Season 8 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 01, 2011 on Comedy Central
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Bender overclocks his processor and becomes a godly power of the universe.

  • Overclockwise

    Out of the three Futurama finales, this would be the weakest. But the standards for the finales are extremely high, so that doesn't mean that this is a bad episode. As a matter of fact, this was a great episode. The humor was well on track (especially with all the fan jokes), and the plot was decently strong. There wasn't many things wrong with this episode, and the movie ending was phenomenal! Those who can't see the brilliance in this episode are plain 'ol dumb!

    Ken Keeler has done it again! This was quite a great finale! 9.5/10moreless
  • Conclusion of Fry and Leela


    Grade: A*

    So, Season 6 ends with another final episode in which concludes another part of Fry and Leela's relationship whilst providing a very entertaining Bender plot on overclocking himself and becoming powerful. This episode is full of laughs, very fast pacing, lots of characters, and a very touching final scene.

    The plot of Bender overclocking had its moments, such as being able to complete the video game with breakneck reflexes, overheating and using a water cooler to steam off, tricking Zoidberg into capturing Mom's robots and getting hit by ceiling fans, and of course knowing the fate of Fry's relationship with Leela. One of my favourite scenes is also Fry inside Bender's body and seeing the universe around him.

    Subplots involving the Professor and Cubert was also good and features one of the more memorable court room scenes in the series. Lots of minor characters reappear and Bender comes to the rescue of telling the judge that since Cubert is the same person as the Professor, both cannot be prosecuted as a result. As for Fry and Leela, it is revealed they were on-and-off again in a relationship, but Leela needed to get away from Fry and started afresh in a new job.

    The final scene of the episode shows Bender returning back to normal and Leela returning to Planet Express, being curious as to knowing what fate lies for her and Fry. Bender has saved the document answering their future, and both Fry and Leela read it and show their facial expressions to describe what they are reading. I thought it was very touching and clever to not know what was shown on the paper in my opinion.

    Overall, a fantastic episode which checkmarked everything, and I think it's pretty clear now that we all know that Fry and Leela will be together to the end no matter what. Bender's plot provided plenty of laughs and Futurama would have ended on a high note once again if this was the final episode.

  • Worse than "Cold Warriors"

    I have been disappointed two weeks in a row with "Futurama". I've been disappointed in last week's installment "Cold Warriors" and now I'm disappointed in this this week's installment "Overclockwise". At least "Cold Warriors" had some good development. Sure, "Cold Warriors" wasn't that good to me but it did have some good development and wasn't rehashed. This episode just felt like the writers are throwing off everything places to places and they turning the whole plot in a screwed up thing. Most of the scenes were just rehashed, repetitive, weak, boring, and lazily written. They haven't been doing the Fry/Leela relationship all this season and they are all of a sudden popping out of nowhere and actually focusing on Fry/Leela relationship. I don't know what was wrong with the writers when they created this episode but they can do a much better job than this episode. I love "Futurama" to death but this episode is definitely Season 8's worst episode ever. Last week, "Cold Warriors" was the worst Season 8 episode I've ever seen but not "Overclockwise" is the worst Season 8 episode I've ever seen. The things that were funny was Zoidberg's line "I have somebody that actually cares about me.... hooray!". I laughed at Fry, Bender, and that little kid playing that World War II video game in the beginning of the episode when Bender was sucking at the video game and shot Fry and that little kid instead. Bender being smart in this episode was pretty much one of the few parts that managed very well in this episode and it was very cool how he was a giant head with electrical wired around him and all that (I'm not a good explainer but if you've seen this episode then you know exactly what I mean). There were maybe 2 more parts that made me laugh as well. Overall, tonight's installment of "Futurama" was just completely thrown off and seem to go WAY off-topic and not on track. 4/10moreless

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