Season 7 Episode 4

Proposition Infinity

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 08, 2010 on Comedy Central
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Bender leads a campaign to make robosexual marriage legal on Earth.

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  • When Amy starts getting bored of Kiff she gets with Bender, which leads to controversy as she is human and he is a robot.

    This episode is absolutely hilarious and had me laughing every second. Not only that, but so much happens in its 20 minutes running time that there is never a moment to be bored in the slightest.

    Hardcore fans may complain about Amy getting it on with Bender but I think its a good way to go with the characters and an ingenious way of exploring the stupid but funny idea of Robosexuality. I mean who else could Bender have hooked up with? Leela? Now that would of been bad! Besides, i'm not a fan of Kiff!

    In typical sitcom style everything is back to normal at the end and the major events that happen throughout this instalment will probably never be mentioned again in the series. Still, I think this is an excellent stand alone episode of the series that's not to be missed!moreless
  • "I HATED JIM!"

    I was not too taken at first with this one- a lot it is subjective, how I feel at the moment, how much the commercials annoy me and disturb the continuity- even what time I am viewing. But I think the thing so many people forget is how often on a first viewing so much subtlety zips passed unnoticed. As mentioned,I felt this one was sorta weak too (and again, more topical than the first incarnations) but now just going through and editing out the commercials I am seeing really great asides I missed on Thursday. I see more negative that positive here and there, especially in the "real" world- I would hope critics can be a bit more patient generous or this may be a very short resurrection indeed.moreless
  • Amy and Bender have a robosexual relationship after a breakup with Kif.

    So this ep starts with Amy and Kif watching the news, and they get on a fight aboput where their relationship is going. Meanwhile Bender was doing somekind of graffitti with tiles (once he turned Freeway ends in the Corner into Free Corn and Hyper-Chicken crashed, LOL). So he is arrested and asks Amy to bail him. There Amy shows a prisoner a tattoo of her mother in her ass and Kif breaks up with her. At a bar, Bender tells her to shut up so much they end up sleeping together, but uh oh! Robosexuality is taboo. The Professor discovers it (fortunalely I didn't live till this moment "che3cks pulse" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOL) and calls the Wongs and Robopreacher and the ocuple is separated. Then Fry and Leela attempt to bring them back toegether and rescue Amy and Bender and make a parade and try to make people appporve Proposition oo (Infinity), which leads to a debate between Bender and the guy Fansworth has debating for him (which is himself, he saw imself on the screen and said, this guy!) where it's revealed Farnsworth was a robosexual too, so it's approved and after Amy says their marriage is monogamous, he leaves her, and Kif returns with a badass attitute and they get toghether. Oh! And Hermes has circusitis and the Planet Express crew goes to Planet Tornadus to help Farnsowrth win a bake-off. And Ghosts and Horse can marry in the year 3000 LOL. 9/10. One of the best of the season SO FAR.moreless
  • Impressive episode

    Okay, the last two episodes were good in my opinion, but this one rocked the whole house! Not only it had comedy, but the fact that they used Amy and Bender to criticize one of today's society's problems was very well handled. It was also good to see that the rest of Planet Express (being the Professor the only one who opposed it) expressing that they don't have any problem about robosexual relationships or marriage...

    Can anyone give me a very, very, very, very BIG Amen? Why do I ask that? It's simple, because Futurama is back on its course and it seems to me that it's going to stay like that. 10 out of 10moreless
  • Much better than the last 2 episodes, Futurama is slowly getting back to its roots

    "Proposition Infinity"

    Grade: B

    So last week's episode felt a bit out of place, parodying future versions of current technology, and many felt that it didn't feel like Futurama. Well, good news everyone! Proposition Infinity is more like the original ones, focusing on the future setting, and giving out plenty of jokes, though there are still some which don't work (I thought Hermes' Circusities was too random and out of place to be worth more than a chuckle at least).

    Many of the best lines and moments in this episode came from the main characters, but even the minor ones had some pretty good moments. Preacherbot, Roberto, and the Hyper-Chicken were pretty funny, and the only thing I felt was a slight letdown was the ending, again this time seemingly rushed and resolved very quickly. Farnsworth's explanations about the robosexual relationship incident he had was a little far-fetched in my opinion, but I thought it was a nice change that Kif splitted up with Amy for a while, though some might be disturbed by the Bender and Amy relationship.

    Overall, Futurama has proven it can still provide the old humour we loved in its original run as proven by many jokes in this episode. It's just when will we see an episode where everything is done correctly in the way we loved? Well, Proposition Infinity was funny and got to the point, so we can only expect the average quality of episodes to go up, and hopefully not down.moreless
Billy West

Billy West

Philip J. Fry/Prof. Hubert Farnsworth/Dr. Zoidberg/Smitty/Leo Wong/Wine Bucket/Radio DJ

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Turanga Leela

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Bender / URL / Hermaphrobot / Gay Man / Bad Boy / Ad Man #1

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Linda / Forbidden Planet Hollywood Security Guard / Ad Woman

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Kif Kroker / Morbo / The Hyperchicken / Hedonismbot / Clock / Larry the Murder Burglar / Lassie's Head / Ghost

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Amy Wong/Inez Wong

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