Season 3 Episode 4

Parasites Lost

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • A good episode to say the least.

    While making a pit stop at an interstellar truck stop, Fry buys and eats an egg salad sandwich from a vending machine in the restroom. On returning to Earth, Fry and Bender are assigned the task of fixing the plasma fusion boiler, which promptly explodes. Bender is not damaged, but Fry is impaled by a large pipe. Fry's damaged body repairs itself in seconds and the crew discovers that Fry is infested with microscopic worms.

    To eliminate the infestation, Professor Farnsworth makes miniature robotic versions of the crew, except for Fry and Leela. Because the worms would defend themselves if they knew about the mission, Leela is assigned to distract Fry. Controlling the micro-droids using virtual reality gear, the crew board a miniature Planet Express ship, and enter Fry's ear. Throughout the travel, the crew discover that the worms were making Fry's intelligence and strength greater than before.

    The crew make their way into Fry's bowel, and fight their way to the pelvic splanchnic ganglion, intending to cause a massive bowel movement to expel the worm society. Meanwhile, Leela is enchanted by the now intelligent and muscular Fry. He then reveals that he loves her but only recently was he able to articulate his thoughts. She realizes that the worms are responsible for this, and sets out to stop the Professor. Her micro-droid reaches the nerve, and hacks the rest of the micro-droid crew to pieces with an axe. The Professor tells her that the worms will burrow so deep into Fry's body, he'll be stuck with them forever.

    Fry is informed of what has been happening, but is more interested in romancing Leela than clearing the worms out of his body. Leela tells Fry that she loves the new him. Worried, Fry tells her that he needs to find out something, leaves, and using his own micro-droid, enters his own body.

    When Fry meets with the worm leader, he blackmails the worms into leaving by threatening to kill himself. With the worms gone, Fry returns to Leela's apartment, intent on finding out if Leela can love him as he is. Fry explains to Leela about the worms, and his decision to dispose of them. His awkward attempts at being romantic end when he mentions having sex with Amy Wong. The next scene is him being thrown out. Back at his apartment, Fry begins to re-learn the Holophonor, starting with a crude image of Leela.
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