Season 2 Episode 12

Raging Bender

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The Planet Express crew is sitting around the conference table and they all greet Hermes as he walks into the room just returning from his vacation. A Brain Slug is firmly attached to his head. Fry immediately blurts out the fact to everybody and is quickly shushed by Leela warning him of impending assimilation. The Brain Slug-controlled Hermes suggests a trip the Brain Slug planet, but instead the crew ditch him and go to see a movie.

At the movie theatre the crew argues amongst themselves about what movie they should watch before coming to the agreement to see All my Circuits: The Movie. During the previews footage of the Ultimate Robot Fighting League is shown where the Masked Unit wins his championship bout. As the movie is about to start a robot sits down in the seat in front of Bender, partially blocking his view. Harsh words are spoken between the two, and the situation is left unresolved. Bored by the movie, Bender begins continuously kicking the robots seat in front of him. Even when asked politely to stop, Bender continues with the behaviour. The final straw is broken when Bender starts flicking his oil-covered popcorn at the other robot. The robot stands, challenging Bender to a fight. Bender laughs only to witness the robot's chassis expand and arms thicken, revealing him to be a very large robot. Bender flees as the robot shoots a stream of lasers from its eyes. Bender drops his popcorn and is forced into a corner. The huge robot approaches ready to pound Bender but he slips and falls on Bender's oil-covered popcorn knocking himself out cold. The crowd stand in awe of Bender as the fallen robot is revealed to be Masked Unit winner of Ultimate Robot Fighting League fame. Witnessing the fight was a representative of the League and Bender is invited to join.

Bender believes he can be the greatest fighter ever but upon discovering the intense crippling pain decides to opt out. But Leela convinces Bender to join, offering her services to whip him into shape and train him as a fighter, telling him that she missed her opportunity to be a champion when her instructor Master Funog felt she lacked the will of a warrior because she was a girl.

In Bender's first fight he does very poorly with his opponent beating him comprehensively. With seemingly luck alone Bender kicks out hitting his opponent causing him to explode and Bender is declared the winner. After the fight, Bender discovers that the URFL is a scam and all the fights are rigged with the most popular robot always winning. Within the league Bender quickly becomes the crowd favourite winning all his fights. Bender quickly lets the fame go to his head, refusing to train with Leela. Soon after Bender is informed, his popularity is dropping; and he is asked to lose his next fight. Bender threatens not to lose the fight until his opponent is revealed to be Destructor, a huge 400-ton robot.

Bender returns to Leela and begs her to start training him again, but she refuses until she discovers that Destructor's trainer is Master Funog, her older trainer who never believed in her. The fight does not go well for Bender until Leela notices that Destructor is being remotely controlled. Leela notices that Funog is also missing and finds him under the ring controlling Destructor. Leela engages him in combat, defeating him by using Destructor to punch her old master. With Destructor now controller-less it collapses; unfortunately, it crushes Bender, causing him to lose the bout.
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