Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • Good start, restart, rebirth or whatever you want to call it.

    I haven't seen Futurama in years, and back when it was on, I only casually followed it, I owned the videogame but I never watched any of the movies. Now that I've given up on Family Guy and The Simpsons, I've been looking for a new comedy series. Okay, I bet you could care less about all of this, so I'll just skip right to the main question? Is it still funny? Yes it is. I laughed a couple of times, and let me tell you, making me laugh is quite a challenge, practically impossible, unless you're Rik Mayall or Will Ferrell, that's why it was so great to laugh at a comedy series again, granted, I didn't laugh out loud and for particularly long, but hey, I take what I can get.

    The cast is back, thankfully, I probably wouldn't have even bothered unless Billy West and John DiMaggio were on board. Prof. Farnsworth, to me, the funniest character by far and he stood for most of the laughs in this episode, especially the brief discussion between Fry and the professor on stem cells. Some of the jokes were a bit...lame. Leela the robot's prolonged screaming gag was pretty old and the subplot about Bender having to party all the time didn't bring any genuinely hilarious moments. I read that this is raunchier than the Fox seasons, I didn't see that, but hen again it's been a long while since I saw those episodes. I'm actually hoping they push the raunchiness factor a bit, they're on Comedy Central now, take advantage of that, while of course remaining clever and not going overboard with it. I'd hate to see it turn into something tremendously unfunny and dumb like "Drawn Together". All in all, a good and welcome return for these characters.
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