.

    • Fry: This is the saddest day of my life. And I still can't cry.

    • Amy: Is she coming?
      Bender: I'm not sure. But I do know that she likes my in-your-face attitude.

    • Fry: What the hell is that?
      Bont: It's the Juice-A-Matic 4000. It'll strain my juices from you while filtering out the pulp. By which I mean, your shredded remains.
      Zoidberg: Of course! Why didn't I think of that!

    • Bender: Now, I don't like you and you don't like me.
      Leela: I like you.
      Bender: You do? Look, are you going to help or not?
      Leela: I don't know why I should. I mean after what he-
      Bender: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What is it you like best about me?

    • Bender: Man, I guess it's harder than I thought to make someone cry.
      Amy: You did your best, Bender.
      Bender: Up yours, bimbo!
      (Amy runs away crying)

    • Fry: It's no use. I wanna cry but I'm just too macho.
      Bender: I'll make you cry, buddy! You're a pimple on society's ass and you'll never amount to anything.
      Fry: What do you mean? I was Emperor of a whole planet.
      Bender: Good point. But here's a disturbing reminder; everyone you knew or loved in the 20th century is dead.
      Fry: These things happen.
      Bender: Okay, Fry, grab a Kleenex for this one, 'cause there's no God and your idiotic human ideals are laughable!
      Fry: Phew! That's a load off my mind.

    • Bender: Hey, why don't you just sweat him out?
      Bont: Forget it! As Emperor I refuse to be dripped out through somebody's armpit.
      Fry: I could vomit or urinate. Would you feel better about that?
      Bont: Slightly. But my favourite so far is the bone-crushing.
      Amy: What about crying?
      Fry: That's a great idea! Crying.
      Bont: Fine. That or the bone one.

    • Zoidberg: Relax, Fry. I'll simply spin you in a high-speed centrifuge, separating out the denser fluid of His Highness.
      Fry: But won't that crush my bones?
      Zoidberg: Oh, right, right, with the bones! I always forget about the bones.

    • Bender: Hey, look. The suns are setting. I can finally switch to hard liquor!

    • Fry: Right! I, Fry, who drank Bont the Viscous, who drank Ungo the Moist, who guzzled Zorn the Stagnant... (Time Lapse)... who slurped Hudge the Dewy, who enjoyed a soup composed principally of Throm the Chunky, do solemnly swear to rule with honour and insanity— Uh, integrity!

    • Leela: I give up! You're gonna get yourself killed and this time I won't be here to save you.
      Fry: Who asked you to? I told you a hundred times to stop treating me like a baby. Now go. Go gather your nuts, you nagging grasshopper.

    • Leela: You're in tremendous danger, you idiot! Half of these Emperors were drunk at their own coronation.
      Fry: Hey, I plan on having a few brewskis myself.
      Leela: No, they were assassinated. In fact, the law says you'll be killed on the spot if you fail to recite the oath from memory.
      Fry: Yeah, I was going to thumb through that later.
      Leela: That is completely reckless. Don't you ever think ahead?
      Fry: Hell, no.

    • Leela: You see Emperor Plon here? He met his end when he was drunk by Emperor Strug. And before he could even wipe his mouth, Strug was drunk by Shwab.
      Fry: So?
      Leela: Look at all these guys. Do you have any idea what the average length of their reigns was?
      Fry: 80,000 years?
      Leela: No. One week.
      Fry: Damn! I knew you wouldn't have asked unless it was really high or really low.

    • Gorgak: And now, get ready to laugh 'till your sides leak with our planet's foremost political satirist, Florp!

    • Merg: Fry will be enthroned tomorrow at the setting of the three suns when we Trisolians enter our nocturnal phase.
      Fry: There won't be a lot of long-winded speeches, will there?
      Merg: Only one. The absolutely flawless recitation from memory of the royal oath. By you.
      Fry: Will there be cake?

    • Merg: Ah, there you are, Your Majesty. It's time to begin preparing for tomorrow's coronation ceremony.
      Zoidberg: A fancy dress gala! I'll wear my formal shell.

    • Amy: I don't think you have anything to worry about. These people seem really mild-mannered.
      Zoidberg: They are mild. In fact, you're soaking in one right now.
      (Amy screams and takes her finger out of the glass. Gorgak appears from it)
      Gorgak: You touched me in ways I've never been touched before.

    • Leela: Does anyone else think it's odd that a shiftless 25-year-old delivery boy could drop out of the sky, kill the emperor and be rewarded instead of punished?
      Fry: You don't have to beat around the bush, Leela. We all know who you're talking about... uh, me, right?

    • Merg: I humbly advise that as your first act you choose a capable Prime Minister. I suggest Gorgak, the previous appointee.
      Gorgak: I will be a forceful and effective administrator.
      Bender: You know, Fry, I've often thought about becoming a Prime Minister.
      Fry: I gotta go with Bender.
      Bender: Yes! In your face, Gorgak!
      Leela: That's it, Fry. As your captain I order you back to the ship. You are in way over your head.
      Fry: Gee, you think so, Captain? I'd better check with my Prime Minister.
      Bender: Steer the course, pal.

    • Merg: Excuse me, Your Majesty, I am Merg, the High Priest. If I might interject?
      Fry: You might.

    • Leela: So after I specifically asked you not to touch anything, you drank a bottle of strange blue liquid? It could have been poisonous acid!
      Fry: It could have been. But chances were equally good, it was an Emperor.

    • Guard #1: You drank our Emperor! You assassinated him!
      Fry: I didn't mean to. He just looked so cool and refreshing.
      Guard #2: I'm sure he was.

    • Leela: Don't touch anything or talk to anyone. Just go to the palace, drop it off and come right back.
      Fry: Geez, will you lay off! I was delivering things before you were born! I think I know what I'm doing. (Starts to walk off; then turns around; Leela hands him the package)

    • Leela: OK, Fry, here's the package to deliver. And for once in your life be careful. This is my first visit to the Galaxy of Terror and I'd like it to be a pleasant one.

    • Fry: That's the saltiest thing I've ever tasted. And I once ate a big, heaping bowl of salt!
      Bender: Oh, come on! That food was fine! The salt content was 10% less than a lethal dose!
      Zoidberg: Uh oh. I shouldn't have had seconds.

    • Fry: Now that you mention it, I do have trouble breathing underwater sometimes. I'll take the gills.
      Organ Dealer: Yes, gills. Then, uh, you don't need lungs anymore, is right?
      Fry: Can't imagine why I would.
      Organ Dealer: Lie down on table. I take lungs now, gills come next week.

    • Bender: Hey, buddy. I'm looking for fresh slug.
      Neptunian Salesman: Yellow or purple?
      Bender: Whatever.
      Neptunian Salesman: The purple one causes terrible nightmare-ish diarrhoea.
      Bender: Yeah, yeah. Either one's fine.

    • Leela: What's this spice for?
      Neptunian Salesman: That's powdered swamp root. Makes you irresistible to the opposite sex.
      Leela: Oh, that's ridiculous! (whispering) I'll take two pounds!

    • Fry: Wow! You guys sell every kind of meat here except human!
      Neptunian Salesman: What? You want human?

    • Fry: I'm not a little kid, Leela. I grew up in this city. These are my people. What up?
      Alien: Word!
      Fry: See?

    • Fry: Ooh! What's this?
      Organ Dealer: Ah! Is X-Ray eyes. See through anything!
      Fry: Wait a minute! This says Z-Ray.
      Organ Dealer: Z is just as good. In fact, is better. Is two more than X.
      Fry: Hmm, I can see where that would be an advantage. Do you take cash?

    • Fry: You're gonna be the ships cook?
      Bender: Yeah! We're gonna kick it up a notch. Bam!
      Leela: I know you like cooking shows, but you're a robot, you don't even have a sense of taste.
      Bender: Honey, I wouldn't talk about taste if I was wearing a lime green tank top.
      Fry: Bam!

    • Hermes: Bender, man. It has come to my attention that this company has been paying you to do nothing but loaf about on the couch.
      Bender: You call that a couch? I demand a pillow!

    • Leela: Bender! I didn't know you liked cooking! That's so cute!
      Bender: Oh, it's true! I've been hiding it for so long.
      Fry: It's okay, Bender. I like cooking too.
      Bender: Pansy!

    • Fry: Hey, what you watching?
      Bender: Uh, nothing!
      Leela: Is that a cooking show?
      Bender: No, of course not! It was... uh... porno! Yeah, that's it!

    • Elzar: Hey, I'm Elzar! Welcome to the show! You know, you don't have to drive all the way to Neptune for great Neptunian food. Today we're gonna kick it up a notch as I show you how to fricassee a mouth-watering Neptunian slug. Now, while you grease the pan and preheat your oven to 3500 degrees, you're gonna separate the yolk from your genetically-enhanced eggplant and then give the whole thing a good blast from your spice weasel. Bam!

    • Prof. Farnsworth: Good news everyone!
      Bender: I don't like the sound of this.
      Prof. Farnsworth: You're all off to Trisol, a planet with three suns—
      Bender: Here it comes—
      Prof. Farnsworth: Deep in the heart of the Forbidden Zone!
      Bender: Thank you and goodnight.

    • Amy: Bender, is this salt water?
      Bender: It's salt with water in it, if that's what you mean.

    • Leela: Uh, Professor, are we even allowed in the Forbidden Zone?
      Prof. Farnsworth: Why, of course! It's just a name, like the Death Zone or the Zone of No Return. All the zones have names like that in the Galaxy of Terror.

    • Fry: It's just like the story of the grasshopper and the octopus. All year long the grasshopper kept burying acorns for winter while the octopus mooched off his girlfriend and watched TV. Then the winter came, and the grasshopper died, and the octopus ate all his acorns and also he got a racecar. Is any of this getting through to you?

    • Zoidberg: Let's face it! We're in hot butter here!
      Bender: Cram it lobster!

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode was rated TV-14 in the United States, making it the first for Futurama.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Elzar.

    • One of the deleted scenes included on the Season 1 DVD shows Bender unclogging a drain in the middle of the floor so that the water guards will get sucked down. It then shows Bender asking for $160. Plumbers' rates are just as bad in the future.

  • ALLUSIONS (13)

    • Mickey Mouse
      The logo that seems to be for the Trisolians is an image of three suns placed almost in an identical way to that of the Mickey Mouse symbol. This being one big circle and two little ones for the ears. The logo can be seen in various places around the palace.

    • Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid Commercial
      The scene in which Dr. Zoidberg tells Amy that the Trisolians are mild and that her hand is actually soaking in one right now is a take-off of a well-known commercial from the 1960's. A commercial for Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid saw a manicurist named Madge surprise her clients by telling them that their hands have been soaking in the dishwashing liquid the whole time.

    • Essence of Emeril
      Elzar and his show 'Essence of Elzar' is an obvious parody of the cooking show called Essence of Emeril. The host of the show, Emeril Lagasse, uses extreme sound effects such as "Bam!" and "Pow!" just like Elzar does.

    • The Simpsons
      The badge at the very bottom of Bender's sash is a picture of Homer Simpson.

    • The Ant and the Grasshopper
      Fry's story of the grasshopper and the octopus is based on the children's story of The Ant and the Grasshopper, except the moral is reversed.

    • Issac Asimov's Sunrise
      The concept for the three suns was originally in an Issac Asimov book titled Sunrise.

    • Car Wash
      The song that Bender sings as he's getting a wash during the cold-opening is the title song by Rose Royce from the 1976 film Car Wash. It is also a song that was recently re-done by Christina Auguliera and Missy Elliot.

    • The Twilight Zone
      Bender wears an apron that reads 'To Serve Man,' this being the key phrase in The Twilight Zone episode of the same name. The twist is in the double-meaning of the phrase; to serve man, to work for him, or to serve man as food.

    • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
      The Trisolians live in a liquid state and refer to humanoids as "solids." This is quite similar to Odo and his people The Founders, from the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

    • Space Goofs
      Elzar and some of the Little Neptune residents resemble Etno from the show Space Goofs. The Etno character is voiced by Futurama actor Maurice LaMarche.

    • Enemy Mine
      The Oath scene is exactly like the scene at the end of the film Enemy Mine, where the human had to cite the names of the alien's parent, and their parents, and so forth.

    • The Abyss
      The changing into liquid forms is a homage to the 1989 James Cameron flim The Abyss. It was the first motion picture to use a morphing effect for liquid entities, and also won an Academy Award for Visual Effects. Cameron also used the same effect later for Terminator 2.

    • Title: My Three Suns
      This title is a pun on the 60's television series My Three Sons.