Season 2 Episode 10

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

After seeing an advertisement on the television, the crew decides to go with Amy to buy a new car. Bender also needs to book himself into the mechanic after receiving a recall notice on his ass. Arriving at the dealership, Leela attempts to but is unable to help the clueless Amy negotiate a better price for the car as Amy falls for every ploy the salesman uses and ends up paying more than the sticker price. Bender, meanwhile, is not happy with the modifications made by the mechanic and demands that he return his ass to its former glory, but is warned that it could blow.

Without a date and with Valentine's Day approaching, Fry asks Leela out on a date, assuming that she also does not have a date for the evening. Before he can get an answer, Amy asks if anybody would like to go for a spin over Mercury in her new car; and Fry accepts her offer. Fry and Amy manage to run out of fuel by overusing all the car's added features and are left stranded thousands of miles from the nearest fueling point. Amy calls an automotive club for assistance and the pair waits to be rescued. While waiting, Fry and Amy discover that they have a lot in common and even consummate their relationship while being towed.

On return to Planet Express, the crew soon find out about their romance to mixed feelings from the crew. Bender congratulates Fry on finding the perfect girlfriend (rich). During the discussion, Bender realizes that people will pay good money to find romance. The next scene cuts to a pimped up Bender being charged in court and leaving with two hooker bots. Bender's next money making scheme is a computer dating service. It seems to be going really well with lots of customers accessing his services.

Fry and Amy's relationship seems to be progressing smoothly until Amy tells him that she enjoys hanging out with him. This scares Fry as he is afraid of the commitment that hanging out implies and believes that it is time to break off his relationship with Amy. Fry complains that that everywhere he goes, Amy is there. He goes to work there is Amy; he goes home there is Amy. Not wanting to be alone with Amy on a romantic, secluded picnic that she had planned, he begs Leela to come with them but she refuses. Luckily for Fry, Zoidberg is standing nearby and, not wanting to miss out on a free meal, he accepts Fry's offer.

Amy begins to suspect that something is wrong and tentatively asks Fry what it is. Asking to speak to her, Fry and Amy climb into the back seat allowing Zoidberg to drive her car. With Zoidberg in control of the vehicle, he begins fantasizing about being a race car driver. Before Fry could break up with Amy, Zoidberg accidentally cuts off the steering wheel with his claws, causing the car to spin out of control and crash.

Fry awakens to see his body in a crumpled heap across from him and finds that Zoidberg has attached his head to Amy's body.

Fry now fears the prospect of having to spend all his time with Amy unable to escape. Fry picks this inopportune moment to break up with Amy. Amy is disappointed but quickly asks if it is OK to invite somebody else out for Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Leela is still without a date and goes to Bender to set her up on a date. Fry begs Leela to go out with him on Valentine's Day not wanting to be alone and experience the awkward moments of being stuck with Amy and her date. Like Leela, Fry also goes to Bender to find him a date.

Fry waits anxiously for his date to arrive, as Amy and her date start getting along really well and appear that they may soon decide to find somewhere to be alone together. Bender finally presents Fry his date, a much older woman who, seeing that Fry is just a head, decides that she could do better and leaves. Leela, sickened by her own date, decides to jump in and save Fry, by starting a long conversation with Amy's date.

It soon becomes apparent that Bender rounded up his dates at the bus stop as Leela's date, a bus driver, leaves on his bus route to Nutley, when everybody else leaves with him.

With Fry's body successfully repaired and his own head back on his body he is able to relax. His neck is still a little tender, causing him to kick involuntarily each time it is touched. Bender, flicking a big wad of cash made from his dating service, pats Fry on the shoulder, causing Fry to kick, which then causes his ass to explode.