Season 2 Episode 10

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Really funny!

    This is a sweet show.

    Bender makes a dating service. It's $500 to get hooked up with someone.

    Leela gets a date through Bender. Bender just gets a random person on the street to Leela's date.

    Amy gets a new car that was $80,000. Fry and Amy go to Mercury to test out her new car. They use to much stuff at once and the engine breaks down. They call Amy's machanic and he says it will take three hours. They decide to play cards. One ting lead to another and they had sex. They went out a couple times. Then Amy was moving to fast so Fry got Zoidberg to come with them. When Fry was dumping Amy in the back seat Zoidberg got to drive. He crashed. No one got hurt except for Fry. Zoidberg put Fry's head on Amy's body. Fry body wouldn't be fixed for three days. Fry dumps Amy and Amy asks Fry if it was alright if she had a date on valentines day. Fry gets a date through Bender like Leela did. Bender does the same and gets someone off the street. Leela and Fry/Amy go to the same resterant. Leela and Fry's dates leave. Amy was going to have sex with her date but Leela came over and distracted Amy's date so Fry wouldn't have to see Amy have sex with another guy. Fry's body is ready and he gets his old body back.