Season 5 Episode 14

Obsoletely Fabulous

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 27, 2003 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • The scene where Bender sees the cymbal banging monkey after waking up is the same one from the season 12 Simpson's episode "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" where Homer, after waking up from the drugs sees the monkey. Ironic enough, this is the 2nd reference joke in the episode. The other being "Sinclair/Chalkboard What?!" joke.

    • In the opening scene, there's a bit where robots are passing under a "Soul Detector" a (device similar to a metal detector) with no reaction. When Fry (a human) walks under it, it goes off and he is forced to pay. A funny joke, but if robots don't have souls, then they shouldn't have any need for their own religion (Hell Is Other Robots).

    • Opening theme promotion: YOU CAN'T PROVE IT WON'T HAPPEN.

    • When he goes out to sea, Bender makes a canoe out of a sign that reads "Boating Prohibited."

    • LOOK HARD: While Bender is playing with the scratch post, in the foreground we can see R2-D2, the little astromech droid from Star Wars.

    • When 1-X welds the fake satellite dish to the roof, it only welds two of the four sides of the rectangular base. In fact the two sides that it welds could cause the dish to be torn right off by a strong wind.

    • The "State the Obvious" cartridge that Cartridge Bot plays actually contains Bender's name in it: "But Bender..."

    • At the beginning, when we see mom from the front, the television screen behind her also shows a front angle. But the shot changes and we are watching mom from the right of the stage, we are now seeing mom from a 45° angle as well.

    • After the snail reaches the pebble, there is a close-up shot. When the camera returns to it's original distance a few seconds later, the snail is gone.

    • One of the robots on the island didn't have enough memory, but on How Hermes Requesitioned His Groove Back, Bender's memory was that small that it could be downloaded onto a single floppy disk.

    • Where did the group get all the materials to build the submarine?

      Response: Isn't possible they got the materials from the trees and the thrown out materials.

    • In "Crimes of the Hot" Bender's couldn't get off his back until he learned from the turtle to roll over. In this episode, Bender makes a shelter by putting a rock on himself while on his back, but has no problems gettting back up again.

      Response: Exactly! He already learned how to do it and so can do it from then on.

    • Apparenly on Mom's introduction to the 1-X robots when Mom was being lifted by robots to stage, she closed her mouth for a moment. But when she closed her mouth, the giant screen behind her didn't have Mom's mouth closed.

    • The ship runs on gasoline in this episode - doesn't it normally run on Dark Matter (Nibbler's poop)?

    • The "Introduction" tape the cassette robot has, disappears after side b, in about 0.1 seconds, in the next frame

    • It is 3003 in this episode, yet last episode it was 3004.

    • The water-powered robot seems to be able to go only about thirty seconds before refilling her wheel, but after her introduction she never refills herself again. Plus, what happened to the water that went through the water-wheel robot?

  • Quotes

    • Bender: (while listening to the sunset) It's like the ocean is making warm salty love to the sun, and all the fish are groving on it.

    • Bender: Friends! I have come to free you from your complicated lives! The complicated part not the lives part.
      Leela: Oh dear lord he's made of wood.

    • Hermes: Bender, hurry! This fuel's expensive! Also we're dying!

    • (The light go out)
      Farnsworth (shouting): Oh! I'm blind!

    • Lisa: Bender, If we don't survive the attack, I want you to know ... I love you.
      Bender: OK, fine. Fire!

    • Bender: I say the whole world must learn of our peaceful ways. By force!
      (The robots gasp. Cartridge Unit takes out a cartridge that says "What?!" and puts it in)
      Cartridge Unit: What?!
      Bender: We're going back to civilisation to wage war on technology!
      (Cartridge Unit ejects the cartridge then puts it back in again)
      Cartridge Unit: What?!

    • Bender: Ooh! I'm gonna wash my linen so hard.

    • Lisa: Hi, Bender. We know how much you miss technology, so we brought you this washing machine that drifted ashore.

    • Bender: Take that, Beethoven, you deaf bastard!

    • Lisa: CDs are unnatural. Why don't you just listen to the ocean?
      Bender: Which ocean? That ocean?

    • (watching a snail crawl)
      Bender: Oh, man! He's never gonna make it over that next pebble! Wait, wait! Oh, my God! He made it!
      (They high five)
      Lisa: Yeah!
      Sinclair: Way to go!

    • Sinclair: Why would you wanna watch TV when you can watch a snail crawl for hours on end?
      Bender: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

    • Bender: Look, no offence, but I need technology. Especially email and snowmobiles. And television! Without television how will I know what's buzz-worthy?

    • Bender: So what's your problem?
      Sinclair: Not enough, uh...
      (He scratches his head)
      Bender: Memory?
      Sinclair: Oh, great. Now I remember that word but I forgot my wife's face.

    • Lisa: What Cartridge Unit means is the very things that make us obsolete also make us unique. I, for example, need to keep refilling my waterwheel or I'll power down forever. (Her wheel runs dry and she panics) (screaming) Oh, God! I'll never make it this time! This is the end! (She runs down the beach and into the sea. The wheel refills and she walks out) (talking) Anyway, we like it here.

    • Bender: A working cartridge unit? Wow! You guys went obsolete years ago!
      (Cartridge Unit takes out a cartridge that says "Snappy Response" and puts it in)
      Cartridge Unit: Your mother!

    • Cartridge Unit: Side A. We're a community of outdated robots who refused to upgrade and came here... (He takes the cartridge out, flips it over and puts it back in) Side B. to live a simpler existence, free of technology.

    • (He tries to plug a blender into a wild boars nose. The boar growls)
      Bender: Hey, I should be mad at you! Now turn around.

    • Bender: Don't panic, I've got these yams. I'll just make some yam schnapps.

    • Bender: Oop! Low on power. (He chuckles) Better fuel up! (The bottle is empty) Oh, no! Guess I'll do what I always do when I run out of booze.
      (He falls to his knees and bursts into tears)

    • Bender: OK, first up, I'm gonna need to build a shelter. (He walks across the beach, lies down, picks up a rock and dumps it on top of him) There.

    • Bender: Boy, what is the deal with the ocean?

    • Bender: W-W-Wait! What happened to your enthusiasm for stabbing them?
      Roberto: I'm past that. Later, blood!

    • Bender: That new robot is great, huh? Sure made me look like a pile of crap!
      Farnsworth: Indeed.

    • Robot 1-X: Task completed. Total value, $4.73 and one Albanian lek.
      (He hands the change to Mom)
      Mom: Very good, Robot 1-X. And you, bending unit?
      Bender: Uh, I never got the change. Suckers. (he snickers)

    • Mom: Hello, dearies.
      (The crowd cheers)
      Bender: Woo! I love that old bat!

    • Bender (holding a bottle of beer): The secret was scratching really, really hard!

    • Farnsworth's Killbot: Such senseless aggression.
      Wernstrom's Killbot: Come on. Let's go for a paddle-boat ride.

    • Wernstrom: Ladies and gentlemen, my Killbot features Lotus Notes and a machine gun. It is the finest available.
      Farnsworth: Like fun it is, you glass-headed wallaby!
      Wernstrom: No one calls me that! I'm having at you!
      Farnsworth: Wernstrom!

    • Nannybot 1.0: Sleep, little dumpling. I have replaced your mother.

    • Bender: I'm so sorry guys. I never meant to hurt you. Just to destroy everything you ever believed in.

    • Leela: Professor, we have no power.
      Farnsworth: What do you mean "no power"? We're living in the future.

    • Bender: It's like he's not him anymore. You took away his robo-humanity!

    • Bender: An upgrade? But I thought we all agreed I was perfect! Fry, didn't we agree I was perfect?
      Fry: Oh yeah, no, you're pretty perfect.
      Bender: Pretty perfect? So, you do think I need an upgrade.
      Farnsworth: Yes for God sakes, yes!

    • Leela: Why can't you accept his help.
      Bender: I hate him.
      Leela: But he's just a tool to make your life easier. Like a socket wrench or a burglars kit.

    • Leela: Let's try him out. Robot 1-X? Can you clean Nibbler's skanky litterbox?
      Robot 1-X: I can and will.
      Bender: Hey I could have done that if you'd asked me.
      Leela: I asked you five minutes ago.

    • Announcer: And now, the woman who Mom-opolises the robot industry...
      Fry: I get it!
      Announcer: ...Mom!
      Fry: Oh, now I get it!

    • Bender: The technological world can bite my splintery wooden ass.

    • Bender: Mirrors reflecting mirrors? High-tech sorcery!

    • Bender: Save my friends! And Zoidberg!

    • Roberto: My parole officer says if I don't get the upgrade he won't give me my stabbing knife back!

    • Bender: But if that was just a hallucination, how can I be sure that this is real? Is it not possible, nay, probable that my whole life is simply the product of my own or someone else's imagination?
      Technician: No! Go away.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Seven Eleven - 28 Hours
      The 28 hours refers to the fact that each day is longer than the previous day. Thus, making one whole day, 28 hours in the future. This was a result of the events in the episode Crimes of the Hot.

    • Sinclair 2K
      On the island of outdated robots there is one that does not have enough memory, model Sinclair 2K. In the 1980's, the Sinclair ZX80 was a hugely popular -- and relatively cheap -- home computer. Mistakes with later computer models and other bad business decisions caused the entire Sinclair company to eventually go out of business.

    • Lord Of The Flies
      The island Bender is marooned on bears a striking resemblence to the island described by William Golding in his novel Lord Of The Flies.

    • Short Circut
      Professor Farnsworth's Killbot has some resemblance to Number 5 from Short Circuit, especially the drive unit.

    • An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge
      This whole episode is vaguely similar to the 1962 movie based on the story by Ambrose Bierce. In the story a man is being hung, but the rope breaks and he spends the time fleeing from the people trying to get him, as he heads back to his wife. Just as he's arrived home and is about to embrace her, it is cut to a scene showing him being hung and his neck snapping, showing how it was all in his mind in the moments before he died. Which is very much like how Bender just ends up at the end, with none of it happening and going back to his 'hanging'.

    • Nokia Ring Tone

      "Robot 1 X" pretty much shares its name with one of the ring-tones on the Nokia 3510i, the ring-tone being "Robo N 1 X."

    • Aliens
      The Nannybot 1.0 resembles the aliens on all the Alien movies...

    • The Perfect Storm
      When Bender is in the boat he made, out at sea, riding out the storm on the monsterous waves, it looks very simular to the famous scene (and its movie poster) from "The Perfect Storm".

    • Title: Obsoletely Fabulous
      This title refers to the 90's Britcom Absolutely Fabulous.

    • Sharper Image
      The store Bender breaks in to is the Sharper Gadget. The reference is to Sharper Image, a store with stuff you would see on imfomercials.

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