Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 29, 2012 on Comedy Central

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  • Futurama

    they should make new episodes every day
  • That ...

    That was definitely one of their more disturbing episodes. Every time they died (usually from getting squashed)! Granted the Elephant Seal was kinda funny at the end, the Kiff mushed into paste by a fat Bender was one of the more unsettling scenes.
  • Well..

    Not bad...

    The boring part now... waiting for more episodes...
  • Disappointed....

    What even was this, I thought this was a very poor attempt at a final episode for the season. Hopefully the next season makes up for it!
  • Great

    hope it continues

  • The show is so clever

    All these average reviews. This played on the all the characters and how they would respond as animals. I was impressed with the inteligence of the episode and how the characters stayed true to form. Still, I would like to see more actual deliveries for the crew to new locations. And, Nibbler has been an afterthought in the last couple episodes. Nibbler, Zapp, Nixon, need to be in more episodes cause their characters are really great. All I can say to Matt Groenig is "Simpsons who?" Give me more Futurama............
  • Futurama S7E13.( 2O12) Naturama ..mmmmm

    I thought this epIsode was really boring.

    Showing how the crew would look like as animals in some sort of mockumentary.

    They hatch as dinosaurs aswell..didnt find it in the least buit funny all through the episode.

    If this is the last in the season then sorry Futurama youve left us ,well me with a disappointed taste in my mouth..i guess disaponitment is sour or bitter or something lol..4/10 :(

    COME BACK THE PROPER CREW AND START MAKING IT FUNNY LIKE ALL THE OTHER EPS..I have ideas on future episodes if you want to get in touch but i guess Yous are thee men/woman lol.