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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 2011 on Comedy Central
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The crew meet a strange alien with the ability to alter their gender identities.
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  • Planet express is facing a financial meltdown. And they must get $11 million fast or they go bankrupt.

    Planet express is facing a financial meltdown. And they must get $11 million fast or they go bankrupt. So the men decide too take nude photos of leela, amy and hermies wife to use for a calender but that doesnt work out so the men steal leelas idea about doing a commercial airline and thats where youve gotta watch the episode to find out what happens next. This is a great episode I however liked the 2nd episode benderama more. This is a great start to another great season of futurama. . . . . . . . . .moreless
  • good

    In the newest season premiere of Futurama, things get sexist when the men and women think their respected genders are better. They crash on a planet where an inhabitant on the planet puts them to tests to determine who is the better gender. When the final test, which was supposed to get the genders to work together, does not go over well, the inhabitant of the planet alters everyone's genders. He was going to fix this, but Zap Brannigan randomly shows up and kills the inhabitant. Will they be saved?

    What I liked: Scruffy being a girl still at the end, the photo shoot near the end, amongst a few other things. This was an OK Futurama premiere. It was not really funny nor was it very memorable but it did have some good parts in it, and as such, my final grade is a C+ or so, I think is fair enoughmoreless
  • Welcome to the world of yesterday!

    I enjoy Futurama more when they portray 3000 as more progressive than 2000, rather than a regression to a time before I was born. This episode hinged on how funny you find exaggerated sexism and characters acting out gender cliches. I found them less amusing than Professor Farnsworth's slippered-foot segway, a joke that subverted expectations instead of realizing stereotypes.

    Futurama's retrograde gender attitudes are more clearly satirical when they send up Star Trek-era sexism with characters like Zap Brannigan. His backwardness compared to targets of his unwelcome advances makes him a butt of a joke. Not a great joke, but a better one than revolving a story around unironic gender stereotypes, as with last time Bender got a sex change in season 4's "Bend Her" (to compete in 'fembot' events in the 3004 Olympics).moreless
  • Futurama is back and with a blast of laughs. There were no limits and that is what made this show great. I loved how the characters interact and make up and all works well in the end. I hope to see more great episodes like this one.moreless

    Planet Express is losing money and the Professor has to come up with a way so that they can save the company. They decide to make Planet Express an airline. The men were sexist towards the women and due to the stupidity of the men piloting the ship, they crashed on unknown planet. An alien meets them and puts the men and the women into separate team since they can't get along. Both teams raced towards the finish line but one member of each team cheated to get a small device to get cool. The alien takes away the womens' breasts and the mens' private parts and they both got along. But Hermese and his wife miss the intimacy and demand they have they sex parts back. The alien decides and accidently changes the genders of everybody. The men became women and vice versa. Zapp shoots and kills the alien before he tried again. Back on Earth, everybody tries to adjust to their genders. The men as women went shopping and posed for a calender. A new alien came and changed everyback. I know that this has been done before but this was better. It was funny how everybody played steriotypical roles. Seeing Zapp hit on Fry as girl was funny and so were Leela, Amy and Hermeses' wife as men was funny too. To be honest, Fry and Scruffy looked great as women and Leela, Amy and Hermeses' wife looked good as men. The sexist humor was done before but I wished that they could have done more with it. For example, Amys' parents always wanted a boy so Amy could have gone home to surprise them. But this was still funny. Welcome back Futurama.moreless
  • some funny moments, but ultimately not great.

    So futurama returns, after what I considered to be a rocky come back season last year. My hopes were pretty low for this, and ultimately it lived up to my pessimism.

    The humour futurama used to hook me as a fan seems absent, going for the cheap simpsons laughs. It no longer seems layered and inteligent. Once again the team have gone to star trek for inspiration, but this time added nothing to it. Parody/mimicry are both fine forms of comedy, but you have to make it funny or people just think you ran out of your own material and copied. (as seen in one or two reviews for this episode)

    The gender wars story has been done to death, much like the gags futurama pulled out for the script. The dialogue was flat, and bender is becoming a bad parody of himself. Will continue watching in hope that things pick up.moreless

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