Season 2 Episode 10

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • A good Romantic Episode

    I really loved this whole episode alot. I love the whole concept that Fry and Amy Wong became a couple for a while.

    Sadly Fry breaks up with Amy, but does not give a good why he wants to do it, all he says is that he and Amy should be just friends...

    I get Amy got upset a little of breaking up with Fry, but does not make sense she would be OK with it, I think deep inside she still hurts from it.

    Personally I wish there would be an episode of Fry and Amy getting back together, but there might be a slim chance the creators will do that, unless enough of us for agree can convince them to do it.

    For now FryxAmy Fanfictions are good enough until a episode of them together comes...

    That is why I only gave it up to a 9, would of given it a 10 if they did not break up...