Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 2010 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The Hypnotoad appears on screen, and Bender's voice announces that people will forget the series was ever cancelled "by idiots" and later revived "by bigger idiots." The scene changes to Fry walking into Professor Farnsworth's laboratory, asking why his hair is frizzy and why he is covered in burns. The Professor explains that when the crew entered a wormhole at the end of Into the Wild Green Yonder, they emerged near Earth through the "Panama Wormhole", Earth's main channel for shipping. Zapp Brannigan, aboard the Nimbus flagship, damages the Planet Express Ship, causing it to crash in a large explosion with the Nimbus outside the Planet Express headquarters. Professor Farnsworth survived due to his full body "safety sphere device", while everyone else's covered their heads. The Professor manages to successfully revive everyone killed in the crash using stem cells and a "birth machine". The first one to emerge from it is Hermes, then Amy, then Zoidberg, Scruffy, Kif, LaBarbara and finally Bender. In the end, Leela emerges from the machine, but everyone finds out that she has entered an irreversible coma. Bender also experiences difficulty during the rebirth; the Professor fits one of his doomsday devices to power him. The device generates excess power, and Bender is forced to continue partying endlessly or else explode.

Fry, in his despair over Leela, makes a robot version of her. The Professor is able to generate Leela's personality and memories for the robot; however, the robot Leela is horrified to learn of the human Leela's predicament. Leela is unable to be woken by the Professor, and as per her final wishes, is taken to a planet to be eaten by a Cyclops-devouring monster known as the "Cyclophage". At the service, Bender's obnoxious partying wakes Leela, who is confused by the robot Leela. The Cyclophage approaches, and the crew escapes in the ship. As the ship takes off, the Cyclophage attaches itself to the underside of the ship.

Back on Earth, the two Leelas both realize they love Fry, and begin to fight over him. Fry is handed a gun and told to shoot one but accidentally shoots himself, only to expose that he too is a robot. The Professor then proceeds to explain the situation: As the Planet Express ship crashed, Fry, while shielding Leela to protect her, was almost completely obliterated by the explosion. The Professor attempted to revive Fry in the birth machine, but this did not have any discernible effect. Leela, distraught over Fry's death, made a robot version of him and generated his personality for the robot. However, a malfunction causes Leela to be fatally electrocuted, and the robot Fry to be severely burned, affecting both their short-term memories.

Human Fry suddenly emerges from the birth machine, having finally absorbed the stem cells. Robot Fry and Robot Leela declare their love for each other, and leave together. Bender decides he is fed up with constant partying and begins to vibrate with the excess energy. The Cyclophage suddenly emerges, and attempts to eat Leela. Bender's severe vibrations cause one of his eyes to fall out, and the Cyclophage swallows him, believing Bender to be a cyclops. The device explodes, killing the creature. Bender emerges intact and the Professor declares that Bender expended his excess energy. The crew leave in order to celebrate, and Zapp Brannigan emerges from the birth machine.