Season 6 Episode 4

Proposition Infinity

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 08, 2010 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Mysterious plaques of a robot face are appearing all over the city. It's Bender, and he takes it too far when he posts one on a police officer. He is beaten and taken to a prison.

The news report talks about this, and has a reporter die in a helicopter crash, Kif is upset and Amy dislikes it when he says that the news is too violent. He doesn't want to watch Rachel Ray either because of the chopping. They have a fight.

Bender is in a holding cell and uses his one phone call to Amy to post his bail. At the prison, Amy begins flirting with all the criminal bad boys, and Kif finally dumps her because he is sick of this habit.

When having drinks at Hollywood Planet, Amy explains that they are just FonFon Ru, and not really married. Despite her single and depressed state, Bender continues his usual demeaning of Amy. Amy tells him to cut it out, and then they end up in bed together.

At work, the gang suspects their relationship when they slip up a few times. While collecting a tornado sample from the planet Tornadus, the Professor and the gang discover Bender and Amy making love in the tornado they have captured.

On the street, Amy and Bender have a public display of affection and Preacher Boy outs them. Bender distracts them and they escape.

The Professor immediately dislikes the relationship, showing his disgust for 'Robosexuality'(union of robot and human). Everyone else is fine with it. The Professor makes a phone call. Amy's mother and father show up and kidnap her via lasso. The Professor makes a second call and Preacher Bot shows up and uses a magnet rope to grab Bender.

Back on the Mars ranch, Amy has an awkward dinner with her parents. The wine bot fills up her glass and they treat her as if she is going to seduce him.

Bender is at a reform camp with other robots who like humans, and Preacher Bot says they will be reformed by prayer and IT guys.

With a line of suitors and Amy refusing to pick one, Fry shows up and pretends to be in love with her to rescue her. They fly away from Mars to go get Bender.

Bender and his camp members pretend to be with human dummies in an exercise of temptation. Preacher Bot looks on, in a weird and aroused way. It is revealed that Amy and the gang are in human dummy Bender is humping.

Bender proposes to Amy and she says yes. Instead of going to Space Massachusetts (too many taxes), Bender and Amy hope to legalize Robosexual Marriage.

At a rally, Bender speaks how different race and species can be together, such as aliens and humans, but not robots and humans. They want people to support Proposition Infinity, the legalization of Robosexual marriage.

On the news, Morbo and Linda say how it looks like the vote for 'No' to the proposition will be be high, and then show a satirical ad telling people to vote no. Bender says their last chance is at a debate, and he will be going up against The Professor.

At the debate, Bender gives a heartfelt speech and tries to sway the audience. Hubert talks about how he lost a woman to a robot, but then reveals that she too was a robot. He used this bad memory and took it out on Robosexuals, and tells everyone to vote 'yes' on the proposition after learning the error of his ways.

The vote is in, and Robosexual marriage is legalized. Amy is overjoyed from the news, but Bender realizes what "monogamous" means and dumps her.

Cut to Bender on the beach with two robot ladies, and Amy alone. She hears a song dedication to her on the radio and sees Kif, with a bad boy style of clothing and motorcycle, and she is ready to go back to him. They ride off into the sunset.